[UPDATE] MUSEO finally released!


MUSEO will come in 5 weights (100 – 300 – 500 – 700 – 900). There will be only CAPS, no lower case. Commments or remarks? Please let me know…




For more detail: museo_sample_2.pdf

Earlier samples: museo_1_450.gifmuseo_ls.gif


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118 responses to “MUSEO

  1. Lukas Seiß

    this typeface looks obviously brilliant, like every other one you have published so far – I don’t see me in a position to give any stylistic remarks.
    However, there is one semantic “mistake”: The sharp-s (ß) you have drawn is a lower case letter and may not be mixed up with capital ones. But it would be very cool if you implement the proposed (to the Unicode Consortium) capital form of the sharp s (seeß) as it is currently discussed and implemented in Germany. If you do so, surely every German typographer will fall in love with this typeface as there are few good digital fonts that have already adopted this form!
    The letterform can be seen here [ and ] and you can download some free fonts already implementing it here:

  2. exljbris

    Hi Lukas,

    Very interesting! I was aware of ß being a lowercase character, but I liked the idea of having this character in MUSEO. I’ll study the links and adapt the shape. Thanks!

    Grz Jos.

  3. Lukas Seiß

    That would be great 🙂
    be sure to check out this:

    Click to access SIGNA9_SHARP_S_howto.pdf

    If you need something translated or further information, let me know.

  4. David

    This is brilliant!!! I can’t wait.

  5. Michiel

    That font is Hot! I really like all the font that you’ve made!

  6. exljbris

    @ Lukas: I hope that this glyph will soon get its own unicode. For now I’ll put it in every new or revised Small Caps version 🙂

    @ David & Michiel: Thanks. I’ll keep you all posted on any progress.

  7. Arild

    Brilliant! As usual 🙂

  8. Very stylish! The 700 weight in particular promises to be really sharp. Can’t wait to try it on a logotype or two.

  9. exljbris

    Thanks for all your kind feedback!

  10. Lukas Seiß

    Brilliant, the new sharp-s fits the whole appearence of the font very good. And thank you for the honour of being the dummy-text for this 🙂
    I think I have found a new favourite display-font!

    And I agree, Small Caps is a good starting point for the capital-ß. Maybe it could also be put into the private-use area of Unicode so that it can be acessed via the Glyph-Palette (at least I think so)


  11. Rangata

    Hmmmzzz, looks very promissing, it’s slightly futuristic, I like it so far!

  12. Have you considered such a thing as, for instance, a UT ligature, or maybe better some contextual operations? To my eyes the left serif on the T clashes with the U, but an auto-lig or a contextual substitution could make the transition smooth, with the two letters joined. And so on like that with other letter pairs.

    Just a thought.

  13. P.J.

    I love the 900-weight.

  14. exljbris

    @ Lukas: It was a great suggestion and I thought this was a nice way to honour your name. I wouldn’t call it dummy text though 🙂
    @ Barry: There’s an interesting suggestion… It crossed my mind with the “LA” pair… I’ll look into it. Thanks!
    @ P.J.: Nice to know. I’m thinking of releasing three weights for free (300 / 500 / 700) and offer the other two (100 / 900) for a little money (probably 5 Euro’s), so I can make some revenew out of this ‘hobby’ 🙂

  15. Absolutly brilliant..

    I can’t wait to use this one.

  16. Cool, it will be a display font only hum?

  17. Costas

    Great work as usual.
    Congratulations. Well balanced weights and clean letterforms in your unique personal style. I’m sure that soon we gonna pay a lot of money for your fonts. Keep the nice work.

  18. Just Jake

    This is the best-looking new font I’ve seen in a while. I know this is a pain, but please DO LOWERCASE. I bet everyone would love that. Unless you are secretly planning something Tasty. Then its ok…

  19. exljbris

    @ Nuno: I think so, but I’m not sure yet… I have to test its legibility at small sizes, but it’s only caps, so it isn’t a text font…

    @ Costas: Thanks! My free fonts will always be free. I’m just thinking of offering a few ‘extra’s’ with some fonts (light/heavy/small caps for example) for a little money. I’ve just started working four days in stead of five, so I can work one day a week on my fonts… but that ‘extra’ day has to make some revenew 🙂

    @ Just Jake: I did consider LC, but it didn’t stand out like UC and It didn’t fit in with the 900 weight…

  20. Делија

    Some great fonts you’ve got here, mr. Jos. I was truly amazed browsing your site. Only one question: since I’m from cyrillic script user, I wonder if there are any chances to see any of your marvelous fonts in cyrillic letters as well? Now I would really really really love that!

  21. excellent…. how much as YOU NEED TO start selling. Your fonts are far superior to a lot of fonts out there that are getting $39 US for a single.

    Now a great price for supporters?… anyway I will support once it is finished, by buying it.

  22. maikiboy

    Looks very good. Can’t wait to se the ready typeface…

  23. keirwi

    Love the contrast between weights. 100 is so elegant! Bring it!

  24. elisabeth

    I love the thin 100, very nice and useful. Would like to se a medium-bold one, not quite as fat as the 900.

  25. Alie

    dat staat straks mooi op mijn MACBOOOK……….erg mooie letters……groet Alie

  26. S-E-T-K: looks spectacular-nice glyphs. i love your typefaces and the phenomenal ongoing of free offers.

  27. ummm…. I want it now! How much for the Museo family?

  28. exljbris

    Hi all, I didn’t think the reactions would be this overwhelming 🙂

    @ Делија: It’s a bit out of my league right now… maybe some day I’ll do a try-out with Diavlo.

    @Paul: YGM

    @ maikiboy & keirwi: Working hard… 🙂

    @ elisabeth: 700 should do the job.

    @ Sven: Thanks! & thanks for paying attention to my fonts!

  29. Michiel

    Heey exljbris! How far are you with Museo? I really can’t wait for the release!


  30. MUSEO is beautiful. It is really unique nd fresh. Also readable and expressive. well done.

  31. Oh man. This is looking good. Great job!!

  32. exljbris

    @ Michiel: I’m still working on it… It’s still going take some time. My guess is in a few months.

    @ Barry & Levi: Thanks! Keeps me going 🙂

  33. I don’t know if enough people say this or not, but thank you.

  34. Naomi

    WOW! That looks truely unique and fresh! I just discovered your website and am loving what I’m seeing! It’s so hard to find fresh, contemporary, edgy fonts of high calibre for free for us students, so I’m very grateful to have come across your website and can’t wait to get down & dirty with some typesetting!


  35. Samanta

    This font is delicious. I love it. I can barely wait!

  36. Jack

    Hi Joe,

    Neat fonts – BUT what is ARGONOUT? Does it have anything to do with removing Argon gas from between 2 panes of glass? Just asking?


  37. exljbris

    Argonout is a non existing word I used to show the ‘character’ of MUSEO.
    The Argonauts however had something to do with the Greek hero Jason 🙂

  38. Really elegant, modern style, with a touch of humor. Do you plan to implement Central-European characters, as in your excellent Diavlo? They are uncommon even in commercial typefaces.

  39. Ale

    Jos, your fonts are terrific. I hope the release of Museo.


  40. marloez

    Looks like this would work very well on posters! As soon as i get the oppertunity i’ll use it, great font!

  41. Yoni

    Fresh and unique, keep it up!
    I like it, I’m not a big fan of that updated ‘B’ on the bottom

  42. Ro

    I just went to download this, then I read the text and I have to wait! Hurry up!!!

  43. t3amBrian

    That’s an amazing font. I wish it was already available.

  44. This is stunning. I am EXTREMELY EAGER for the release of this font!

    It’s amazing what good typography can do! Now I want to make something with it!


  45. Absolutely amazing.
    Can’t wait till it gets done!!

  46. Your fonts rule!

    Thanks for share.

  47. Fantastic work!!! This one will look great especially on logo designs.

  48. That is one fine font.I’d love to use it on an upcoming project. When do you expect to have it complete by?

  49. exljbris

    Thanks all for commenting. It will take me some time to complete it because I’m now working on a nice and a bit secret project 🙂 When that is done I will continue MUSEO.

    @ Yoni: That’s a capital ß…not a B…

    @ Krzysztof: 95% change 🙂

  50. any chance you have these letters complete yet?
    t h e m a j o r c i s

    email me if you could help.

  51. exljbris

    … I’m sorry but that’s not going to work. I may have to do some adaptations when making multiple weights…

  52. Matt No Hat

    I can’t wait, wait, wait!!! Looks very special and usable.

  53. I’m unable to offer any specially technical feedback. IF ITS NICE – I LIKE IT. I LIKE IT. Can’t wait for the release…

  54. Hey! I was looking at your Museo font; very excited for this one. I was wondering if it might be including a lowercase “a” without an ascender (not sure if that is the correct term). Lowercase ‘a’ can include the tail on the top, or can be closer to a lowercase ‘o’ with a little, serify bit on the bottom right area (Museo, reminding me a little of Estilo Script, which has these unsual lowercase “a”s). It’s getting harder to find these kinds of “a” forms in fonts. Weird request, I know.

  55. exljbris

    I understand what you mean –and it’s not at all weird- but though I’m not fond of these particular glyphs in a regular font MUSEO is all caps… 🙂

  56. As everyone has said here already, this looks to be a very nice font! Someone above mentioned that it looks modern. For some reason I think Art Nouveau when I see it, but that might just be me. Regardless, it’s an inspiring font face and I’m sure I’ll make use of it! Keep up the awesome work!

  57. Sicks skills you’ve got there mate, much respect.

  58. This is a stunning complement to the rest of your lineup, Jos. And Lucas has taught me that a Versal-Ezsett _does_ exist, or at least is trying to exist. 🙂 I also like the name of this font. It suits its unconventionality.

    Can’t wait to have it in my FontExplorer X. 🙂

  59. Thanks! Lucas has shown me the light too 🙂

    MUSEO —beeing all caps— screamed for a capital ß. Still have to figure out how to properly implement it in a font with lowercase. No matter how I script it in OpenType, the ‘ß’ made capital still brakes up in ‘SS’.

  60. Unfortunately, because OpenType is so smart (which is usually a good thing) it’s probably going to do everything it can to do the “right” thing by giving you ‘SS’ instead of your new glyph.

    You might consider encoding everything on the lowercase glyphs instead to work around that even though visually it is all caps. You could duplicate the glyphs back onto the capital codepoints as well for completeness. Or, if you could somehow make it insert a RLM (U+200F) before and a LRM (U+200E) after the glyph, that’d probably confuse it enough that it wouldn’t “fix” it.

  61. I read a good tip on typophile, substituting ‘ß’ for an alternate ‘ß’ and then (with a case feature) substituting it for a ‘versal-Eszett’. Worked fine in FontLab but not in InDesign. I’ll try your tip on this. I’ll let you know…

  62. Jim

    Wow! Looks great. I love the cut…great forms, and just enough personality. Can’t wait ’til it comes out. However, I must say, I wish the arms of the “E” were the same width.

  63. Goodness~ You are very talented. Great work!!

  64. Rachel

    I want this font! The moment I saw it I could think of a hundred things I wanted to do with it. It’s futuristic, but in a retro way, like people in the fifties imagined the future would be. I can’t wait for it to be ready so I can do a vintage future book.

    I’m so glad to find this site and your beautiful fonts. Thank you for the inspiration.

  65. Thank you all.

    @ Jim: I can understand that, but that would make it very symmetrical…

  66. Sebastian

    Your fonts are great..I managed to convert them to tfm to use it in tetex but I dont have a clue how to use them in Latex and how to find them i texmf tree, it seems they were renamed to berry name convention…:(
    If someone could help i will be gratefull.

  67. Leigh

    This font is really impressive and the weights compliment each other so well. Looking forward to seeing the entire family.

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  69. BryanPerozo

    Instant favorite.

  70. Hey Jos — Any progress with the versal-Eszett? Here’s another idea for you: Create the ß codepoint as a contextual alternate, but set all the alternates to the versal form. Or, even better — create it as a contextual ligature and make it either ‘SS’ or the versal-Eszett based on the post-reform spelling rules!

  71. I’ll try this one out and let you know…

  72. Marc

    Indeed! MUSEO is really really promising!
    Keep on your fantastic work!!!

  73. Paul Everett

    I don’t about you all… is MUSEO going to be the font wait of the year or what, sort of like waiting for Leopard…. which I have pre-ordered

    where do we sign up, can I pre-order

  74. Hallo, prachtig font! Jammer dat hij nog niet klaar is, had hem graag gebruikt in wat schetsen.

  75. riki

    thank you for all your wonderful typefaces I really enjoy them and hope to bebale to use them in some school projects which I will gladly send you when they are complete.

  76. Keep on truckin’

    Lovely stuff.

  77. Wonderful typeface, as always I might add. To me the ‘E’ could do with a serif at the lefthand bottom, but then again – this is one of the characteristics that makes the font stand out.

  78. Hi Jos, Museo it’s really amazing and we’re pleased to use it for our last project. I know that’s still in progress but we are really interested on it, please contact me.

    PS: according with others… you have to SELL your font 🙂

  79. Gia

    Museo looks awesome! Can’t wait 😀 Seriously, you’re such an amazing person for doing everything that you do!

  80. @ Reinier: you’ve said it yourself 🙂

    @ The Joker: ygm

    @ Gia: Working really hard. Thanks … will update MUSEO samples this weekend.

  81. @Jos: I guess I did huh? 🙂
    Looking forward to new samples!

  82. abe

    really looking forward to use this typeface, really soon ;), really!
    (did i say really already?)

    thanks for the hard work man!

  83. *New sample posted…*

  84. Bryce

    /me wants this font now, you are an amazing, amazing font designer.

  85. Beste Jos,
    Ik ben bezig met een kalenderontwerp voor 2008.
    Ik zou dolgraag Museo gebruiken voor “TODO 2008”.
    De vraag is heb je een pre-release?


  86. Paul Everett

    …………………. when……………………….. ?
    please the anticipation of when will it be released…. I will pay now.
    I have to say this release will be more well accepted than Leopard… as I have not upgraded

    q: Jos, have the big font foundries been banging on your door waving cash and contracts at you?

  87. @ Bryce & C J: Thanks guys!

    @ Paul: When o when … I’m working very hard to release it this year.

    a: Not yet 🙂 But if they did, I wouldn’t be interested.

  88. Ashley

    I absolutely LOVE this face! It’s unique, modern and retro! Thanks for all your hard work!

  89. This font would make an ideal Christmas present for your admirers (hint hint). Really stylish work, as always.

  90. Christmas is getting closer as fast as an unstoppable avalange. I want to shelter for it, but I can’t escape … It’s crushing me before I can finish MUSEO … NOOoooo

  91. Paul Everett

    Well while waiting I submitted a donation… thank for the fonts look forward to purchasing Museo

  92. melanie

    elegant & unique, very beautiful. fits exactly to what i’m working on at the moment – a new design for a youth orchestra …

  93. Thanks Paul! Very generous!

    Melanie, I hope this project of yours can wait till MUSEO is ready.

  94. Eduardo

    Looks excellent, like all your fonts!
    I really thank you for design very high
    quality fonts for free. Congrats!

  95. Eduardo

    sorry I forgot to tell you,
    what if you try the same
    “C” upper serif on “G”? 🙂

  96. michelle

    it is so gorgeous. i cannnnnot wait!

  97. Eduardo: Nice you’ve noticed 🙂 Because G allready has a serif and also because it’s getting a bit crowdy with an upper serif on the 900 weight I’ve decided not to do one on the G.

  98. lowprofile


  99. This is going to be great!

  100. I’m spending most of my spare and free time on MUSEO. I hope it will be ready in a few weeks 🙂

  101. Ryan Doggendorf

    Love the typeface! I was wondering if you have considered developing a lowercase set. I would like to see a different version of the letter “I”. Besides the “O” which is totally untreatable, it seems to be just a basic slab serif “I”. What if you ditched the slabs on the top side, or used extentions from the slab like on the letter “T”.

    It is definitely looking very nice.

  102. Thanks Reinier 🙂


    Hi Ryan,

    I did consider a lower case (actually worked on it), but it didn’t had that ‘right feeling’ that the UC had. I also wanted the 900 to have a stroke weight that was (optically) consistent with the 100 weight and I couldn’t match that with the lower case characters. Funny thing is that I considered and worked out all the suggestions you did about “I”, but I still prefer the current state of it.

    Thanks for your comment!

  103. Natasha

    Beautiful! Keep up the great work

  104. govy

    Hi exljbris,..

    I’m curious what program do you use to create these fonts(family)…

    I recall playing with fontographer in uni…a very long time ago when it was owned by Aldus/ macromedia…. curious if this program is still around or do use something else…

    eager & curious to learn more


  105. Thanks Natasha!


    govy, I use FontLab to do my type things. I’ve used Fontographer too a considerable while ago … but I think FontLab is much better.

    Fontographer was accuired by FontLab a while ago (you can find it on ) and it’s a lot cheaper than FontLab.

    If you want to do type I can recommend TypeTool (from FontLab) which costs $99,- or FontForge (google for it) which is free.

  106. govy

    thanks exljbris….

    will get busy looking into the options you mentioned…. and also digout my very first set done in Freehand 3 (I think… when it was still owned by Aldus)…
    hopefully still there on some dusty syquest cartridges…

    I designed the set while still at uni (1994) and even sent it out to an advertising-publishing house …. that was the last I heard of it …
    seeing your site has given me a renewed surge for motivation, hope and optimism


  107. It’s great that my efforts renewed the things that you needed to pick up this wonderfull craft again. Please keep us/me posted.

  108. David

    This is a beautiful face. You really should consider designing a lower case to go with it.

  109. Bios

    Hello exljbris,

    I’m very happy that I met your fonts I like all of them very much! I’m a graphic designer and logo designing (and as part of it typography too) is one of my main interests. I always design my own typefaces for the logos I make but I’ve never completed them to a full font set. Your works are very inspiring and seeing them motivates me to move on and spend more time with making only fonts.

    Great job keep it up!

    Cheers – Bios / Hungary

  110. Thanks David … I did 🙂

    Bios, thats very nice! It’s feels great to be able to be an inspiration.

  111. +++++

    MUSEO is OUT! … Please let’s continue commenting here: