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61 responses to “Fontin

  1. Jorgen Petersson

    Fontin is beautiful! Thank you very much for your hard work and for making it free. Looking forward to future fonts.

    Best regards

    Jorgen Petersson – Sweden

  2. Many thanks for this font. I simply love it.

  3. man… just wonderful. Love your typefaces, and love how versatile they are, the ligatures, small caps, true italic… just wonderfull. i have to talk about your typefaces on my blog!

  4. Christa

    Yeay for your fonts 🙂 very beautifully done, specially like the spacing of the letters in use. Something barely seen in free (and even non-free) fonts nowadays.
    Bought one of your t-shirts too, to bad you offer no womens shirts, but I guess a medium slim-fit mens will fit me too 😉

  5. exljbris

    Hi Christa, Thanks for your generous compliments & of course for sponsoring exljbris. I hope the shirt fits well 🙂

  6. David

    Any idea on when we can expect an updated OTF?

  7. David

    Post Script—I wish I could buy a shirt, but it appears they don’t ship to the U.S.?

  8. exljbris

    I’ve to make up my mind, what to do first…

    • DeliciousX
    • Fontin Serif
    • Fontin Semi

    I don’t know yet… I’ve just finished Diavlo so it’s time for a shor pause… 🙂

    @PS I didn’t know that, but you’re right. The only way (for me) is to open a US shop. I’ll think about it.

  9. David

    I think that’s a good order: DeliciousX, Fontin Serif, Fontin Semi. I can hold off on a Fontin Open-Type. 😉

    If there’s a demand for it, then, yes, a US shop would be nice. At the very least, you have at least _one_ order ready to be placed.

  10. These are beautiful fonts. I just sent you 5 Euro. I hope others send some money as well so it’s worth your effort.

    My favorite is probably Fontin SmallCaps.



  11. exljbris

    Thanks Matt! I hope so to 🙂

  12. Oh man! I LOVE this font! WONDEROUS!!

  13. Hello Jos, Excellent job! Fontin is in my opinion the best free typeface I’ve ever known. Congratulations!

  14. exljbris

    @ Levi & César: Thanks!

  15. Anita Wijaya

    Unbelievable! Never thought any font can be so beautiful!
    It’s like looking at Peugeot 206 for the first time years ago (mind blowing!) – well, at least to me.
    The genius of beauty 😉
    Thanks man for sharing it!

  16. I love your fonts.

    I use them overall and donated some money.

  17. Used Fontin here:

    I love it. Thanks.

  18. Paul Everett

    Dennis ummm all good letting everyone know though your image is not exactly typographically pleasing to me. Are you playing with fonts and treating them with respect… as fonts need respect.

    Sorry if I upset others, no disrespect intended, just be respectful fonts that deserve it… EXLJBRIS fonts are in that league.

  19. Thanks for this great job! great great Font! (sorry for my little donation I’m really out of founds 😉

  20. I saw this font on and was instantly drawn to its elegance and subtle serifs.
    I was very pleased to find that it was free. Thank you, you are extremely kind!

  21. Mike Colléaux

    Hello, this short comment to let you know how much I appreciated Fontin. I just finished the design of a book using Fontin and Fontin Sans. The book is about fishery in Reunion Island (south-west of Indian Ocean), and what ever might be your interest in this particular subject, I’d really like to send you a copy when printed. Before that you will receive a donation through PayPal, of course 😉
    And with my renewed congratulations for your work, I end this not so short comment.

  22. Thanks Hugo for your donation!

    @ Roger: Thanks for stopping by! If you ever use Fontin for one of your (web)projects, let me know.

    @ Mike: That sounds really great! I’ll mail you my address.

  23. Jos, I agree with all the comments about your fonts. I’ve used them for little personal things for quite some time, but I finally have a chance to use them professionally.

    I just launched a Web site dedicated to very short fiction (, and the stories, which are in PDF, are published using the Fontin family (Fontin, Sans, and SC). The layouts are simple two-column jobs, but the type helps maintain the interest. Thanks very much!

  24. roule

    Thanks , your fonts are great!! –
    Ive used fontin on lables for honey jars

    I love delicious as well.
    Thanks again!

    – Typegroupie-

  25. Looking forward to the serifed version of Fontin – love Fontin and F Sans!!!

  26. Hey,

    just wanted to take the time to say a word about how I enjoy your fonts. I do quite a lot of text design and I often use your creations, especially when I want something elegant and original, yet simple. Delicious and Fontin are my favorites for this use.

    Keep up the excellent work!


    Laurent, Montreal

  27. Jake, roule, BobMac & Laurent: thanks for letting me know!

  28. Mi

    Hee Jos.

    volgens mij hebben ze je font nu ook gebruikt bij de kiosk op het station.

  29. @ Mi: Is het mogelijk om me een voorbeeldje (foto) te mailen?

  30. Mi

    Ik zal het proberen, maar ik kom niet zo vaak op het station.

  31. Hi Jos, I truly love your fonts. I’m finishing two academic blogs about a subject for a final examination. However, I’ve run into a problem: I’m using InDesign CS3 and (after I printed 32 pages) I’ve found that the lower part of the g and y doesn’t get printed. Do you have any idea what could be causing it? Thanks in advance.

  32. It looks like the problem is the one stated here

    I’ve tried typing in Word “gygygy” and both of them are chopped on the descender. It seems it’s a metric problem.

  33. exljbris

    Hi Reiem, Yes that’s causing the trouble. Are you on Mac or PC? There is on my fontin page a PC TTF conversion that doesn’t have g and y cut off.

  34. I’m using a PC. I’m using the OpenType Fontin and that’s where the issue is. I’m downloading now the TTF format.

  35. Big thanks Jos, the TTF works perfectly.

  36. exljbris

    Great! I’m very happy for you that it worked out well. Good luck with your final!

  37. ab

    Hi, my group and I used Fontin for a University project, called “Perchèno?”: the project dealt with the creation of an event that was supposed to increase awareness of the Italian wine culture in 18-35yr. olds.

    The logotype was made with fontin and the question mark was slightly modified for it to become a grape!

    Thank you for the great font!

    images at:
    "Perchéno" book
    "Perchéno" exhibition

    and throughout my flickr account:

  38. I love this font! Thanks so much. I used it in my header and did a little post linking back to you.

    A New Look for BlogU

  39. Thanks for the link. Fontin looks really nice in your header.

  40. I like this font, but we in hungary have some glyphs are not in fontin. I can extend the font with Ohungarumlaut, ohungarumlaut Uhungarumlaut and uhungarumlaut what is needed for hunagian texts. But how can i share this with other hungarian people, because the licencing of the font is not allowed to publish the modified font face.

    Shall i send you the modified fonts?

  41. Hi dincsi, I will try to update the Fontin family soon. Sharing is indeed not allowed, because otherwise too much different versions of my fonts would clutter the internet. There’s no need to send me the modified fonts, but thanks very much anyway.

  42. wonderfull fonts, I really like your work and especially the anivers & delicious – fonts!
    Great job!

  43. Hello!

    Figured I’d let you know that I’ve made the jump to setting my magazine in Fontin. I began this for the last issue, but the layout of that one was miserable, so I didn’t want to send it along.

    However, we have a new issue coming out on Monday and have taken a big leap forward as far as design is concerned. You can see a couple of preview pages here:


    Click to access ingersoll%20opening.pdf

    I swear to you, if I ever manage to monetize this thing, you’ll be getting a big donation, but presently this magazine is a huge time and money sink. I just make it because I love the subject matter.

    Anyway – I hope I’m doing them some justice. Full issue will be out tomorrow at the website my name links to. Thanks again for your incredible work!

  44. Thanks stefan!

    @ Schuyler: Thanks for posting this. Never thought Fontin (Sans) would end up on the cover of a locksport magazine, but it does a great job. Nice! Donating is absolutely *not* necessary. I’m glad if my free fonts can help out in case such as this. Thanks for the compliments!

  45. nax

    i love your tipography design, it´s beautiful a lot

  46. Thanks for Fontin, I am using it for a school branding etc.

    I have discovered though that the italic ligature breaks with the combination ffi. Just though it might be worth mentioning… this could however simply be because it is attempting to make a tripple ligature.

  47. Hi Rebecca, it is a known “bug” in Fontin. It will be fixed when I update it.

  48. mat

    thanks for this wonderful font!

    Am I missing something? People are talking about ligatures, but I can find standard ligatures only for fontin sans, not for fontin. It’d be great to have them in fontin, too. Will there be an update?

  49. There will be an update. I’ve planned it for this year.

  50. I’m the “editor” for am rpg fanzine and I’m using Fontin, Fontin Sans, and Fontin SC for type. I love the font.

    Jos, I’ve sent you links to the PDFs by email. If you mail me your post address, I will send you an issue or two (it’s in german, though).


  51. Kaze no Koe

    Hi, am I allowed to convert your font to Microsoft’s retarded EOT format so that I can serve it to Internet Retarded Explorer via @font-face?

    Thanks a lot for your hard work, I love Fontin and Delicious!

  52. Harald

    Fontin is a wonderful font. I used it to create a business template. It looks marvelous with a Mac.

    After trying to install Fontin on Windows I encounter different problems. OpenType shows the problems in Word 2003 and Word 2007 as decribed above. But when I am using the TTY version is shows the font in the selection but using Arial instead. Very strange.

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

  53. Lars

    On Win XP :

    .otf version is ugly

    .ttf version is fine

  54. Omer


    I downloaded the font but the readme is Dutch which I can’t read.

    So can you specify how to install this font on OS X system.?


  55. Quork Q'Tar


    Although I am no typesetter and have very little to do with fonts and have barely a feeling for it, enough for the very sporadic appearance of that topic in graphics and webdesign (there you have to restrict to common fonts, so… Only buttons remain, that’s the only place where I use fonts), I immediately recognized this font as especially great. Big compliments!

    I have a question, though; I’m making addons (objects and routes) for the German train simulator LokSim3D. For elements with texts (e.g. reclam signs) we use an own “font format”: A simple, low-resolution BMP and a xml-file (“*.l3dfont”) mapping, where on the bitmap which character is. All addons, like the program itself, are freeware. May I convert Fontin to that format? Of course I’d link this page in the file comment.
    As I stated, the resolution is low (a single character seldomly exceeds 20px on the screen, and is seldomly seen not in motion, no need for high resolution), to low to be really a re-distribution.

    • Sure, that’s no problem in this case. Thank you for asking.

      • Quork Q'Tar

        Thank you very much!

        I’m a muscian and thus an artist too, so I have respect for somebody elses work, which people not working artistically often do not have; so I always ask in such cases.