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[In progress] Museo Sans…


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  1. ph

    Yeah! I do love Museo 😀

  2. Oh, nice! Looking forward to it Jos!

  3. Museo… just a perfect font. Really nice.

  4. Christa

    Jemig wat maak je toch mooie dingen 🙂

  5. Thank you all very much! When ready Museo Sans will be released at MyFonts for the same price as Museo.

  6. can’t wait to see the final version 🙂

  7. I’m quickly becoming a fan of Museo, but a sans serif version? I may die happy.

  8. Niels

    Jos, I Love Museo! Keep up the good work!!

  9. Thanks Niels.

    @ Joey — 🙂

  10. Niels T

    wow. this is great. Really looking forward to this one.

  11. I just wet my pants. I thought Museo couldn’t get any better.

  12. Thanks Niels (T)!

    @ repeatpattern — Mayby less will be more … hang around to find out 😉

  13. Colin Williams

    Wow, I’m eagerly awaiting this release. I’ve been trying to push Museo on a lot of projects recently (unfortunately with little success). It’s so friendly, contemporary and gender-neutral, to say (although it’s certainly very feminine). Actually, this looks to be a very sleek male companion to Museo.

    Also, jumping the gun, Museo seems to be more of a slab serif than a traditional serif. Any ideas for a Museo Sans (perhaps “Museo Classic” would be a nice title)?

  14. Colin Williams

    err.. obviously I meant “Museo Serif” in that last question. Too early where I am…

  15. Thanks for the compliments Colin. I hope you’ll find a use for Museo soon. No ideas for a Museo Serif (or Slab as I would prefer to call it) at the moment, but I’ll do some tests to see if it might be worth pursuing.

    Here’s a nice example of Museo in use:

  16. Sascha

    Hi Jos,
    really great work. I plan to use the Museo family for one of my clients. When will the “Museo sans” be finished?

  17. Thank you Sacha. The release will be as soon as possible but I have no date planned. There’s a lot to be done and I haven’t even started working on the italics yet.

  18. Sascha

    ok. thanks for the information. but will it take a couple of weeks or even a few months?

  19. More like a few months the way I’m looking at it now … I don’t want to rush it.

  20. Sascha

    No of course not. Keep it perfect. Thank you very much

  21. Sascha

    Hey Jos could you please advise a font which looks almost similar, so that I can use this font as stopgap until you have finished the Museo sans. Would be very nice.

  22. When, when, when!?!?!

    This would work perfect for a new logo that I’m working on.

    Can’t wait to see it!

  23. David Cunniffe

    Great! A sans to go with the brilliant serif. Can’t wait.

  24. Thanks! It’s still a lot of work so it probably will take me a few months to complete it.

  25. hi jos, museo sans looks GREAT! i love museo, and have used it on many projects, but the sans will be a great addition! keep it up! you’re awesome!

  26. Thanks!!! Working real hard 🙂

  27. hey jos, i also would like to humbly request an italic for the museo family, i have used museo for some magazine layouts and would have really loved an italic… oh and btw, i’m one of the people is who is happy to pay for fine fonts, so if you decided to sell the italics i’d buy them. cheers!

  28. Thanks for stopping by again! I’m working hard on the Museo Sans italics. If they turn out well I’ll surely think about your request. Cheers to you to!

  29. I’ve set up a Museo Sans page so you can have a look already.
    The release will be real soon.

  30. BTW … Make sure to subscribe to this blogs feed. That way you don’t miss the release. 🙂

  31. m.


    i found your site by searching a font a customer used in his logo.
    now i have a new favourite type designer.

    great work, great fonts! bookmarked!

    greets from munich

  32. Thanks very much m! Please do subscribe to this blog so you won’t miss anything. I promise I won’t spam you with too much posts. This blog has an everage of 0.2 posts a week 🙂

  33. Anna

    Hi Jos,

    I’m a communication design student at Louisiana Tech University. My final project for the quarter is a type specimen poster, and I was assigned Museo Sans. I’m really excited about this project, because after researching and studying the typeface, I have become a big fan of the typeface as well as your others.

    I’m having a little trouble, however. Whereas some of my classmates have typefaces with long histories, Museo Sans is just an infant. I have read your interviews, and have looked at some of the usages of the type, but I am still a little confused about your inspiration for Museo Sans.

    I know Museo Sans is an adaptation of Museo, and I have read about your inspiration for the original–the shape of the “U”; I am curious about your inspiration for Museo Sans–was it originally created because of the success of Museo, or had you always planned on creating the sans serif version? When creating the typeface, how did you imagine it being used?

  34. Hi Anna,

    I succesfully made a sans before out of a semi serif with Fontin Sans. I found out —after a few little tests— that the skeleton of Museo was great to make a nice geometric sans with a humanistic touch from. Museo Sans can be used very broad. I’ve seen great text examples, but also beautiful display uses.

    Would love to see (a pdf of) the final specimen poster!

  35. Alex,scripts.js

    This site ^ embeds MuseoSans into the page via cufon javascript hackery. Not sure if this is OK with the Museo license.

  36. Thanks for spotting this, Alex. @font-face is allowed for all free weights/styles offered via MyFonts as is Cufon.

  37. Mari


  38. Mari

    When will the Cyrillic Museo? Thank’s

  39. Working on it now. Museo Sans Cyrillic will be available before September this year.

  40. Charles

    Hi Jos,
    Now that you have Cyrillic, are there any plans for a Greek character set?