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86 responses to “Delicious

  1. Peter

    Hi Jos,

    i found (or at least i have) a little problem with the Euro-Sign: It doesn’t show up when hitting the appropiate key on my keyboard. I can get it with alt+0164, but that is not very convenient. I know you are working on a DeliciousX which seems to be graet too, but there a way to fix my little problem?

    Greetings, Peter

  2. Jos Buivenga

    Hi Peter,

    When I made Delicious there was no Euro character. When the Euro came out, Fontographer didn’t offer Euo support, so I put the Euro sign in the place of the currency symbol (Unicode 00A4). DeliciousX will have the Euro sign in the right place…

    Grz… Jos.

    • edgar

      Hi Jos,
      your font delicous is really great, but i ´ve the same problem like Peter.
      the Euro-Sign is´nt on the right place. When did you publish deliciousX with the euro-sign in the right place?

      Grettings Edgar

  3. Peter

    Hi Jos,

    thanx for the quick reply. Do you have already a release date in mind for DeliciousX?


  4. Jos Buivenga

    Hi Peter,

    Because I’ve put all my time in finishing Fontin Sans, I’ve only made some minor changes to the regular version of DeliciousX yet. I don’t know if and what ‘problems’ I may encounter. My intention is to finish it this year. That may seem a long time from now, but I have a full time job… 🙂

    Grz, Jos.

  5. ZMan


    I love the Delicious font! One problem I did notice, though, was with the PC version of Delicious Bold. I couldn’t load it on my system, and when I double-click Delicious-Bold.otf in Windows XP, the viewer window that appears doesn’t display the font. However, all of the other styles of Delicious display correctly in the font viewer.

    It seems that there may be something amiss with the PC version of Delicious Bold (I also tried downloading the fonts again but encountered the same problem).

  6. exljbris

    Sorry, but haven’t heard of that problem before. On my Mac with XP on Parallels it works fine.

  7. Shantanu

    This is by far the most beautiful real world font I have seen till date. Ok, I am young at 25 and there would probably a lot more to see in the future.. however, where things stand today this has been the most beautiful to my eyes!!!

    However… the download link for some reason isn’t working! 😦

    Please check!



  8. exljbris

    Hi Shantanu,

    Thanks for complimenting! I’ve checked the (Delicious) download links and they work fine…


  9. Shantanu

    Yeah, thats right… I tried the links again today and it did work…
    I still find delicious as delicious as I did yesterday! 🙂

    You have that rare eye for conceptualization (even I dreamt of fonts like “Delicious”) and more importantly the skill for execution… [Which is why you are what I am not… 8)]



  10. Tara


    BEAUTIFUL fonts! Your skill is inspiring!

    For commercial purposes – are we allowed to use these fonts in commercial projects like t-shirts? I also make stock illustrations and sometimes use words in my illustrations – but always outline any fonts, if a vector – so that actual font software is never embedded/included. Would this be acceptable use?


  11. Gabe

    Anyone knows which format is better for Linux? I think i can use both… any practical difference?

  12. Gabe

    issues on linux:
    On The otf format, the Roman looks exactly like the heavy… heavy and italics are ok.
    The type1, well, i can use type one fonts, but i can’t open sit archives 😦

  13. exljbris

    @ Tara: Any commercial use is allowed, as long as you don’t spread my fonts yourself. Embedding is also allowed. If other people need my fonts to produce brochures, folders, T-shirts etc., kindly direct them to my site to download them. It’s open 24/7 🙂

    @ Gabe: YGM

  14. A comment on the DeliciousX font.

    Nice font, I will be looking to use this one when I get a chance.

    I like the serif foot on letters like “u”, and “d”, I wonder how that style of a foot would look on other letters like “a”, and “t”.

  15. Szabolcs

    Hi Jos!

    Thanks for creating this beauty. Your fonts are one of the bests including non free fonts too. I realy mean.
    However i noted that only the diavlo contains the Hungarian accents (Ő,Ű, ő, ű) and these would be very beneficial for me as i live there.
    Do you think these letters can be added to these font families? Me and many of friends would highly appreciate it.

    Regardless your answer thanks very much for all your efforts creating these amazing fonts.



  16. Beautiful typefaces!

  17. harkjohnny

    I *heart* Delicious!

    I used it in the newsletter for my homebrewing club (under the Bosmopolitan heading)

  18. Many thanks from France for your beautiful job. I recently discovered your work. I hope I could use it in a future campaign and mail you the result. Bye.

  19. Hello. Thanks for your beauty Delicious font. I would like to use it for writing in Spanish. But I found an error in the signs ºª (little superscipt “o” and “a”), in the Mac version. Both are correctly rendered in all the faces (italic, bold…), but are rendered as “c” and “s” with diacritic signs in the Roman face. If you correct it, could you please send me an email in order I coul downaload the corrected version? Thank you very much.

  20. Thank you for your wonderful font family! I have used it for the headline images on my website – – 🙂 Will credit you on my About page with a link to your site.

  21. Oh and what program do you use to create these fonts??

  22. exljbris

    @ pompilos: You’re right. It will be corrected in DeliciousX.

    @ Chris: Looking good 🙂 Thanks in advance for crediting. The best programm to use is FontLab. However it is quite expensive ($649,-). I can aslo recommend TypeTool (3) which is also a very good programm. It lacks only a few ‘high-end’ features of FontLab ($99,-).

  23. daydreamgfx


    You’ve been credited 🙂
    And thanks for the info on the font design tools. I’ve been playing around with one called FontForge which is open source, you can read more about it here:

    Thanks again! And I love Museo too!

  24. Hey, just wanted to know I used your excellent font Delicious on my website, cameron i/o. Thanks for the very high quality free fonts. Not many free fonts respect typography and calligraphy. Glad to see you think different.

  25. Diederik

    what a shame it took me this long and a German website to get me to your beautful fonts. i haven’t had time to have a profound look, but in DeliciousX I couldn’t help but noticing the’s’ is still falling backwards slightly, despite the correction. I believe the changes you are making are for the better, on a face that already looks great. {Enter Tom Waits:”nothing wrong with her $100 won’t fix…”}
    Congratulations and keep me posted!



  26. Kevin

    This is a wonderful font! You truly are an amazing typeface artist and even a really nice guy for giving it to fans for free. I am very grateful for your generosity and hard work. Proud to add this to my collection!

  27. Thanks all!

    @ Diederik: I agree with you that the ‘s’ still needs some tweaking. I’ll keep it in mind… but first it’s MUSEO time 🙂

  28. muiz

    Love the fonts thank you.

    However, as a request, any chance you can make the delicious fonts, certain letters such as ‘y’ stay the same in shape for both roman and italic.

  29. scott

    Very nice work, the kind that will not date

    I’ll be looking at incorporating in a project down the road (and contributing to your work via paypal)



  30. Bruno Delsupexhe

    I discovered Diavlo a while ago. I loved it. Now i’ve found all your work, i just want to congratulate you !
    It’s a great job.
    I’m sorry for my poor english to describe, but i love the sharpness, very easy to read associated with this little touch of “roundness” that “softs” the font, removing the mechanical aspect of it.
    I bet i will use them a lot.
    Bruno Delsupexhe

  31. @ muiz: I’m sorry, but I’m still happy with the way italic is.

    @ scott & Bruno: If you do… I always like to see (pdf) my fonts in action… 🙂

  32. Josemi

    First, thank you for making these beautiful fonts and sharing them with everyone.

    I like Delicious very much, and I find its italics to be something really special and “warm”.

    I was just using Delicious in a presentation and I found that it was not possible to embedd Delicious into the presentation since it is not TrueType 😦

    So even if you are busy designing more good stuff, I am wondering if it would be possible to make Delicious available in TTF format?

    Thanks again for sharing such a great work.


  33. I’ll think about releasing my fonts also in ttf. The biggest drawback for me is the effort I have to put into it to guarantee some screen/display quality…

  34. Just a quick note to say how much I’ve enjoyed using Delicious, and how much I appreciate you making this lovely font available for free. It has a wonderful range of uses with the small caps and various weights.



  35. Alejandro Nova

    As you can see in , our campaign poster for our University election features your Delicious font.

    Thank you so much for your great work.

  36. Gia

    Hi Jos,

    I wanted to thank you for all your work.I used Delicious for my book available at

    The first 2 chapters are free.If sales turn out to be as good as I expected, we’ll make a donation at the end of the year towards your PayPal account.

    Talented people like yourself deserve all the support and help they can get!

  37. Q

    Thanks for the Delicious font. It’s great!

    I have encountered some problems with it on OS X with certain programs, though. I’d like to use the Heavy version, but for some reason GIMP can’t seem to see this version and won’t display it in its font list, and when I try to select Bold GIMP won’t render it at all.

    I’ve also tried Acorn but have the same problem–Heavy won’t render in Acorn and can’t be selected in the font chooser, only the other Delicious fonts will render properly (if I recall correctly, some of these issues were duplicated in Linux, too).

    The fact that this problem occurs in more than one program (and platform) makes me wonder if there is something unusual about the font or its type (Heavy in particular), that may be causing these problems.

    Any ideas?

  38. Q

    I wonder if it relates to something mentioned here:

    This says “Delicious ‘heavy’ variant says its Medium weight,” and offers a fix. If true, could this be the source of the problem for other programs trying to interpret how to render the font?

    In Acorn, for example, every time I try to select “Heavy” in a drop-down it reverts to “Bold.”

  39. I think it’s a font family naming problem and it will be addressed when I release DeliciousX. Let me know if this fix you discovered works. If not I’ll look into it.

  40. k0001

    Hy exljbris! first of all, congratulations for your work and thanks 😀

    I’m using this font right now and let me tell you that i love it! it’s hinting on linux (gnome) is INCREDIBLE! on of the best ones out there. i’d like to ask if you have ever considered making monospaced versions of your fonts? you have the skills to do it!

    Hmmmmm having “Delicious Mono” would be just DELICIOUS!!!

    Meanwhile, I am staying with dejavu sans mono.

    Congrats! keep the good work!

  41. Hi Jos,
    We used your font on our Lustrum shirt:

  42. Thanks Matthijs … I’ll put it in my digital portfolio.

  43. Q

    >>Let me know if this fix you discovered works.

    That was a fix for some other platform. I’m not sure why all the other products don’t seem to know how to render Heavy (other than the problem described in the link). Love the font, though!

  44. no

    I use your delicious “delicious” font with some little changes. It’s rythm is so…

    p.s. waiting for X

  45. Jekob

    Hi there,
    I use Delicious on my MacOS 10.4-Plattform and never discovered any problems using it in MS-Office files. Meanwhile I heard from a client of me, whom I recommended Delicious, that he has some problems when using Office files, especially in Powerpoint:
    1. A PPT master file, designed on a Mac plattform, showed up with Arial instead of Delicious; menu shows just Delicious insted of Delicious Roman
    2. When trying to underline text in Powerpoint, the word or text will be crossed out.

    Has any one any idea or solutions for that?


  46. Robert

    Congratulations on a beautiful typeface. I was sceptical at first but found it looks really good! Well done! It’s especially pleasing in heavy for titles.

  47. greedz

    great typeface !
    you’re doing a great deal for other designers by making it free 🙂

    thanks !

  48. julez

    Just want you to know (as you probably have heard it many times from others).

    I love those fonts which you created.
    And bless your heart for making them accessible for others to use. Domo Arigato!

  49. I just want to thank you for this typeface. I ended up using it on my thesis (wayfinding system), which can be seen on the main page of

  50. You’re very welcome. Looks great. Thanks for posting this Chris!

  51. I am working on a brochure and love the Delicious font. However, this is a brochure with lots of Eastern European countries so I need characters for cities such as Bialystok, Rzeszow, Bydgoszcz and Chorzow (Google them and see). Is there any plans to add these to the font?

  52. There are plans … but I don’t know when to plan the plans.

  53. Love your fonts.

    I used Delicious in a recent design for a prayer initiative we call Sacred Infusion. You can see it on the PDF brochure downloadable here:

  54. Jasmin Lorie

    I wanted to thank you so much for the font known as Delicious. I sent a small donation to cover some of your time and costs.

    I’m a teacher in the US, so we don’t get paid much 🙂

    I needed a good font that wasn’t distracting, but that I could use for the text of presentations. Delicious fits the bill. A thousand thanks.

  55. Jasmin, thank you very much for your donation. I’m glad my free fonts can make a difference sometimes.

  56. joao


    my name is Joao and I’m a portuguese designer. I just found your fonts and I really enjoyed working with them, specialy the delicious font, but I think there’s a problem with the caracters ª and º , this two caracters aren’t avayable in the delicious roman, all the other styles have the º and the ª.

    Is this a problem or is just the delicious roman that dosen’t have this two caracters?

    João Cunha

  57. Hi Joao, it’s a fault in Delicious Regular. I will correct it in the next release (somewhere 2009).

  58. Love the font – thank you for your donation to the world. I will be buying some paid fonts as a thank you. I used it in a recent client’s project:

    Hope my little promo sends some more Delicious fans your way!


  59. Thanks Steve! That’s very kind. It looks great!

  60. Thanks for this beautiful font! Respect for your efforts to create this font.

  61. Thank you for such a beautifully weighted, contemporary font. I’m sure I will find some work that needs sprucing up with “Delicious”. Thanks for gifting the design world!

  62. Madz

    Thank you for making this lovely font. I was searching for the perfect font to use on one of my website designs, and it was a very nice surprise to find one for free. I have put a link to this page in my copyright notice to give you due credit. The only problem I have is the same as # 52 did- I need Polish fonts. But since I’ve only used the font in images so far I get away with tweaking it. 🙂

    The website in question is here: . Thanks again for the great font!

  63. You’re welcome and thanks for crediting! I guess I really need to update Delicious…

  64. Anita

    I agree with Josemi! 🙂 I have used Delicious as my default font for over a year now… and it’s always sad to have to substitute this font with something else… e.g. when using Microsoft Visio :((
    So I’d love to see the TTF of Delicious… and I don’t mind having to pay for it!

  65. TTF requests noted. 😉 Thanks!

  66. Hi, Jos.

    First of all, great work, these fonts are really beautiful.

    But… there’s always a but… what about those (not so) special ‘ç’, ‘à’, ‘õ’, ‘ê’… and so on.
    You see, I’m portuguese (now you understand this “kinda” english) and I was trying to adapt Woo’s “Metamorphosis”. What happens is that the titles “eat” characters…

    Keep on the good work, and if you have time, think about this.


  67. Carlos, the characters you mentioned are in Delicious. Thx for the compliments!

  68. Hello
    Im useing this font at my website but some characters disappearing example(Ş,Ğ,Ç,Ö,Ü) CAPİTAL WORDS
    can anyone help me pls.

  69. Very good work.

    I have the same problem adaptating de Woo WP theme, I am from Spain and the characters á, é, í, ó, ú and ~ disappear, how can I fix that.

    Thx a lot.

    • I downloaded the OSX font and I have all the characters but don’t work in html ( I tried with hexadecimal code and á). The script that I´m using is Delicious.font.js

      Can you help me please. Sorry for my english and thank’s again.

    • Strange. I wouldn’t know…

  70. Marcin

    I try to use your font on my site, but it seems there are no polish characters. I need żźćńąśłęóŻŹĆŃĄŚŁĘÓ. Can you add this characters to your great font? 🙂

  71. Lan Bo

    Hi, Jos,

    My company would like to use your Delicious font in our printer products, according to the recommendation from our designer. The font will be installed in our printers to support the LCD display and printing on papers. That means when we sell our printer to customer, the printer has the font in it.

    We’d like to know whether we are allowed to use the Delicious Font free in our products according to your Font License in your web site. Or any other license we should follow?

    Looking forward to your replies, I am.

  72. mk2

    Hello, Mister Buivenga!

    Actually, my site is already online for some time now, but I forgot to add write a credit here. But, it’s better late than never. Anyway, my site is . It’s a Flash site and I’m embedding almost the whole Delicious family for the content texts. I’ve also written a little info about Delicious in the Colophon section.

    Cheers! 😀

  73. Hej Jos,

    I think I like your font delicious. But I do have a problem using it: Fonts ending .otf are not fully supported in windows and not usable at all with a linux, since they cannot be used in the current version of OpenOffice. (for further information see the OOo-Wiki:

    Since I am not allowed to change or distribute the font, I cannot convert it (and I do not want the font to lose quality), there seems to be no way for me to use it…

    Do you think it is possible to have a version of delicious in the older type1-format (.pfb, .pfm, .afm, .inf) or as true type (.ttf) free for download?



  74. George

    can somebody help me please ?
    I am looking for the .tff-format versions of both fonts delicious and fontinsans …
    please mail at
    thank you in advance

  75. KPB

    Are there any plans for a Delicious Light or Thin? Would love that. Gorgeous font.


  76. Allan K

    Hello! I recently stumbled on your Delicious font while looking for something that was similar to san-serif fonts like Myriad, Frutiger, etc but that was free to use. Delicious fit the bill. Having said that, I’m not really a fan of the variable-height numbers and therefore I’m wondering if you have any plans on making fixed-width numbers an option. Thanks for the work and dedication that you have put into your fonts! =)