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Fontin Serif screen

Because Fontin is a reasonable succes I’ve desided to accompany it with a sans serif version: Fontin Sans. I’m also thinking about making a serifed version… Any remarks? Please let me know!


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56 responses to “Fontin Serif

  1. Yavi

    I think that the serifed version of Fontin would be quite good: I enjoy the entire Fontin family that has been made so far and I use them very frequently.

  2. David

    Please, _please_, make the serifed version!

  3. exljbris

    One vote noted 🙂

  4. Yeah, count me in for that one.

  5. exljbris

    Well that’s two then… 998 to go…

  6. Emmet

    Serifed sounds awesome! I love the fontin family. One vote from me.

  7. DexX

    Found your site the other day, and finally trialled your fonts in some documents tonight. Wow, they are excellent. Regular Fontin is especially impressive – very pleasing to the eye, both formal and warm at the same time, and nice and readable on-screen. Great work!

  8. P.J.

    I looks gorgeous.

  9. exljbris

    Thanks! I’ll post some new screens soon.

  10. Your fonts are quite lovely. I look forward to seeing your future work.

    I, too, vote in favor of the full serif.

  11. Sibling

    Amazing work. Among the best free stuff out there (one league with Storm’s Lido, for example). Please get the work on the serifed Fontin going!

  12. Danny

    Please, please, please. (I may have copied that from James Brown.) I’ve read an article from a link on Luc Devroye’s site where a mouthpiece for one of the commercial font foundries says that ALL freeware fonts are either pirated or rubbish. Make him eat his words.

  13. Bug

    +1 vote. Those serifs would put it up in the ranks of the most natural and readable typefaces ever made. I would have no qualms about setting a book in such a font.

    Thanks for bringing such thorough quality to the “free world”.

  14. Um … Yes yes YES! (But I’d really like to see the new DeliciousX first, please??) There’s hardly a more elegant serif available today than the sample you’ve posted. Only Goudy Oldstyle [sample text] and Kinesis [sample text] come even close to this for me in terms of what I actually like and will use for myself. I’m not a serif person.

    One thing though: I don’t know whether it’s intentionally tracked out or just has loose kerning, but the sample you posted doesn’t work well for display text runs. It would definitely need to be tightened for display. As a person who doesn’t like serifs, when I use them it’s usually for that purpose with a sans body (Cronos, Frutiger, Fontin ;-)).

    I see where merely tracking this in for display though (as a font user) would cause problems: Look at the ‘ri’ in “Serif”. It almost begs to be a ligature. 😉

    As usual, Jos, your subtle style shows through, even with this serif face: the slightly chiseled look, the roundness of the question mark, and even the shape of the serifs — they appear concave, but it’s all an illusion — it’s all yours. I love it.

    I can see Fontin turning into “Stone for the 21st Century.”

  15. I’m working on different typefaces these days. On DeliciousX as well as Fontin Serif 🙂 Kerning and spacing still have to be done on F-Srf. Most charcters too. Maybe I’ve got a commission for an exclusive corp. id. font based on Anivers (not sure yet)… but when that’s clear, some favorites have to be rearranged…

    I’ll post a pdf of Fontin Serif (regular) soon… and of course I hope it will turn into stone 🙂

  16. morpher

    FONTIN SERIF looks very nice indeed and compliments Fontin (trasitional) and Fontin Sans to make a complete, complementary set. I like it.

  17. Commissions always help pay the bills, but they’re the worst work if you don’t like what you’re doing. I think you’re well on your way to forging new faces for a new millennium. Type is dead? Not as long as you’re rolling out such fine specimens.

  18. Chris Mayer

    Fontin Serif is a brilliant idea. i love FontinSans and have had multiple uses for it already, and a serif version would be beautiful. You have a masterful hand… keep it up, you’re amazing.

  19. Thanks for these generous compliments. I still feel very humble in my efforts to do this thing that I like most 🙂

    For those interested: I’ve opened a topic on Typophile (with screens and the pdf’s).

  20. That would make a very nice serif. You’ve got some really good work here. I look forward to trying these out!

  21. César Bosco

    Muy buen material. Y una gran ayuda el que sea de uso libre.

  22. i just downloaded that font… as soon as i use it expect a donation!

  23. Paul

    Beautiful. The Family would be complete…

  24. Ony Mouse

    These are really nice fonts. But would be even better if they covered latin5 characters too. Missing Ç,ğ,Ğ,ı,İ,ş,Ş,Ü characters make them hard to use.

  25. Estebandido

    If Fontin Serif turns out as good as I think it will, it might overtake Gentium as my all-time favorite font (especially since Gentium has no sans-serif version). I can’t wait to try it out!

  26. @ Ony Mouse: Those characters are in Diavlo and Anivers and will also be in Fontin Serif.

    @ Estebando: That would be nice. I’m working really hard on MUSEO at the moment. I expect Fontin Serif to be released this year.

  27. Estebandido

    Is there any chance we could get a preliminary version to tinker around with?

  28. When time is due I’ll be more than happy to, but for now it’s a bit too premature.

  29. Oh, Sherif would be awesome.

  30. Tarobot

    Thank you for sharing the fruits of your hard work with us.
    I agree with Danny, make the snobby critics of free fonts eat their words. To find such high quality OpenType fonts for free is inspiring.

  31. You’re welcome Tarobot. It’s indeed not very wise to say that “ALL freeware fonts are either pirated or rubbish” It reminds me of the reactions of the music industry moguls, not prepared of the changes that were so inevitable.

  32. Great fonts! I came across your site following a mention from garland Drupal theme’s author. Looking forward to use them in my site re-design.

    Oh yeah, my vote too 🙂


  33. the serif version just looks great in the current state!!! it would be perfect when you’ve finished the fontin series 🙂 thanks very much in advance!

  34. Marc

    What a great fonts! Just bought Museo, and *really* looking forward to Fontin Serif … keep up the GREAT work!

  35. Thanks very much Marc!

  36. Bug

    Heck yes. This is what I wanted when I first saw Fontin.

  37. estebandido

    It’s now been more than one year! I’m always on the search for great fonts, and I can’t wait for Fontin Serif!

  38. estebandido, you should come work for me for free, so we can speed things up. Just kidding 😉

  39. estebandido

    If only I had that kind of time!

  40. Joel Salomon

     Can you please include the superscript numerals? I’m using Fontin for my résumé, & I need to drop to Fontin Sans for one character in the name of the “S*ProCom² Research Center”.
     Thanks for the fonts!

  41. Cassie

    This is a gorgeous, wonderful, versatile font! I’ve been using it a lot since you so generously released it. A couple weeks ago, however, it suddenly stopped working. I’ve deleted all instances of it, reinstalled, to no avail. It’s displaying several characters incorrectly in InDesign. A space becomes a “D”, an exclamation becomes an “x” and so forth (even in the Glyphs palette). I would just move on to another font, except it’s used in many finished documents that I still need to access and edit.

    I was wondering if you’d heard anything similar, or if it’s just me. I’ve never seen anything like this with other fonts. I would be very sad to give this one up but I just can’t figure it out. It not be the font at all, because it seems to work in Word but not InDesign. But maybe you’ve heard similar stories.

    Thanks for any advice! And of course, thank you for the wonderful fonts.

  42. Hi Cassie. I guess you mean Fontin and not Fontin serif because that one hasn’t been released yet.

    That said … I’m no computer expert. I do test my fonts on different programms and platforms till everything is ok. Maybe it’s a font cache problem, but (if it is) I don’t know how to solve it.

    Maybe someone else can help … anyone?

  43. Cassie

    It turns out it was a font cache issue. Just after posting this comment I went back to check on a message I’d posted to the Adobe Forums, and it was recommended that I try Font Finagler or another font cache cleaner. I’d tried a similar step with my font program, but this time it did the trick!

    And yes, I meant Fontin Sans, not Serif. And I’m SO glad I can use it again!

  44. Hee … my guess was right. Glad you solved it … Back to work 😉

  45. BobMac


    Will you be getting back to Fontin Serif now? I love all that you do, but the Fontin Serif looks snazzy to me!

  46. Bob McKenzie


    Just checking in on Fontin Serif – still in the pipeline?

    Regards, Bob

  47. Is it still in the pipeline?