Font License update

Modification is now allowed 

I’ve updated the font license information. Modifications to suit your design environment (for example adding aditional accents) or to suit your system requirements (for example converting the font software to TTF) are now allowed.

Font license information

    • This font is free for personal and commercial use
    • The font file/software may be modified to suit design or system requirements,
      but strictly for your own (personal or commercial) use. You may not sell or distribute it
    • Embedding (in PDF’s, Flash files and programs) is allowed
    • This font may not be distributed or sold -not online nor on any media- without my permission
    • This font is and remains (even when modified) the intellecual property of Jos Buivenga
    • Exljbris (Jos Buivenga) is not liable for any damage resulting from the use of this font


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    13 responses to “Font License update

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    2. Leon

      I just stumbled upon your site and was amazed at the quality of the fonts there. Forgive me if you have been asked this question before, but have you ever considered releasing your fonts under the OFL? I’m not a lawyer (or a designer or publisher or font seller or anything to do with fonts such that I would want to sell them), but I’m not sure if the conditions you’ve given are totally watertight. Most lawyer-written EULAs seem way more complicated and strict with terminology.

      Anyway, thanks again – you’re doing a great service.

    3. Hi Leon, I did consider OFL but it didn’t fit my thought about how I wanted to offer my free fonts. My simple license is a thing that’s (always) ‘in progress’, so I welcome everyone to tell me where nasty holes can be repaired.

    4. Leon

      Cool, thanks. 🙂

    5. I don’t think it needs to be watertight, because who is going to have a legal superbattle over this? It needs to tell designers of derivative works, sites like, etc., what you would like done, and they’ll do it. (Saying that, though, reminds me that there are a lot of people who get most of their fonts from, so setting up an account and submitting your fonts there may get them noticed by new people. It may take a while for them to approve the fonts.)

    6. I do have an EULA prepared for the fonts I’ll be selling later and that is a reasonable watertight thing.

      The few license ‘rules’ on my fontpages are fair an clear (I think). I get only a few questions a month about them. Most questions concern the fact if people can modify contours for a logo. And what can go wrong? Worst thing that happened a few times was the illegal distribution of a couple of fonts … but that’s nearly always solved after a (kind) mail. I guess not all people read the rules 🙂

      I did recieve mails from free font sites (not DaFont) if they could offer my fonts, but I’ve always said no because I’m eager to keep my my site traffic figures as high as possible.

    7. mspedro

      good detail!!!

    8. Hi Jos
      I also stumbled across this (and your other) fonts and I am very impressed, especially Fontin I find very beautiful. Now, I do not know about your interests or goals with these fonts, but would it not be nice to make them available in some large and popular Linux distributions like ubuntu Linux and others? Your idea of making them available with a permissive license – even allowing modification – is already very close to the free/open source idea, no?
      Thousands (perhaps millions) of people using Linux around the world could be using your fonts. Would that not be much greater than to maximize traffic here? (And I think it would increase traffic here even more if you set it up in a clever way). Anyway, perhaps you want to think about it…

    9. Hi digisus, thanks for your comment. I have thought about this and I don’t think I want to change my distribution thing at the moment, but I’ll keep it in mind.

    10. Jos,

      Your work is incredible and just another example of what it looks like when a person uses their gifts without doubt or reservation (though I’m sure you had a bit along the way)! Our many thanks.

      We here at Blue Throne want to use your fonts (fontin, diavlo) for our first novel, Blue Earth, in the title, cover, and some chapter headings too. Your license info is pretty straight forward, but we wanted to 1) ensure we have your permission to use the fonts for a book that will be sold and 2) credit you appropriately within the “credits”.

      I wrote an email a few months back, but didn’t get a reply. Sorry for using the blog for things like this. I wanted to make sure we get assurance and verification from you before we start printing.

      Keep up the fine work!

      • Thanks. Your email must have slipped through. Fontin and Diavlo are free to use also commercially, so no problem here and crediting is always appreciated. Good luck with your project.

    11. Very cool! Thanks again. We’ll post a sample when ready.

    12. alvin

      I just want to thank you for the free fonts here in your site. I really wish for God’s blessing for you, GBU GBU GBU. I believe your free fonts will greatly help lots of people, me included. once again man, God bless you… 😀