The final release of Diavlo contains 5 weights. Any remarks? Please let me know!

Download and more information…


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76 responses to “Diavlo

  1. Look really good! 😀

    I can’t wait to see the finalised result
    your fonts are simply excellent

  2. exljbris

    Thx Omar! More progress can be seen at this page:

  3. Knut

    666 is _not_ hot. Why this crude name for such a ‘modern’ font???

  4. exljbris

    Knut, 666 is not the name of the font, Diavlo is… When doing the first sketches it appeared a bit ‘devilish’ to me. I typed 666 just to get some attention for it. And it worked 🙂

  5. Hey there! I’ve been a fan of your wonderful typography since I first discovered Fontin (still one of my old trusty standbys), but you’ve really, really outdone yourself with Diavolo! The kerning and ligatures are outstanding. Bravo, exljbris!

  6. I agree with Billifer, the Fontin is a classic and that you have outdone yoursefl here. Great to see such a typographic font show novelty value as well. Tops!

  7. exljbris

    Guys, thanks! I really appreciate these posts! Keeps me going 🙂

  8. Awesome font! (just like the ones before it)

  9. Grzegorz

    Good job with CE diacritics, especially “ogonek” (which is often misunderstood and it’s a rarity to see it formed right). It would be nice (and very helpful for some of us;) if You could find some time and revise the rest of your fonts for CE set. Some short and useful materials about diacritics (in english):

    Thanks, anyway!

  10. looks nice, but delicious is still my fav font.

    nice work, take care CHR!$

  11. just stumbled upon your work and download your fonts. Fantastic work, I really apreciate it. We’re thinking about launching a magazine on culture and literature here in Germany (Potsdam, Berlin) and it very well might be that we’ll end up using some of your work.

    Especially Devilish rocks.

    thanks again.


  12. exljbris

    @ CHR!$: LOL, I thougt you more a Diavlo guy 🙂

    @blorges: Sounds very interesting. Please keep me posted!

  13. Nico

    Thank you Jos for this awesome work !
    I’m totally found of this type of fonts wich are really original while remaining really obvious !

    Et comme je suis vraiment pas sur de mon anglais et que mon hollandais est trois fois pire 😉 :

    Merci pour ce boulot fantastique !
    J’adore ce genre de typo ! Vraiment originales et qui restent pourtant simples et évidentes !
    Merci mille fois !!!

  14. exljbris

    Because the responses are so generous and overwhelming (thanks everyone!) I’ve desided to make a bold version of Diavlo.

  15. we had great fun with your previous font, and now another _delicious_ font came out of your hands, great, thank you! 🙂

  16. Another great font designed by Jos Buivenga ;-). I used in several design projects on work and at home. Thanx J. for this great free font.

  17. exljbris

    [hot!] Diavlo broader expansion will come soon

    I’ve started working on a broader expansion for Diavlo. Diavlo will not only come Bold but in: Book, SemiBold, Bold, Book Italic SemiBold Italic and Bold Italic.

  18. Farid Kerba

    Hey…these fonts are too exceptionnal they are great.
    Keep on the good work.
    From Lebanon
    Graphic Designer

  19. had

    diavlo rocks! thanks!

  20. exljbris

    [update] new pre-release: two more weights added

    I’ve added two more weights besides Book: SemiBold and Bold. Italic (oblique) versions will follow soon.


    PS thanks all for supporting me with your generous compliments!

  21. Filipe

    Just to say… THANK YOU!

  22. hello… drop in just to say – Thanks a lot! Ur font is always wonderful. May the Font be with you 😀

  23. Good work ! Thankf much for that. I really appreciate.

  24. senf

    The Diavlo font ‘s kinda cool.
    Looking forward to use it.

  25. Thanks for the extra weights, exljbris! You’re awesome! No one has better type design than you — including a fair number of expensive foundries!

  26. exljbris

    Thanks very much! I’ve nearly finished another (heavy) weiht… and it’s going to be called… Black 🙂

    Maybe (not sure) I’ll do a light weight…

  27. Ben

    This is a very nice font – I like the subtle curves that make Diavlo unique and yet usable! Its a good name too! The devil is in the details…

  28. exljbris

    Thx Ben. I hope Diavlo will prove it’s bite to you 🙂

  29. exljbris

    As of today (april 28, 18.00 hrs GMT), Diavlo makes it’s final realease in 5 weights…
    Light, Book, SemiBold, Bold & Black.


  30. I like the breve mark a lot. It strongly implies the white space it encloses, plus of course it looks devilish.

  31. pcdinh


    Is there any way to extend Diavlo to cover Vietnamese glyphs? Vietnamese is a Latin language with some special characters:

    â, ấ, ầ, ậ, à, á, ạ, ằ, ắ, ặ, ó, ò, ọ, ô, ộ, ố, ồ, ơ, ớ, ờ, ợ, í, ì, ị, đ, Đ, ý, ỳ, ỵ, ư, ứ, ừ, ự

  32. pcdinh

    Others characters are: Â, Ậ, Ấ, Ầ, Ặ, Ắ, Ằ, Á, À, Ạ, è, ò, ê, ế, ề, ệ, Ê, Ế, Ề, Ệ, Ô, Ố, Ồ, Ộ, Ị, Ì, Ọ, Ó, Ò, Ỳ, Ý, Ĩ, ĩ, ẽ, Ẽ, , Õ, õ, ã, Ã, ỡ, ễ, Ễ, Ẫ, ẫ, ữ

  33. exljbris

    Hi pcdinh,

    I’ll look into it, but if (not sure) I’m going to implement this, it will be in a future release…


  34. Hi,

    Your fonts looks awesome. Thank you for sharing. Great Work.


  35. exljbris

    You’re very welcome. Thanks for complimenting.

  36. Mr. Buivenga… I love Diavlo. I’ve used it in a few projects, and I love the new weight additions. I even used Diavlo in a full-page ad that is running in SPIN magazine soon. Keep a look out for it! Email me if you want more details.

  37. exljbris

    Thanks for commenting. YGM 🙂

  38. littlelexx

    I just found my personal font which I am going to use for EVERYTHING!!!! Wow, Diavlo is great!
    Thanks for sharing your brilliance!

  39. exljbris

    Everything? I’m honored 🙂 Just kidding… Thanks for complimenting!

  40. Mr Tikiman

    super! bedankt voor dit font.

  41. Geweldige lettertypes.
    Really great. I’ve already found a fitting place to use this.

  42. Christa

    You just have no idea how happy your fonts make me! Diavlo is wonderful 😀 Dank je

  43. exljbris

    I didn’t have any idea untill know 🙂 Graag gedaan

  44. Mad_on_fonts

    Exljbris you really designed a very unique font face! I like the style, this kind of style is seen in Jan Maack’s Speak (for the FontFont label). This font face does also remind me of another font face but I dont know the name anymore.

    Keep on going! And you probably will end up with your own Font library soon;-)

    Thanks and I am deeply impressed!

    Take care!

  45. exljbris

    Thanks! Maybe that other face might be FF Cocon by Evert Bloemsma…

  46. Mad_on_fonts

    Hello exljbris,
    Yes you are right the FF Cocon. I forgot the name but indeed the FF Cocon font face!

    Keep on swinging;-)

  47. i’m from brasil/bahia/salvador.
    and really loved diavlo. dont’ you think at a true italic for her family?
    maybe you want to see a work that a just dine with this amazing font.

    you are great!

  48. great fonts. congratulations. link from impresionalex blog

  49. Hello Jos,

    Your font is really beautiful. I’ve used it to build a logo for my guy, you can see on his blog : http://k10dpentax.blogspot.com/ and we have credited you for the font.
    I also have made a post with the link to your site on my blog, but I don’t know if you understand French ,-)
    Thank you very much for this good job, I think I will come regularly to see your new works.

    See you !

  50. Jeffrey Prosser

    Brilliant fonts, keep up the excellent work.

  51. exljbris

    Thx! @ iansa: I don’t know… maybe someday… There’s so much I want to do first…

  52. Gia

    Your fonts are absolutely brilliant!

  53. yo

    oh man,
    i like your fonts very ….. and i like to see that some people have a talent and don´t wanna make only money with this. i hope your never will lose your passion for fonts. big respekt..

    sorry my english is not very well… hope that you understand me….

  54. Hey there. Can you email me at my supplied address? I’m interested in donating money for your font. Very nice!


  55. You do excellent work.

  56. Aramis

    Thank you for such a nice font family!

    If you are preparing another version, maybe you could possibly improve the dot accent. See either
    Some languages have very popular words when letters with dot accent are next to “i”, and your beautiful font harmony suddenly disappears…

    Your ogonek and lslash are already perfect!

  57. exljbris

    This is a very useful comment! I’ve just looked into it and you’re absolutely right. I will correct it in a future release. Thanks!

  58. James

    I may be being ultra-stupid, but what’s the codepoint for that lovely ct ligature?

  59. The ct ligature has no codepoint. If you are using a programm like InDesign you can obtain it by selecting ‘Discretionary Ligatures’ (OpenType options).

  60. Jos — I saw Diavlo used in an advert in SPIN Magazine. I flipped the page and I said, “Hey, I know that font!” Although Diavlo is not my favorite of your fonts (Fontin is!), it’s still very good and easy to spot. 🙂 If you’d like to see a scan, it’s available at my blog. Keep rocking the gorgeous design!

  61. Thanks for spotting my fonts in the wild! What a really overwhelming generous article on your blog! This is indeed the ad ‘crump’ mentioned some entries above 🙂 (May 8th, 2007 at 5:18 pm).

  62. Haha, I didn’t even see that crump had left about that. I’m glad you got to see it before I ripped down the blog — I have to reinstall it and redesign it.

  63. See it? Man, I’ve made a back-up of your blog (twice). 🙂
    Succes with the redesign…

  64. Madsen

    This is my personal favorite! Keep up the good job 😉

  65. My whole blog? I could use an older backup! 🙂

  66. @ Gerard – Looks great. Thanks for posting this.

    @ Billy – Two months ago I downloaded the internet. Your blog must be somewhere …

  67. tike

    Before this, I didn’t know it was possible to fall in love with a font. But I have fallen in love with Diavlo. I set it as the default font for my OS (Ubuntu), and since then I’ve often caught myself just staring at letters on the screen. Just… wow. I know nothing about professional typeface design, but even I can tell how much care and consideration went into this. Keep up the good work Jos–but you’re gonna have to really outdo yourself to beat this one.

    (Even now I’m staring at this comment as I’m typing since I set Firefox to use Diavlo. Dammit it looks good!) =D

  68. Very nice. The best compliment a typographer can get I guess 🙂 Thanks!

    Yesterday a friend visited me with his MacBook. He was showing me Leopard … When looking at ‘Mail’ I was surprised: he had set Anivers as default font 🙂

  69. I really like all of your fonts! Great work and I hope I’ll see more quality fonts from you 🙂
    I used Diavlo in the redesign of my blog. Take a look and tell me what do you think..


  70. Sorry, the link is wrong…. you can see it here.

  71. Very nice. Like the ornament.

  72. There’s a new release of Diavlo … You can comment on it here.