Congrats to you!

*edit on jan. 9th 2008*
Thanks for a marvelous year with nearly one million pageviews and half a million visitors on my site. You rock!

The 2007 barrier of 500.000 pageviews and 250.000 visitors has been breached. Thank you all!



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21 responses to “Congrats to you!

  1. David Zulaica

    No, no, congratulations to you! You do wonderful work are are indeed deserving. Kudos!

  2. Nice new blog design. Much better information org.

  3. Thanks! Any suggestions for improving my site or blog are more than welcome.

  4. Well, there’s a few good reasons to visit man. You do awesome work — I’m currently using ‘Delicious’ on my system and it’s really nice.

  5. Man, kudos to you on fantastic font work!
    Thanks for sharing nice stuff.

  6. Alison

    I just stumbled upon your free font collection and HAD to let you know they are absolutely stunning, thank you for offering them for free, you’re brilliant!

  7. You’re all very welcome. I have to thank you all because you’ve made my succes possible.

  8. Goggledegook

    Yeah, sorry, those visit were mostly me. I keep looking at your stuff, and thinking cool, gee I hate this guy. Typography huh, cool letters and stuff. Free? Cool, I love this guy. Too many cools see, I’m kinda compulsive. Sorry, see?

  9. I always wondered who my biggest fan was, but now I know… I don’t know if I should be glad to know you 🙂

  10. Very nice Fonts! Thank you for free-download possibility. Hurry up and sell them. They are all worth to be paid.

  11. Hallo Jos!

    Kudos are due to you, sir. Thank you for offering up such lovely fonts—really brilliant! And thanks for your kind post about our humble bloggie.

    Please keep up the wonderful work!! ^__^


  12. @ laylow: Thanks. Please visit my site again when I release MUSEO,
    2 weights (100 and 900) of it wil be payed 😉

    @ Ninja: You’re very welcome! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  13. Vinney

    Hey Jos,

    Congrats on the WELL DESERVED traffic figures. Your fonts are so wonderful. I just used Delicious on an invitation to a friend’s rehearsal dinner and would love to send you a PDF sample for your book if you are interested.

    My email is linked, just shoot me a message if you are interested and I’d be happy to forward it on.

    Thanks again for the GREAT resources, I have used every one of your fonts I’ve downloaded!


  14. Rangatang

    I still think you’re a showoff! But gratz m8, nice job!

  15. awesome fonts; stilysh, clear, hard worked…


  16. Thanck’s from Lyon in France for your nice typographic work. I’ll should used them 😉

  17. Unbelievable high-quality free fonts! Thanks for making them available for download.

    I will soon change the default typo of my wordpress theme Flora to Fontin:

  18. @ Estève & Richard: Nice. Please keep me posted.

  19. Gefeliciteerd! Congrats!
    Bedankt voor de manier waarop je de wereld laat meegenieten van je werk.
    Thanks for the way you let the rest of the world enjoy your work.

  20. Hey! You’re from Arnhem too 🙂 You name the bar … I’ll buy you a beer.

  21. Iynestein

    Your work is awesome! Thanks so much for doing this.