Anivers family

[In progress] Anivers will be updated soon with an italic, a bold and small caps. There will be extended language support and improved spacing & kerning.


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22 responses to “Anivers family

  1. Christa

    I love it! Heel mooi :)))

  2. Dan

    Looking forward to the Anivers family! It looks wonderful!
    Thank you for providing extended language support.

  3. Thanks Dan & Christa! Anivers will have the same language support as Museo. I’ll release it via MyFonts. The regular weight will still be free.

  4. Respect… For me one of the best font in my collection. With new weight will be the best…

  5. flashstef

    Prachtig. Can’t wait. I already use the Regular version on my site and I love it.

  6. Thx Mariusz & Merci Stefan! I hope to release it within a month from now. Working every free hour I have on this.

  7. Looks fantastic! I’ve used the original a few times, and really admire your work.

  8. Sergijko

    Anivers is stunning!

    Greetings from Ukraine.

  9. Thanks Dan & Sergijko!

  10. elv

    Just today I was working on a logo and looking for an good italic font. I thought it would be great to have an italic version of Anivers. So I visited your fonts site to see if, by miracle, it had been done since I downloaded it…
    Ok it’s not out yet, but even knowing it will be released someday is like christmas again 🙂 The italic looks really great!

  11. Thanks elv! i hope to release it in a few weeks.

  12. leroi

    Stunning. Anivers looks great. Can’t wait for it!

  13. i just want to say, i am in LOVE with that lowercase f . seriously. haha.
    (the italic f is looking sexalicious too!)

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  15. Finn

    I’m looking forward to it! I already quite like the original Anivers, and I will be pleased to start using the complete family! *g*

  16. That would be great. I expect to release it this week. I’ll anounce it through this blog.

    You can subcribe to my feed if you like … then you’ll never miss a thing 🙂

  17. It’s released! Thank you all for your kind comments!

    Let’s continu here:

  18. Can’t hardly wait =)

  19. For what? Didn’t know the downloading at MyFonts takes that long 🙂