Which font will be released september 5th?

And why? Just counting the days. I’m ready for it 🙂 As from september 3rd I’m giving away a clue a day…


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14 responses to “Which font will be released september 5th?

  1. I like a good mystery, but perhaps we won’t be able to follow the clues, being too busy cataloging tomorrow’s tribble-load of new Manfred Klein creations. Maybe you should push back the release date a couple of weeks to give us time. 🙂

    (Just kidding, of course.)

  2. John

    I hope it’s DeliciousX 🙂

    But i think it may be a new secret commercial font.

  3. exljbris

    @ Barry: LOL! Pushing back the release date isn’t an option, but you’ve convinced me to give you a clue already… It’s not MUSEO.

    @ John: It’s not a commercial font (and also not DeliciousX)…

    Oops… I’ve said to much right know… 🙂

  4. Arild

    I am guessing Fontin serif (based on the fact that you have a new image of that font on your web page).

  5. exljbris

    I feel a bit mean, because it cannot be guessed really… 🙂
    Therefor I’ve updated this entry with an image of character parts of this font.

  6. exljbris

    [clue] It’s a new font especially made for an online magazine to celebrate it’s first anniversary.

  7. exljbris

    [clue] This magazine is really smashing.

  8. Arild

    A custom font for Smashing magazine?

  9. exljbris

    You’ve guessed it right 🙂

  10. exljbris

    … [update september 5th]
    I just heard that Smashing Magazine’s 1st anniversary is really busy. The release of the font I made for this occasion is delayed to this thursday or maybe even friday… I’ll keep you posted…

  11. bonefolder

    Jos, your fonts are excellent. I’m really excited to see your new design. Hope it will be revealed soon.

  12. exljbris

    Thanks! … Just wait a few hours …. 🙂

  13. i’m looking forward.

  14. Thanks all for your patience. I hope you enjoy Anivers…