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13 responses to “Tallys

  1. What a stunning font! I hope you decide to do an italic version. I really like the classic look as well as the rare ligatures. Beautiful, beautiful work!

  2. Sanya Kushak

    This font rocks. It is so professional and clean. Thank you!

  3. Sibling

    Great one, too. Please make it as complete as the others!

  4. this looks like the bally’s logo font…
    is there any relation

  5. Madsen

    Well.. Must say you have skills my friend.. It’s a bliss for the eye!

  6. st.patrik

    This is a beautiful font. My use of it is limited by not having a bold version – I hope that you make it complete!

  7. exljbris

    I’ve no direct plans to extend Tallys at the moment. You might like to take a look at this: http://typophile.com/node/40440

  8. exna

    I fell in love with Fertigo..and I was wondering if you are going to make the whole letter collection, including CE signs? I would buy it..

  9. German Carvajal

    Thanx a lot; all are beautifull fonts , thanx ^_^

  10. Dunja

    I really like your fonts! Keep up the good work 🙂

  11. fusae

    so cute! I want use this:)

  12. Nils Reinhold

    Zwischenzeitlich bin ich echt froh diese Website gefunden zu haben. Das wollte ich jetzt einfach mal loswerden 🙂 LG.