Fontin Sans

Just two days ago I’ve released a new font Fontin Sans. be sure to check it out…

Download and more information…


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  1. Jos Buivenga

    There are some OpenType functions in Fontin Sans not previously mentioned… Figures are tabular except “1”, but via Opentype options you can choose for an alternate, tabular “1”.

  2. Mike

    Hi, congratulations on your absolutely awesome fonts, they’re all full of character and unique features! 🙂
    Question: Have you ever considered adding cyrillic glyphs or making cyrillic versions of your fonts? If yes, I’d love to be involved..


  3. Jos Buivenga

    Hi Mike,

    Thx! Yes, I have considered that. I’m thinking of making seperate versions of Fontin Sans. But first I have to find out how to do it… What chars and what codepages etc… If you want to help, you can mail me. (mail address can be found on my site).


    btw… Someone is working on Polish chars right now.

  4. Howard

    Excellent! Any new font you release would be welcome! Thanks a lot for producing and making freely available these beautiful and high quality typefaces!
    Are you then planning to produce a Fontin Serif? a Tallys italic?

  5. Yavi

    I think it’s a good font – I’ve already used it on some of my newer designs, and I think it complements the original Fontin very well.

  6. Ernest Voskuyl

    I have some problems : the letters with accents will not always be correct link the ÇçÈèÀà Éé
    using FONTIN and FONTONSANS. I am using a CSA keyboard on Apple G4, OSX 10.3.9

  7. exljbris

    I’m sorry Ernest, but I don’t have a clue. The characters you mentioned are properly unicoded and mapped… Anyone?

  8. Love it! Already using it:


  9. Hi – I love your work, and I have three letters on my list of BIG wishes. In Norway we use æ, ø and å in our alphabeth. Most font-designers dont include theese, but would you please?

  10. David

    This is absolutely fabulous!!! Fontin had quickly become one of my favorite fonts after discovering it. The inclusion of a sans-serif version is a treat! Keep up the great work on this family and the rest of your fonts. I seriously can’t thank you enough for all of them.

  11. exljbris

    @ Howard – I’m now working on Diavlo, which will first come only in regular. Then I have to finish DeliciousX and then Fontin Semi & Serif… and then… and then… 🙂 I’m not planning other weights or styles for Tallys btw.

    @ Arven – Those characters are included in all my fonts…

    @ Chris & David – Thanks! I always appreciate pdf’s of Fontin (Sans) in use… 🙂

  12. Ben

    Dude, your fonts are awesome. Thank you for giving them away!

  13. I LOVE this font. I tried an earlier, pre-release edition that was emailed to me on request, and now that the whole family is available, I am so thrilled. I especiallu love the small caps. What a clean, classic-looking font that is quite unique. Delicious was a good starting place, but was a little sterile for the kinds of work I tend to do. Tallys is a really sweet body text font (reads smoothly and is naturally easy on the eyes) with Fontin Sans being a homerun headline font. Nice stuff all around. Thanks so much for giving this to all of us!

  14. Ties

    Really nice work!

    Lekker bezig!


  15. Mike P

    Hi, love the fonts!! Thanks for your generosity!

    A very minor comment – Some of the font samples for different fonts (Fontin, Delicious, Tallys) are missing the letter Ee. No big deal.

  16. DS

    THANK YOU, those are extremely beautiful fonts!!! (Thank you from Central America) 🙂

  17. roule

    Thanks for the fonts, espesially fontin!!
    Ive recently used it in a layout and it is beautiful very legible at small sizes.
    Now I want to use it all the time. …. but I am trying very hard not to.
    Thanks again!

  18. exljbris

    Thanks for letting me know. That is the best compliment any typographer can recieve!
    LOL… Try resisting my fonts… 🙂

  19. Azur

    Excelentes tipografías, muchíssimas gracias por distribuirlas libremente siendo de tal calidad.


  20. Jan

    thanks so much for those beautiful fonts and for sharing them for free!
    I’m going to use the “Delicious”-font for the corporate design of a small elementary school, which is also my favorite font from your portfolio.


  21. exljbris

    Hi Jan,

    Sound nice. Please mail a pdf if you like, when you’ve finished it.

    Grz Jos.

  22. I love your fonts. By far the best quality free fonts I’ve ever come across. We selected Fontin Sans for our corporate font in the re-branding of the non-profit organization I work for. I was thrilled to find a font that fit our branding so well, and our Director of Finance was thrilled to find a font we didn’t have to pay for. Thanks so much for offering these gems. We’re forever grateful.

    ps: As far as PDFs using Fontin Sans, there’s one on the donate page of the Hungry For Life site (Simple Giving Form), and there are soon to be more as I go through and re-brand all of our material.

  23. billh

    Beautiful faces. Real gems. And free.
    You are very talented – and generous.

  24. exljbris

    @ Ryan: Nice to read that Fontin Sans does a great job.

    @ billh: Thanks!

  25. Hi there,
    I am a jeweller from Australia. I was wanting to download your font and having some words inscribed in some jewellery i am doing. I am not sure If this is ok or does this fall outside of its intended free use?

  26. Hi Simona, That’s perfectly OK. No problem.

  27. Grayson

    Thanks for making your fonts freely available. Fonts with small caps and old style figures, such as you are providing, are essentials. Keep up the fine work!

    Just one small suggestion: The currency symbols might better match the hybrid old style figures if they more closely matched them in height.

  28. Very good point. I’ll put it on my to do list for the next release.

  29. Thanks for sharing Ryan. Looks great.

  30. Brilliant. I simply love your craftsmanship and work.

  31. Antoine

    I’am french and I get a poor english. I do love yours fonts, FONTIN is the great for me.
    I find a little problem, when i try converted word text, with fontin, in PDF, I can’t do it. Fontin appear like dods !
    Where is the problem… ?

  32. Heya,

    the second issue of my pdf magazine “DAIQ” is out. This time with a lot of Fontin Sans. I can’t (or better don’t want to) stop using your fonts – they are so squishy! 😀

    And there’s even a little bit of Museo Sans, including Versal-Eszett on the cover.

  33. Christian, thanks for posting the link. Just wondering… how do you pronounce “DAIQ”?

  34. Like “dyke” in english. I can record me saying it too, if you want. *grin*

  35. Ah … Nice find 🙂

  36. Patzee

    Thanks, looks very nice. What a surprize!

  37. DY

    I’m from South Korea
    ALL of your fonts are EXTREMELY GOOOOOOOOOD
    I’m lovin it!!
    thanks for making and sharing!!!

  38. I just wanted to let you know that Fontin Sans is the official typeface for the logos of the following open source software communities:

    GeoServer ( )
    GeoWebCache ( )
    GeoExt ( )

    Thanks for creating and sharing these excellent typefaces!

  39. Just found you. Nice fonts! Unfortunately some programs don’t yet use OTF, like OpenOffice. Is TTF available or easy to export?



    • Thanks, lance. Unfortunately TTF is not available. For my free fonts (that can be downloaded from my site) it is allowed to do a conversion yourself.

  40. Thanks for the brilliant font Jos. I’ve just redesigned my blog about tea and found the font gave it a breath of fresh air. Sucks for all those people not using Firefox 3.5 or other browsers that like @font-face, but at least I get a lot of viewing pleasure myself:)

  41. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

  42. I just wanted to thank you SO much for your beautiful work and kind generosity. I love all of your fonts, and am currently using Fontin Sans on my own website, and it looks simply gorgeous. You are appreciated. 😀

  43. Domi


    This font is amazing. I’ve been using it for a while now. But I have a problem: in TeX, the non-English characters, such as \c{t} are not displayed. Got any ideas why?

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  44. Very nice font indeed I am planning on using this on my project is this free or a license is needed?

  45. simon


    we are also big fans of Fontin Sans but for our Turkish App version we are looking for some missing letters, like

    Ç Ğ İ

    Who can help us add those characters? We would love to sponsor this and to thank and contribute to this great font with this!

    Thanks in advance, Simon

  46. robert

    Turkish Special Characters: Üü, Öö, Çç, Şş, Ğğ, İi, Iı