[update :: may 16th 2008]

Anivers will be updated with a bold, an italic and also small caps:




Anivers celebrates Smashing Magazine’s 1st Anniversary. Any remarks? Please let me know!

Download and more information…

***** september 18th *****
I’ve finished a beta Cyrillic version of Anivers and I’m looking for serious comments on character shapes. (Spacing needs work and there’s no kerning yet).



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89 responses to “Anivers

  1. You did a beautiful job here! The balance between classic and modern is excellent. Can´t wait to try it out.

  2. Greatly. I recognize your constant taste for beautiful trained forms as used.

  3. Max

    Nice typo as usual. You made some of the fucking best free fonts – maybe you made the BEST!

  4. Excellent! Just excellent!
    And thanks for mentioning Esperanto, too. 🙂

  5. David

    This is fantastic! Thank you so much. I really can’t say enough about your Typefaces.

  6. Boy o boy! The font is simple wonderful. Thanks to smashing mag, that i came across your typography! yay! cheers to you!

  7. Thank you all for your generous compliments!!! I really really appreciate it at this moment because this font had to be made with the utmost secrecy and I didn’t have any feedback in the whole process.

    @ Barry: Thanks! Maybe I’m going to give Esperanto a try 🙂

  8. dk

    You even equipped it with a capital ß (szett)! But may I ask, how to “activate” that one? I tried it in Photoshop 1.) by typing it — lower case — and click the “everything upper case” button and 2.) simply copied your “STRAßE” example into the text field. So what is the “secret” behind that little (capital) fellow?

  9. I’ve tried to make it work the way you first tried it… by implementing it in the OT case feature, but that didn’t work unfortunately. Maybe it’s because the capital ß isn’t supported by unicode.

    I’ve put it also under the ∑ sign (try copy paste ∑). If you’re on a Mac you can type option-w.

  10. dk

    Oh, that was fast! Thank you very much! Just now I discovered the discussion about it at the museo entry — sorry, it was my first time visiting your blog.

    Allright, it does work! Sigma is the key.

  11. Nick


    I absolutely love the font collection you have going! Definitely a favorite site I’ll be coming back to. 🙂

  12. Jos, you have really outdone yourself with this one! A fantastic job, and hopefully we’ll see a bold, italic, and bold-italic? 🙂

    I love all your fonts (especially Fontin Sans) and I’ll add to my to-do list to PayPal you a donation as soon as I have some money again, but for now I have nothing.

  13. Thanks!!!

    @ Billy: The rest of the family will follow as soon as possible. Maybe even small caps.
    About donating… You’ve already made a very generous donation! First it’s other peoples turn 🙂

  14. Gorgeous font! I use it as a heading font for my prepage to


  15. Edward Edmonds

    I really enjoy your work, how long does it take you to make one complete font set?

  16. @ Florian: Nice! Will you be using Anivers for the definitive pages later?

    @ Edward: That can be different for each font. A complete family takes me often between hundred to three hundred hours. It’s often more work than you think 🙂

  17. Michiel

    Good font! Really beautiful.

  18. Dante

    Very nice. Is there any reason for Safari (for Win) not to render it ? It works in Opera and Firefox and IE…

  19. Leanne

    Your fonts are just delicious, I love them all! Is there anyway your paypal page can be translated to English – I’d like to flick you some dosh, but can’t read it!

  20. @ Dante: I wouldn’t know. I think it’s a Safari (Mac & Win) issue.

    @ Leanne: Strange. I’ll look into it. I thought the donation page would show the English language. Anyone else having this ‘problem’?

    **edit** I’ve just updated my homepage. Try clicking on the ‘donate’ text (upper left corner) below ‘blog’. Let me know if it works!

  21. I’m still surprised you give these fonts away. Another excellent effort. Might have to stick a few bucks in your PayPal tip jar.

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  23. Yes, the fonts are nice — and we only discovered this web site, and your craftsmanship through a comment in the Design Center yesterday. We’d like to feature your work in October’s issue…

    We’re already into the 13th Annual Fall Fonts Festival, which runs through October — and I think DTG Magazine readers will really enjoy your work. I prefer Fontin, and would like to feature that one!

    Keep up the good work

    Fred Showker
    Editor/Publisher: DTG Magazine, Photoshop 911

  24. @ Leanne: It worked 🙂 Thanks for donating!

    @ Alex: Thanks. I won’t hold you back 🙂

    @ Neophilia: Thanks for blogging me.

    @ Fred: Sounds great. I’ll contact you via e-mail.

  25. Leanne

    Cool – paypal now in English too – dosh has been flicked. Do you ever want to see the fonts in use?

  26. I would love to! Links can be posted on this blog.
    Pdf’s can be mailed to: comment [at] josbuivenga [dot] demon [dot] nl

    Thanks again for the ‘flicked dosh’ 🙂

  27. R_K

    Great font! Thanks a lot for including Baltic script characters! Rarely I find free excellent quality fonts with Baltic script.

  28. R_K

    By change you have on your mind putting also Cyrillic typeset?

  29. Central European languages are not that difficicult to implement into a font, because most characters are just accented or have very similar shapes. However Cyrillic is (for me) quite different. Can you mail me some links regarding how character shapes can be constructed or how they (may be) relate to existing character shapes? I like to take a look at it…

    • Иван

      If you are looking for Cyrillic examples, I have several excellent ones around my house. I don’t know if you still need them.

      I fell upon this page by searching for ‘fontin debian xetex install’ but haven’t figured out where to stick the fontin font.

      Your Cyrillic example on the Anivers page is incorrect, it looks funny. (Use создаем instead of созда м. Also, capitalize the second sentence and it’s иные, not нные.)

  30. ori

    Good font! so nice~~~~! Thank you for downloading this font~

  31. Great font Jos!, I’ve used it in an invite for my dads 50th birthday. How appropriate 😉

    can’t wait till you release other weights

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  33. I’ve finished a beta Cyrillic version of Anivers and I’m looking for serious comments on character shapes. (Spacing needs work and there’s no kerning yet).

    Please mail to: comment [at] josbuivenga [dot] demon [dot] nl

  34. @ exljbris: I’ll use Anivers with an Image Replacement Technique for my headings on this page. It fits my design perfectly. I’ll inform you whenever this project goes live =).


  35. FeDe

    Great and Excellent job man!! HQ PRO types, you are a great font designer.
    Greetings from Argentina. bye

  36. Hey Jos — Just looked at your Cyrillic glyphs. Looks great by me. I’d maybe pull the ascender down on the ‘ah’ though by just a fraction, and maybe flatten the breve on the short ‘eh’. But otherwise, it’s definitely got your characteristic style and not just another pretty (Cyrillic) face.

  37. Thanks! I’ll look into it.

  38. Dmitry Taranov

    Hi. Ofcourse it’s hard to get all details from that kind small picture, but i see problem at «л», «ж», maybe «ф». Or it’s just unfinished hinting:) Anyway pdf more informative.

  39. Dmitry – Thanks for the quick look. I’ve mailed you a pdf…

  40. I’ve also opened a topic on Typophile to get input on Anivers Cyrillic.

  41. So Quality Font ! Good job !

    I have to input your page @ my blog and promote your font for you !

    Anybody can go and vote this font !

    Good job friend !

  42. Sergi

    ¡¡ Genial !!
    ¡¡ Muchas Gracias desde España!!

    Tus fuentes son geniales!

    Haces muy buen trabajo!
    I Subscribe your rss feed

    Your fonts are great, Thank for all fonts!

    Really nice Job!!

  43. peter

    just want to say thank you for the amazing….amazing fonts


  44. daoud

    Beautiful font, I’m gonna use this one alot! Thank you!

  45. diepee

    I love it!!

  46. a.walton

    I’m not sure if anyone’s mentioned this to you yet, but your licensing terms seem to be a bit ambiguous, in particular these terms seem to contradict one another:

    • This font may not be distributed -not online nor on any media- without my permission
    • Embedding (in PDF’s, Flash files and programs) is allowed

    You’re basically giving someone permission to embed it in a file, but distributing that file in any way is impossible without your permission.

  47. This might seem to contradict and maybe I should formulate it more clearly but…

    what it means is that the font files themselves may not be (re)distributed. Any PDF, flash file or program containing (!) the font (files) may of course be freely distributed.

    For example: when you generate a PDF with Anivers embedded, you may freely spread this PDF.

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  49. Very nice! Thank you.

  50. rmn

    i appreciate you interest in developing a cyrillic version of anivers and i’d really like to help you out. i wanted to write you an e-mail with my comments on lettershapes, as there are to much text for comment, but couldn’t find your mail address.

    please send me e-mail at rmn [a], if you’re interested.

    if you have any pdfs it would be very helpful, too.


  51. Thanks! I’ll prepare something this weekend.

  52. Thank you for developing these great fonts! (Kleine donatie is onderweg)

  53. Great work, Jos! I love your fonts a lot!

  54. Juan Cristobal Lara

    Thanks a lot for the fonts, soon, i´ll be using anivers on my portfolio.

    Great Job

  55. @ Anne: I’ve recieved your donation. Thanks!

    @ Hamish M: Thanks! Nice to see here 🙂

    @ Juan Cristobal Lara: You’re very welcome. I always appreciate a PDF of my fonts in action. Please keep me posted.

  56. Hijo

    May The God Be With You 4 Your So Fuckin Great Job . . . .
    MY BEST REGARDZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. janimir

    nice fonts exljbris thank you for your fine work, there is just one “error” if I may call it that way – in Anivers – it is Croatian capital letter “Dcroat” (Đ) (unicode 0110) which should be “strike through capital letter D”, just like Islander Eth (unicode 00D0)… I know – not much of an error (can be easily managed in some type tool), but why to have even one error? 🙂
    thank you and sorry for my clumsy english.

  58. Hi janimir,

    You’ve spotted that right. I must have overlooked it.
    I really hate these errors 🙂 so I’ll change it and update Anivers soon.
    Thank you very much for noticing!


  59. Michiel

    I really love the fact that this font is good readable when it’s a small size.

  60. mojin

    Thanks, I love this font! I have a favor on Anivers. Could you please also make .ttf format so that I can embed the font in my ppt presentation? Since MS Powerpoint (my version is 2003) does not allow to embed otf fonts in the presentation, I have to give up to use such a nice font in my presentation in case I cannot use my laptop at the conference.

    Again, thanks very much!!!

  61. I would love to help you out but it’s not a simple conversion thing … at least in the area of screen performance. I’ve had this request more than once … I’ll look into it, but it won’t be this year.

  62. Paolo

    Wow man , I’m impressed! I had lost hope to find nice free fonts (Dafont sometimes is really so crappy) … and I found your brilliant, elegant, nicely drawn ones! just one word to say : BRAVO!
    (Paris, France)

  63. Just dropping by to say I really love this font. I’m using it as a main design element on my website and I must say it looks great! Thank you so much

  64. Merci Paolo!

    Nice one for my portfolio Dusan 🙂

  65. Love all your fonts, this one included. Modern yet classic. Thank you for the work you’re putting into these and for making them free. I made a donation and encourage other to do the same!

    Many thanks,
    Coyote Creative

  66. Hi Cheers!
    I used Anivers for the entire body text of my latest publication and it’s SWEET. Extremely legible at size 7, even with white on black background.
    Would be lovely if she’s got a family!

  67. Thanks Caroline for your donation!

    Neo, I didn’t test it to that extend.
    Great that it’s holding up under that kind of circumstances

  68. Ive just seen your typographies and i love them, thanks for sharing

    Ive made a little donation, sorry i cant spare some more $, id be glad to.. Keep up your fantastic work!

  69. Thanks for letting me know … and thanks very much for donating … the gesture is always, always much more important than the amount.

  70. Yesudeep Mangalapilly

    The free and open source community would really appreciate you contributing your fonts under one of the compatible licenses for distribution. That gives you a wider reach and your fonts will be available on Linux distributions by default.

    I’d personally love to see all your fonts available on all our Linux workstations by default.

  71. In a world of shady questionable typeface tracings and shady free font websites, your lovingly and carefully crafted typefaces are a refreshing breath of fresh air. Thank you.

  72. @ Yesudeep: I understand and I’ve thought about it, but I (for now) I only want to distribute my fonts via my site. I still need the traffic. Maybe in the near future when I’ve released DeliciousX I might put Delicious under an other license that allows distribution.

    @ Chad (Style Type Design): What a warm compliment! The one thing I like most at making type is that I can do my own thing. I really feel very fortunate that so many people like my fonts. Thanks for your donation!

  73. Andreas

    Great job with the fonts, I’m exited to try ’em out!

  74. Yesudeep Mangalapilly

    @exljbris: You can continue obtaining traffic by distributing the fonts as packages for distributions directly from your website. 🙂 For example, Ubuntu has a set of partner repositories which can be enabled by people who wish to use them. Of course, you’d need an Debian/Ubuntu repository set up with your fonts in the packages. Quite a lot of people distribute software packages directly from their websites for Linux distributions and provide the instructions on installing them on their Website. 🙂

    Not that it is difficult installing your fonts manually, but just the fact that providing packages makes it simpler for people new to Linux. It can be as easy as stating:

    Add these repositories to your Software Sources:

    deb http://your-repository/ubuntu gutsy non-free

    and type away:

    sudo aptitude install ttf-exljbris

    or tick mark “ttf-exljbris” from the package manager to install them.

    However, I’ll still leave it to your discretion. I love your fonts and so do tons of other people using Linux. Thanks for making them.

  75. thiago

    man, where is the download link?

  76. Tobias

    This is a really awesome font! Thanks you for creating it and making it available to the general public.
    By the way, the capital ß has been approved by the UNICODE consortium this month. So maybe you can move the letter to U+1E9E where it now rightfully belongs! 🙂
    The German Wikipedia already mentions it (Versal-ß). If you have a font installed that comes with it at U+1E9E (such as Linux Libertine) it should be visible here: ẞ.

    Keep up the good work!

  77. I was aware of the good news 😉

    The next update of Anivers will have proper encoding for the Versal-ß.

  78. i want to download
    it’s so cool!

  79. Anivers will be updated with bold, italic and small caps:

  80. Markus

    Excellent! This is the first font I found which has an acceptable capital sharp s, not just a big version of the normal sharp s, and not confusable with the capital B. One which just blends in with the rest of the capital letters.
    Thanks also a lot for providing so many accented characters!
    If you have spare time I would appreciate a lot to also have a long s – just the f with the bar removed. Again, thanks a lot.

  81. Hi Markus, glad you like the Versal ß. The new Anivers will have about 50 glyphs extra and will also have a long s.

  82. I love this font. Is the rest of the set free or pay? I assumed it was free until I got to myFonts & it racked up as $50 for set. Is that right? I’m not complaining – good stuff is rarely free. I guess I just assumed it was free. Great work. Thanks!

  83. Hi Andy, thanks for the compliment!

    Anivers regular is (still) free.
    You can buy an additional style for $9.95 or the complete family for $24,95.

  84. Thanks for clearing that up!

  85. Mark Anderson-Jones

    Hi, is the cyrillic version of Anivers available? If so where? Thanks.