MUSEO is out!

Thank you all for your much appreciated support and kind comments! Let’s make MUSEO a MyFonts ‘starlet’:-) To download the (absolutely) free weights you only have to register at, but while you’re at it, please consider buying the other gorgeous two.

Get it at | Visit the MUSEO page.



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73 responses to “MUSEO is out!

  1. Just beautiful , especially in the 900 weight.

  2. Just purchased!!!! the family…. thanks. Nice work,

  3. Thanks very much guys! Enjoy 🙂

  4. Fantastic as usual! Just had to buy the whole family. 🙂

  5. Thanks for your support, Hamish!

  6. »super« stuff – thanks for a great family.

  7. You’re very welcome Sven. Thanks for all nice comments on MUSEO and my other fonts you’ve made on your site!

  8. Just beautiful, thanks

  9. From now MUSEO is my new favourite’s font!!! Thanks for that great job you are offering us…
    Ok, i’ve got a font to purchase now, bye.

  10. Incredible, seriously. ¿have you any pack with all our your fonts?
    Fertigo, Fontin and Museo are really good and i would like to buy a license to, maybe, use it in commercial works.

  11. Thanks helder and vinz.

    @ Gerard: Thanks. I have no pack with all my fonts. You just have to download them seperately from my site. Fertigo and Fontin are free … also for commercial use, so there’s no need to buy a license. A donation is of course always welcome 🙂

  12. Jos B!

    Thank you very much – elegant!!! Makes me more hungry for the update to Fontin.

    Thanks, again!

  13. I’ve waited a long time for this font. Awesome. Just bought the full family. I really appreciate your fonts, they are all very detailed and of astonishing quality.

  14. You’re very welcome BobMac. First I’m going to enjoy a few font-free day’s 🙂 and then I have to make up my mind on with what to start next … Maybe Fontin … Maybe Calluna … Maybe a Sans test of MUSEO … Maybe … 🙂

    Thanks for your kind comment and generous support Florian!!!

  15. @ exljbris: Thanks! Finally I bought MUSEO, it’s beautiful. Sure! If I use Fertigo or Fontin in any commercial work I will make a donation. Keep up the good work! 😉

  16. I will 🙂 Thanks Gerard!!!

  17. Hi Jos,
    this font is absolutely great. I love it! Thanks for your work.

  18. Philipp Jüttner

    Bravo! Great work.

  19. Thanks Markus and Philipp.

  20. BOB

    Fantastic work Jos, well done and thank you.


    P.S. You are today’s top post on Original Linkage!

  21. Just bought the family, Jos. Looking forward to it. 🙂 After you’ve taken your font-free days, my vote is (still) for DeliciousX! I’d really like to see that one updated.

  22. You’re very welcome BOB, thanks for the nice post on OL. I’ve bookmarked it.

    Thanks for your support Billy! I’ll note your vote 🙂

  23. jd

    Just bought the family. It’s awesome.. great job as ever

  24. James, that’s great! thank you very much!

  25. OMG I love the letter U too. Mostly because it is the first letter in my birth name.

  26. Hey. I discovered your site about two months ago when looking for a font to use in a presentation.

    Came back today because I was looking for a font in both thick and thin weights for a new project – obvious flowchart. Found this. Bought it. Used it. 🙂

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  28. Nice missu. What is your birthname?

    Thanks Mark Norman. Looking great! I’ll keep an eye on your site and not just because I like beer 🙂

  29. Thanks! Just bought the family….can’t wait to use them!

  30. Thank you Julian! Very nice photographs on squidentity. Are you going to use Museo on your site?

  31. David Cunniffe

    Hi Exljbris. Excellent font. Off to MyFonts now. Thanks so much

  32. Abe

    It’s Alive!!!

    Thank you very much for all your hard work. My design portfolio just got a face lift.

  33. hey, i stumbled upon the myfonts page for museo by clicking on a link at iLT today, and bought the whole family straight away. it was exactly what i was after for a project now completed! yay!

    i love it! have you thought about doing a full slab? if not of museo, then just a slab serif in general?

    awesome fonts, great work. i love it!


  34. I’ll keep an eye on your site Abe!

    Thank you very much Simon! I haven’t thought about making a full slab serif yet. I am thinking of maybe making a Museo Sans to accompany Museo, but I’m not sure.

  35. JiMi

    yeah.. great work 😉 pls… can you send me your fantastic font MUSEO to my e-mail thank you and bye..

  36. yeah, I probably will use museo on my site – thats if I ever get round to finishing it!!

  37. Eduardo

    NICE! <– with capitals 😀
    I was waiting for this moment!
    Amazing font like always 😉
    Congrats & thank you again
    for design high quality & different
    fonts for free! Thank you so much!

  38. Let me know when it’s finished, Julian 😉

    Thank you Eduardo!

  39. Fantastic, beautiful and elegant typography, I’m using of my memory´s final draft and is perfect, THANKS

  40. Nice! You’re welcome!

  41. Gabriel

    Well, I have recently started to read the Typophile forum. It was there I found out about the release of this typeface, which I downloaded right away, without knowing anything about the designer or exljbris.

    Then, thanks to that really interesting, astonishing and very long thread about “the cheating” (I think now it’s not worth mentioning), I discovered your work.

    I’m really blown away by your work. You are truly really talented! The fact that you offer so much for free just goes beyond me. I’m struggling with the design of my own type family (it’s a lovely struggle, though), and I know that when I feel it’s ready I wouldn’t think not to charge anything for it, just because of the hours and hours I’ve dedicated it.

    But, the important thing is: it’s not the “free” part what makes it good. It’s the true QUALITY in your designs.

    So, congratulations and thank you for this work!!!

    PS.1: Is there a license for Museo? I didn’t find it neither in the download nor in exljbris

    PS.2: Sorry for my english

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  44. Bug

    Hey, I just saw Museo at the top of the MyFonts newsletter, and in its rightful place, I might add. 100 is still my favorite, and looks great on section headers.

  45. Thanks Bug. I didn’t expect Museo to become so popular. I still can’t believe that it’s on #1 in the Starlets list.


    For ayone interested … here’s the link to the “Rising Stars” newsletter:

  46. Well deserved credit for a wonderfully designed font.

  47. Congrats on the excellent font. I liked it so much that, like the Remmington razor, I bought it on the spot 🙂

  48. Thanks John! I hope you can encorporate Museo smoothly in every design you’ll use it for 😉

  49. I love this font, thanks so much for making it available. Also: can hardly wait for Museo Sans (!) 😀

  50. Love it! Just bought the whole family!

  51. Thank you jayne … appreciate it!

  52. Jo

    So beautiful that I decited to make a little animation for my AfterFX-course using Museo 300/500/700 – you can watch it on YouTube:

  53. Jo, this is really beautiful and a joy to watch! Thanks for choosing Museo for your project.

  54. antofa

    I tested it on Corel Draw 11 / PC too and I confirm that “Museo 700” doesn’t work on this software version. That’s odd. The other weights works correctly.

    Anyway, *GREAT STUFF*! 😉

  55. Just wanted to let you know, that i used Museo for my little PDF-magazine project. I really really like the capital sharp-s, so i had to use it. 😀

    p.s. my comments got discarded, so i’ll try chopping down the link.

  56. Nice one! And always glad to see examples of the Versal Eszett in use 🙂

    Fixed the link.

  57. I can’t wait to get a chance of using it in real life – and to buy the rest of the weights!

    Look forward to see your future work!

  58. Mariusz – Museo is used in a popular book, advertise in Polish TV etc.

  59. That’s nice Mariusz, thanks for posting this!

  60. Museo is the most modern of all serif typefaces…

  61. And of course I’ve bought the paid ones 🙂

  62. Any plans to add italics to this family? Would make it an even better choice for larger identity/branding systems.


  63. Sorry, no plans for italics. Museo is really meant as a display face. With Museo Sans combined it would make an excellent corporate face (I hope/think).

  64. Thanks for a brilliant, feel-good font! I have paid homage to it here as 3d text rolled up in candy wrapper 🙂

  65. Will there be any releases of Museo in italic?

  66. Luis Santos

    Hey, it´s the second time I saw Museo used in some advertising here in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This time I saw an metro advertisement:

  67. How cool! Thanks for posting!

  68. Absolutely LOVE your work!
    Hey I was wondering would it be ok for me to use museo 500 on my site via the @font-face css method?
    Could you let me know via email, Thanks!