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Calluna released!


After 1.5 years Calluna is finally ready! Hope you enjoy it. BTW the regular is free.

Be sure to have a look at the PDF specimen (272 KB).
You can download Calluna at MyFonts.


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Kinetic type (Museo)


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Interview on webdesignerdepot


A little more about Museo and me can be read on Nice samples of Museo in use can be found at the end of the article. Hope you enjoy it.


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Museo and Museo Sans in MyFonts Top 10 fonts of 2008


Great news! Both Museo and Museo Sans made it into the top 10 of MyFonts 2008 fonts! Here’s a link to the newsletter.


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exljbris fonts in use

You are invited to inspire others and showcase your work using exljbris Fonts. Thanks Anthony Bellemare for initiating this!

–> Exljbris Fonts (Flickr Pool)

Photo: Hugo Roussel (Studio Punkat)


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Rising Star: Museo Sans

Museo Sans is featured in the October edition of the MyFonts Rising Stars newsletter. Thanks to all who made this possible!


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Museo Sans released

Museo Sans is based on the well-known Museo. It is a sturdy, low contrast, geometric, highly legible sans serif typeface very well suited for any display and text use. Two fonts (500 & 500 italic) are absolutely free.

Get it at MyFonts.comVisit my Museo Sans page


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Wonderful tool for type designers

Interpolated Nudge by Christian Robertson

A few months ago I discovered this utterly useful free python script that shifts control points proportionally with it’s anchor points. I can’t think of editing contours without it anymore. You can find the Interpolated Nudge script *here*.

(image courtesy of BetaType/Christian Robertson)

“The idea is pretty simple. Wouldn’t it be nice to move a node while keeping the tension in the curve? When tweeking, bolding and making fonts wider, I prefer to use the keyboard to ‘nudge’ the points around. It makes it easy to keep track of measurements, to make sure that the new stroke weight/character widths are consistent.” – Christian Robertson

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Anivers is a Rising Star

Because of hitting the #1 spot on the MyFonts Starlets list (just like Museo) Anivers is featured in the July newsletter of MyFonts.


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Museo Sans numbers

After reading Tal Leming’s fraction fever I decided to give this a go. I’ve long wanted to script a decent fraction feature, but couldn’t get it right. This is working perfectly (for now … I’ve only tested it in Indesign CS2 on Tiger). Click on the images to see it animated.

Still in progress … but Museo Sans will end up with nominators, denominators, superiors, inferiors, oldstyle figures (proportional & tabular) and lining figures (proportional & tabular).


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Anivers on

iLT features an article I’ve written revealing a bit more about Anivers.


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Interview on iLoveTypography

Always wanted to know why I give my fonts away? This and other questions you find answered in an interview on one of the best typography blogs/sites:

Read the interview


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License update II

[UPDATE – May 12th 2009]

You may use this font for Font-Face embedding, but only if you put a link to on your page and/or put this notice /* A font by Jos Buivenga (exljbris) -> */ in your CSS file as near as possible to the piece of code that declares the Font-Face embedding of this font.


This regards all my free fonts. Also the free weights of Museo and Museo Sans!


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Font License update

Modification is now allowed 

I’ve updated the font license information. Modifications to suit your design environment (for example adding aditional accents) or to suit your system requirements (for example converting the font software to TTF) are now allowed.

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Congrats to you!

*edit on jan. 9th 2008*
Thanks for a marvelous year with nearly one million pageviews and half a million visitors on my site. You rock!

The 2007 barrier of 500.000 pageviews and 250.000 visitors has been breached. Thank you all!

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A few day’s ago I w.w.w.andered and came across some fonts that were claiming to tackle dyslexia. I’m not going to mention them, but I was just a little bit horrified. I would like to get more information from (font)designers –or people with that disability– to see if I can humbly make a difference.

[updated 27 nov. 2007 :: just to get a global idea]



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Which font will be released september 5th?

And why? Just counting the days. I’m ready for it :-) As from september 3rd I’m giving away a clue a day…


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