Delicious has reached a respectable age. I started in 1994 and finished in 1996. So I thought I would give her an update after 10 years. (Hence the addition X). It will be in OpenType format. I’m reviewing every character shape so it will take some time… If you any suggestions… now’s the time!


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  1. Great. I really like these changes. It looks a lot better.

  2. Jimmi

    Excellent. If you feel like doing them, alternative lining figures would be a welcome addition.

  3. exljbris

    Hi Jimmi,

    Thx. I think I opt for lining figures in Small Caps style. Maybe I’ll put them in and make them accessable via OpenType…


  4. Diego Sanz

    Hi, I have to give you a lot of thanks your fonts are amazing. I’m a graphic desginer in Arequipa Perú. I have used yours fonts the last year and all my work partners loves them. I have had a little problem using delicious. I was designigs a bank’s memory with it. It was going to be bilingual, so I have to use the bold version for English. In the charts I have a problem I used the samll caps numbers, but when i neded a bold version of them, I didn’t have an option.

  5. zs

    really thanks the fonts, i like them! more news if i use them! 🙂

  6. I like the idea of the OTF option for Old-Style Figures. Usually I want them with a very well-designed face, but occasionally I don’t.

    My only other suggestion is a huge one, unfortunately: implementation of most of the code points in Unicode 5.0. I go wild when I see a typeface with 17 thousand glyphs. 😀

    Of course, hinting every CJK ideograph would take one person years — not to mention the time it would take for combining glyphs as in Arabic and Indic scripts — so it’s really quite an unreasonable request.

  7. exljbris

    I think I’m gonna make tabular lining figures an OT option. The old-style figures will come standard.

    LOL 17,000 glyphs! That will be the day… Maybe when I’m retired 🙂

  8. Hehe, yes, notice there’s not even a Unicode™ reference font yet! Some are getting close, but still none are complete.

  9. exljbris

    Unicode 5.0 encodes 51,980 graphic characters on the Basic Multilingual Plane.
    Here you can see them all…

  10. HelloWorld

    Peace people

    We love you

  11. I hadn’t seen before. Thanks for the link! I rely a lot on UnicodeChecker (a free app for Mac) and the downloadable tables from I really like the interface; it’s quite a nice site!

  12. exljbris is a great side too btw. Love the charts section.

  13. n00b

    Please forgive my ever-so-below-entry-level question, but how do I go about using these fonts?
    I.e. how are they installed? And if used on a web-page, will they come through for a user who doesn’t have them?
    Thanks in advance! (and if you really can’t help it, go ahead and flame)

  14. exljbris

    I’m very sorry, but I don’t offer technical support on how to install my fonts.
    Maybe you find this link usefull…

    For other info please google.

  15. Yes, the charts at are a good reference for sure. Well, they’re the reference, since is the official web site.

    UnicodeChecker is a great tool for Mac. Between it and FontExplorer X, I can do anything I want with my fonts in Cocoa apps. Carbon, on the other hand, is still a pain. I can’t even get Apple Symbols to show up in Microsoft Word. 😦

  16. Christian

    Without any doubt, an excellent font. It would be great, if the font gets an extended version, e.g. for headlines.

    I love this font! Thank you.

  17. Really nice work you do, nice done!

  18. hi!!!, a while ago i´d seem all your type works and i wish to say you i´d like´em vey much.
    I wonder when you´ll finish delicious X and i want to say you if you have any interest in make more heavys into this font. well…thats all. i espect your answer 😀

  19. Constantin

    I´me waiting for Delicious X like a little child in front of the candystore.
    Damn! You got me addicted!
    So pleeease open up the Store.

  20. Chris

    Yeah, me too. I’m absolutlely loving Delicous already, but eager waiting for the OT-version. Do you have any timeline for an release of this version?

  21. It seems that (plaese regard this as a luxioury remark) I’m short of time. There’s so much to do and every time I’m setting new deadlines and goals. For now my plan is to finish MUSEO first. Then Fontin Serif, Fontin Semi, the rest of the Anivers family and DeliciousX are counting on me… In random order that is 🙂

  22. My vote (as I just mentioned on Fontin Serif) is for DeliciousX first. 🙂 You’ve kept us waiting a looooong time on this one, but I wouldn’t mind if you teased a little longer on the others.

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  24. Aaron Strontsman

    Got a little request: could please make the italicized lowercase “g” one-story? I really love it when the lowercase “g” in regular is like

    __, _
    (__) and like (_) in italics.
    (_ ._/

    PS: Most of your fonts are really great. Can’t believe you’re giving them away for free.

  25. Exceptional work sir . . .

    The extra thickness to the strokes and changes to the counters look like they will make a largely positive difference. I like the little quirks that Meta seems to lose in it’s continuing iterations although you may want to do a “book” face that reads a bit “gray” as it were . . .

    Looking forward to an small caps oblique for a more complete family . . .

    All your work is very well thought out and there are some really beautiful characters in there . . . may want to rework some of the numbers – I understand the reason behind the shape of the descenders on the “7” ad “9” but I don’t know what it is – doesn’t quite work . . . seems to work for your “6” but why not for the “9” I can’t say . . . anyway, just my unqualified thoughts. Truly nice work all the way around . . .

  26. @ Aaron: The italic g has a hybrid form and has -to me- more resemblance with a single-story g than a double-story. It is -together the italic k- an essential part of the Delicious italic look, so I don’t think I’ll change it.

    @ vince ota: I’ll think about the SC italic. I’ll have an extra look at the numbers. There will be tabular numbers too in DeliciousX btw 🙂

  27. Idetrorce

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  28. eh… ok… what is it that you don’t agree on? The ‘g’ thing?

  29. hwat

    What about Cyrillic (Russian) version?
    I’d like to help ye with that.

  30. Thanks very, very kindly for the offer hwat, but I’m not planning a Cyrillic version for DeliciousX.

  31. Do you plan to include letters like “őŐ” and “űŰ” in the X version? I’m hungarian, and the lack of these characters is a big obstackle for me. Otherwise it colud be my main text font. It is really a good job!

  32. obstackle= obstacle

  33. Thanks! DeliciousX will fully support CE (like Anivers, Diavlo and Museo).

  34. great to hear. looking forward to it! thanx for your great contribution to the world of typography! 🙂

  35. I found your site and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

  36. Gerar

    (First of all, sorry for my horrible English)

    I use Delicious as much as I can because is so beautiful, but also works fine for semi-formal uses. It doesn’t always work in all content, but no fonts does! Even so, it works pretty good almost every time I use it.

    I’ve got some questions.

    Will DeliciousX be free? I don’t think it will, because it’s so fine crafted that I should be commercial font. If so, will the original Delicious be available?

    There will be new sizes? I mean, condensed o extended, etc. I hope there will be ligatures as you love then so much 🙂

    The last question is kind of silly, because myself don’t it would be good, but… maybe a Delicious Serif? I mean, I never thought of ‘Meta Serif’, but it happened! (and I like it more than the original Meta) so… will it (someday) happen?

  37. Yes, DeliciousX will be free. Maybe (not sure) a heavy weight and/or small caps will be paid. I won’t be making new styles, but I will be generous with the ligatures. Never thought of a Delicious serif … maybe someday 🙂

  38. Mike

    Hi Exljbris,

    Is it possible to see how far you are with this font? The image in the topic dyslexia is also DeliciousX right?

  39. Mike, I hope to finish it in 2009. The font in dyslexia image is indeed a reworked Delicious, but not DeliciousX. It will be a seperate font.

  40. Mike

    Well, both are excellent fonts! I think I like dyslexia more, but I’m looking foward to see them appear.

  41. Thanks! I hope it will be worth the wait.

  42. Mike

    Well, how far are you? 😛