The new Diavlo


Major update! Well … what’s new?
+ Extended language support*
+ Improved glyph shapes (such as S, s, W, w, f, t, diactitics and many more … )
+ Numeral widths are now old style (via OpenType tabular widths can be accessed)
+ Extended and improved kerning (now over 3.200 kerning pairs)

*Languages now (fully) supported:
Latin / Central European / Croatian / Romanian / Icelandic / Turkish / Esperanto

A closer look? –> diavlo_ii_release.pdf

You can download Diavlo here …


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73 responses to “The new Diavlo

  1. You’re very welcome … enjoy 🙂

  2. Ah, you created proper glyphs for t-comma-below and s-comma-below (for Romanian), something that Microsoft has been incapable of doing for years with their fonts! 🙂 Thank you very much!

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  4. Olga

    Thank you so much for offering such a great free typeface! I downloaded Diavlo and can’t wait to use it.

    I also got Fontin from your site. What a delightfully elegant typeface, it just might be my new favorite. ^__^

    Thanks again!

  5. Gorgeous! Thank you!

  6. All you guys, thanks for your generous comments.

    @ Alex: You’re welcome. Hope you can put it to good use 🙂

  7. Hi, this is really a nice font 😀 Thanks.

  8. A great font, fantastic!

  9. Jos, Thanks for all your wonderful free fonts. I’ve yet to use them on anything, but they are very inspiring and I’m sure I’ll find a use for them very soon. I was wondering if you might be able to make a blog entry or page on your site. On this page I was wondering if you could make a quick guide to getting started in type design and possibly cover a bit of your process? Any books you recommend or sites you think are helpful. Thanks so much and keep up the great work!

  10. Thank you all for your generous comments!

    @ Casey: My site doesn’t support php so I can’t offer a blog there. That’s the main reason why it’s here 🙂

    I’ll consider things like covering processes etc, but in the meantime you’ll maybe want to take a look at

  11. Enoshite

    good lookin’ font…can’t wait to use it.

  12. Sal

    Hi. I love this font, it’s become one of my favourites. However, I had a crash and lost all my fonts. When I try to reinstall after downloading this one, it tells me it can’t install, the font file is broken. I redownloaded it, I rebooted, still can’t install it. Any ideas?

  13. Outstanding font…!!!

    I wanna ask your permission for me using this font to create the logo of my site. I also have credited you as the font designer in my about page.

    Thank you very much Jos…

  14. Hi Sal, I honestly wouldn’t know. Are you on Mac or PC?

    Hi Wiras, All my fonts are free for commercial use. No need to ask permission. But nice of you to ask. And thanks for crediting me in your about page!

  15. dbeltechi

    Thank you for adding support for the Romanian language. That is incredibly hard to find in free fonts! Keep up the great work.

  16. Great work on the new version, Jos! Diavlo is growing on me. 🙂

  17. Thanks for Romanian language support.

  18. @ dbeltechi and Lucian: My pleasure! Thanks for letting me know you appreciate it.

    @ Billifer: Good to see you around! Thanks 🙂

  19. After a while when all the fonts, especially free fonts, started to look the same, I came across your site. Thank you so much for designing something new, fresh, and usable.

  20. Madis

    Awesome work.
    When more browsers than Webkit nightly builds will start supporting Web Fonts, I will really investigate this site for a nice font, as there are so many great ones here. I don’t want to use the flash thing.

  21. pxlcreations

    I try to test the font under Vista and is impossible to install under windows/fonts, giving me costant errors in japanese (?)

    hope there is a way to solve it.. under XP pro all goes well.

  22. @ Madis: Thanks. I’m in the middle of changing my license so the @font-face thing can be used with my fonts.

    @ pxlcreations: I don’t use a PC myself but I know of some people who use Diavlo on Vista … Anyone any ideas?

  23. Rob

    I have a mac with Illustrator CS2. How do i access the kerning pairs?

  24. saungrafis

    I love this typeface !!!
    Thx you for make it free… =P

  25. Rob you don’t need to access kerning. It on by default. To get the idea: just type Te in a text field and click between the T and the e. In your character pallet look at the “A\V” value. If it’s not “(0)” the Te pair is kerned.

    You’re welcome saungrafis!

  26. Rob

    Thank you for you response and the free fonts. You are a generous person and that is rare in this day and age. Bless you!

  27. You’re very welcome Rob. Have fun with Diavlo.

  28. Exoskeletor

    Hello my friend. i really love your font but unfortunately i cant use them because i use often greek language. what i can do to help you support greek language for your fonts also? please reply to me if you can in my mail

  29. Exoskeletor

    Also im using windows vista and to install a font in vista you have to click the right mouse button on the font and select install 🙂
    it works perfectly in vista

  30. Hi Exoskeletor, Greek laguage support, hasn’t crossed my mind yet. I’ll keep it in mind, but this year I’m busy with other projects I want to finish. I’m sorry.

  31. Erin

    Jos, Diavlo is about the most beautiful typeface I have seen in such a long time. The sensuous undulating negative spaces created are so beautiful it has reminded me of why I wanted to be a graphic designer. For all of the rubbish fonts given away on the web there are precious few worth spending the download allowance on, but this is surely one. MUCH thanks for your hard work and MUCH gratitude for taking the time to create a thing of beauty in this world.

  32. Erin

    Thought I might add I will be using Diavlo for a specimen page and a font flag for a uni assignment, it is so inspiring, I honestly can’t wait to get to it knowing I am going to spend several hours immersed in a form of visual masturbation (can’t believe I actually wrote that!). Is it possible to have a crush on a font?? lol.

  33. Gracias por las fuentes son extraordinarias

  34. LOL 🙂 Erin, it’s great for me when people have such strong feelings for my font(s)!

    @ MERY: You’re welcome!

  35. Hey Jos, I just noticed Diavolo used on a poster for a night club, here in Sofia, Bulgaria, so I thought I let you know!

    Here’s a closeup on part of the poster:

    You can see the designers made up a few letters, as they needed Cyrillics!

  36. That’s wonderful Boby! It’s always great to see my fonts in action. Thanks very very much for posting the image.

  37. Tn

    Thanks for your font. We like to use this font in our logo. Is this okay? (license) We just want to be sure…
    Thanx and go on!

  38. Thanks for asking. It’s absolutely ok.

  39. Hey,

    Thanks for this great font! I’m using it on my website for my logo and sIFR news titles! (needs flash enabled to work)

    Just take a look, click on my name 😉

  40. Nice. Thanks for letting me know!

  41. Ryan

    Thank you so much. This is easily one of my favorite fonts, free or not. I design mostly for fun (I’m not a professional designer, so I don’t have many chances to use it commercially), but I’m in with love it. Thank you so much for making such a beautiful font and giving out to all of us!

  42. pxlcreations

    seems .otf font in win xp sp3 give problem in installation…

    this is a interesting post to read…
    i’ve lot of problems too 😦

  43. That’s too bad. Hopefully there will be a solution soon.

  44. Bianca

    Hello!Just wanted to say that i really love your work! The anivers and the Diavlo are my favorites, elegant, stylish and work well on big and small text. I usually use them on college works(i am a graphic design student).
    thanks =)

  45. I’m seeing Diavlo used everywhere: egg boxes, cheese packaging… It’s taking over the world!

  46. Casey

    Font is gorgeous brother. Thank you much.

  47. almelostar

    i’m getting this message on Windows XP, width Suitcase Extensis 11

    –the requested file C:\……………\Diavlo_MEDIUM_II_37.otf was not a valid font file.–

  48. Strange. It should work properly. It *is* a valid font file.

  49. Thomas

    Hi Jos-

    I would like to echo the sentiments of the people commenting on this post and say it is definitely a great font! Excellent work!

    I am however having an issue similar to almeostar (comment from 2008.08.24) in that when I’m attempting to embed the font in Flex 3 it says the ‘OTF font is unusable.’ I suspect it’s because you’re missing certain characters in the Latin-Extended A and B ranges which is causing it to fail. Do you think that might be the issue?

    Thanks again for the font, keep it up!


  50. Love this! Thank you so much. I left a comment at fertigo also, mentioning the website I found you from, and it said “discarded” immediately after I hit submit comment. Anyhoo – just wanted to thank you for your wonderful work!

  51. Thomas – Strange. I’ll have a thorough look at the font files.

    Tasha Thanks. Please try to post your link again.

  52. Ngoc

    Just downloaded Diavlo. I like it very much. Thank you so much for making it available for free!

  53. I’ve just downloaded Daivlo – love it! You’re a very generous soul!

    I’ve a question – I can’t seem to find / use the ornaments shown in the preview image on the site… am I doing something wrong??

    I have Windows XP.

    Thanks again for sharing your extraordinary talent! 😉

  54. First of all, thank you Jos for a devilishly good typeface. 🙂

    Hi Wendy. If you don’t use a publishing software like Adobe Illustrator, you may have to open Character Map. Just type ‘charmap’ (without the quotes) in Run (Start -> Run) and you’re good to go. Just look for it there. Otherwise, you may look for the ornaments under the Glyphs section of your software (Word does not support this, I think).

  55. Thanx so much for helping me!! I really appreciate it!

    I have now found the ornaments – so cool! BUT, I can’t use them… it won’t paste correctly into Word or my Picture It software,,, & won’t work at all in Paint or Word Pad… any other suggestions?? I guess I need Photoshop or Illustrator???

    Tanx again nithrandur!!

  56. Lynn

    I had a question about Diavlo. Can designers use it to design logos, publications, etc. for profit? What restrictions apply? By the way, it is a beautiful font. Can you recommend other font sites/resources that can be used for designing publications for which I would be paid, basically for-profit usage. I want to make sure I am not infringing on anyone’s copyright/ownership rights.

    Thank you.

  57. Thanks!! Great font, I was browsing the net looking for a font to use for a Bollywood style project and this is perfect!

  58. Sounds cool. Please consider submitting your project to the exljbris Flickr Pool.

  59. Luboš

    Really nice font!!! Is there any chance to get your fonts in EOT format?


  60. Not at the moment, sorry.

  61. Agnieszka

    Thx a lot for the update!

    I like this font very much, used it here:
    and here:

    your font made it special 🙂



  62. Letty

    Hi, I liked this font.
    But I need information about this font, all information pls… do you have?
    this font used for to new logo and need put the information in my homework.

    Send me pls:


    • I really don’t have much info on Diavlo. It’s just a kind of sharp pointed display font I enjoyed making.

      • Letty

        thanks for help me!! lol

        I wrote this:
        It is a typeface designed in 2007 by Jos Buivenga, designer born in Gelderland
        (Netherlands). It’s a clean typography in form and with its endings organic details,
        is modern and creates visual appeal regardless of the application being used.
        Have presentations: Light, Book, Medium, Bold and Black.”

        in spanish:
        Es una tipografía diseñada en el año 2007, por Jos Buivenga, diseñador nacido en Güeldres
        (Países Bajos). Es una tipografía limpia en su forma y con detalles orgánicos en su terminaciones,
        es moderna y genera un atractivo visual sin importar en la aplicación que se utilice.
        Tiene las presentaciones: Light, Book, Medium, Bold y Black.

        is good?

        • How about this:

          Diavlo is a typeface designed in 2007 by Jos Buivenga, a type designer from Arnhem (the Netherlands). It has clean letter forms and also has organic details. It is modern and creates a visual appeal regardless of the application being used. It comes in Light, Book, Medium, Bold and Black.

  63. 666, pick up sticks!

    It seems like many of your recent designs have influences from Bloemsma.

  64. I agree on some (visual) resemblance between Diavlo and Cocon, but what other influences on recent design do you mean?

  65. Your Fertigo Pro has the consistency of “A (completely) straight line is a dead line.” Your Diavlo has it.

    BTW, what happened to your Calluna Sans?

  66. mmm… because that consistency “applies” it does not mean that it had to be an influence… there are many ways that lead to Rome.

    Calluna Sans is still in the making. Hope to finish it this year.