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[Photo by Christopher Hester]


[Photo by Amy French aka rubystile]


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49 responses to “Fertigo

  1. Good job my friend, you deserve a lot of appreciation for making such quality fonts.

  2. Schitterend font!! Ik hoop het snel te kunnen gebruiken.
    Groeten Bart.
    Heb je nog andere fonten gemaakt?

  3. AOJ

    Where to start ??
    I really love your fonts.
    You succeeded with the Fontin/Fertigo-naming, which caught my eyes at first sight with the “Hey, I’m male/female”-disatinction.
    So far the praising 😉 There’s one thing I’m wondering:
    Though the license informations at the bottom of their respective pages are identical, within the files the Fontin shows a ‘installable embedding allowed’ while Fertigo reads ‘Preview & Print embedding allowed’; so it cannot be exported to a PDF with OOo. I am very sad about that, cause I would have liked to share you wonderful jobs with others. In case you intended so, I just want to say THANK YOU for these and GOOD LUCK for the next… There will always be a few MB left for your fonts :-)))
    Regards, AOJ

  4. exljbris

    Hi AOJ, Thanks for praising ;-).

    Sounds like a little mistake I’ve made… I’ve updated Fertigo (on my site). Installable mode should now be: ’embedding allowed’.

  5. AOJ

    Shut üp ‘n’ play yer guitar…
    Seems OOo can’t export Open Type…
    So forget about that and keep the praise ;-))


  6. Jenn

    I just think this is gorgeous. All of your fonts are outstanding work and thanks for sharing them.

  7. mss

    Thanks for your wonderful work! I wish you include more eastern European characters in future releases. Regards from Prague.

  8. exljbris

    Hi, There will come an update for Fertigo with CE support. I only don’t know when… Probably this year 🙂

  9. This is just … beautiful.

    I’m not a font expert nor yet a collector, but this is such a lovely work of art. I just love the way it makes beautiful headlines but also classy block text. Outstanding.

    I’m trying to think of ways I can use fonts, now…

  10. Freehunk4you

    I love the Fertigo font and downloaded it as soon as i saw it…! BUT BUT BUT i installed it and tried to use in PHOTO SHOP & PHOTO IMPACT but not working in any of the above. It’s OPEN TYPE FONT.. is there anyone who can suggest how to use it? will appreciate THANKS…

  11. I love this font. This font alone made me interested in Typography.
    I just have a little trouble with setting up line spacing for fonts.

  12. Sooo nice, sooo detailed. I love this font 🙂

  13. Love all your fonts, but I think this is my favorite.

  14. roberto

    Super mooi.. !!!

    Thanks for sharing…


  15. Oscar

    Amazing fonts! Like it a lot… Wish there’s an *.eot for this so i can use this for my school projects! Thanks in advance!

  16. Xavier Robin

    Looks very good in presentation headlines !

    Together with Fontin Sans for text body, it makes great impression.

    Thanks for sharing

  17. Antoine

    What a magnifique type !
    Tryed to make an Embedded eot version as it seems to comply with licence terms. But Microsoft’s WEFT tool consider it is a ‘no-embedding’ font. Therefore, it can’t export. Any clues ?

  18. Totally type-er…ific!

  19. Hi exljbris, I really like your fonts, they’re such a piece of hard work and good design. I’m writing a paper for college about some fonts, and one of the fonts I choose was Fertigo. I wanna know if you know of some design that has been made using Fertigo, and if that’s so, could you please provide a link? Thank you so much for these great fonts!!

  20. Thanks 🙂

    It’s not much but this is what I’ve collected on Fertigo for my own portfolio the past few weeks:


  21. Thank you very much!! I will have the chapter dedicated to Fertigo translated and send it to you when I finish it, thanks

  22. That would be great. Thanks for the effort!

    Came across another one just a minute ago:

  23. Claudio

    I´m going to join the team. Great!!! Thanks.

  24. Great collection of fonts, but I love Fertigo most. Very, very professional and extremely beautiful. Great job mate!

  25. Sudhir

    great jobs on the fonts… keep them coming… and i will make a donation soon as i have enough money to 😀

  26. Zbou

    Thanks a lot for your fonts ! Great job ! (^^)

  27. jd

    Thanks for your fantastic fonts, you have a great collection here.

    I came across this today and recognised the font 😉


  28. Thanks for the link James! I just came across it myself a few days ago and I think it’s a very nice example of Fertigo in action.

  29. Norm!

    Anybody else have trouble with a Vista install? It won’t allow me to move/copy/install the font to the font folder. Fontin and Fontin sans installed without a problem

  30. Okay you’ve probably heard this before but here goes anyway – your fonts are awesome! Thank you so much. 🙂

  31. Someone on Vista who can answer Norm’s question?

    Thanks Rohit!

  32. 2:Norm!

    Using it with Vista and it’s ok. Maybe font file got corrupted?


    absolutely amazing font, it does work so good for e1k branding

    Keep ’em coming!


    Excellent Font! Respect!
    from japan, COM4t.

  34. COM4t … Ah Yes 🙂 Nice fonts. Thanks!

  35. Thanks for the cool fonts!

  36. exljbris

    Thanks for your donation, Liz!

  37. sara

    a fabulous idea, beautiful fonts

  38. mushroompillow

    wonderful fonts! thanks a lot & keep on good working 🙂

  39. You’re very welcome … I will … can’t stop myself 😉

  40. Amy

    I love Fertigo. It is beautiful.

    I used it for my new tattoo

    Lorem Ipsum

    Thank you so much. I have just donated through Paypal 🙂

  41. Thanks Amy! This is the most everlasting love love for Fertigo I’ve witnessed till now. Can I use your photo for my promotion?

  42. Amy

    Of course! I will have better photos up on Flickr once the tattoo heals too.

    Thanks again 🙂

  43. Thanks Amy! Hope it heals well and fast 🙂

  44. Anja

    I can confirm Norm’s issue – I am on Vista Ultimate and I can’t install Fertigo (it says “not a valid font type”). Like Norm I had no problem installing your other fonts. I tried Fontin Open Type version and that works fine.

    Norm and Alex – which Vista Versions are you on? And do you have SP1 installed or not? I am one of many who haven’t been able to succeed in installing SP1 yet.

  45. Anja

    So we figured out that if you can’t install Fertigo in Vista then you probably used the integrated file extracting mechanism, which doesn’t unzip the file correctly. You can see if this is true for you if the extracted file name has a greenish font color. Try extracting with something else, I used WinRar (http://www.winrar.de/) and it worked fine.

  46. Thanks for your help Anja!