Calluna & Calluna Sans

[In progress] Calluna & Calluna Sans. Last Christmas (2007) I was so involved with Museo that I needed a little break from it. Calluna is the result of that pause. It will be my first (serious) attempt to do a text face.


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  1. That’s a nice sans serif.

    You know, of course, that I am a text font fan, so I am pleased you have undertaken this project. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I like the angled serifs on the descenders, and they give sense to the asymmetric serif design. I do think that the serifs should have a tiny amount of bracketing on the right, though, for readability, if say Calluna were used to print a book. I’m curious what will be the opinions of others.

    That s and S look proud; I like them. If I saw the same designs before and didn’t like them, I’ve changed my mind.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Barry!

    The sans for now is still a little bit of a “quick & dirty” test to see if the skeleton of the serif could serve as a base for the sans. I first want to finish the serif, but I’m happy with this first sans impression.

    I still have to test the serifs more thoroughly and I’ll certainly look into the bracketing idea. Glad you changed your mind about the S & s. I myself am really fond of them.

  3. I’m really liking the serif so far.

    Hey, if you need some more test runs, let me know. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve tested some other fonts in the works (for e-phemera). I do a lot of print design and am planning a magazine of my own (hopefully this year), and am keeping my eye out for a good serif. This one looks fun, lively.

    Thanks for the preview

  4. Thanks for this very generous offer Eddie! I’ll contact you soon.

  5. nevsred

    Wow. Nice Preview. I’m looking forward.
    Very Pretty.

  6. It’s beautiful. Can’t wait til it’s released.

  7. Thanks nevsred and rick. I want this to be really good, so I guess I do have to make lots of changes and tweaking … I have no idea how I want the italic to look like … so the whole thing is very premature. Glad you all like it at this stage!

  8. k

    As always, absolutely wonderful work. I’ve been waiting for this ever since I read about it.

    I actually would rather not see bracketing on the right on the serif. Part of its appeal to me is that it’s a relatively clean serif, and I worry that too much more to the serif detail would distract from that.

    I would watch the angles on the glyphs as a whole–the a and s of the sans version seem tilted toward each other. I’m not sure if I like it or not, but it’s something to think about.

  9. The bracketing is not really adding detail, because my statement of preference for bracketing is a euphemism for removing the leftward bending feature. ๐Ÿ™‚ Then the serifs would end up very similar to those of Centaur. But I say this only if Calluna is to be used for printing lengthy texts at small sizes on ordinary paper, for laser printing, that sort of thing, where you can’t see the bendiness. For display sizes the only problem with the serifs is that they remind me of my ankle injury. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. @ k: Thanks for commenting. The lc sans a still need some refining ๐Ÿ™‚

    @ Barry: … ankle injury … LOL

  11. Leland Clemmons

    Sweet lord. If this turns out as nice as it looks (which it will), I may just have a heart attack. I tip my hat to you.

  12. Man, thanks for sharing all these amazing fonts you’ve created. Cheers from Brazil!

  13. You’re very welcome Fabricio! Warm greetings from the Netherlands.

  14. New and great font from your hands. Respect from Poland!
    Good work for good design!!!!

  15. Ard

    > It will be my first (serious) attempt to do a text face.
    Ja, ik denk dat dit het vriendelijkste lettergezicht is voor langere tekst.
    Ik wacht met spanning de geboorte af ๐Ÿ˜›

  16. Thanks for the kind compliments Mariusz & Ard!

  17. gopaw1

    I truly love the font, and hope it comes out soon. I realize that I’m more than a month late in commenting, but I hope that you don’t mind my truancy :-). I hope you decide to include the Latin-Extended A block in this new font because I use it extensively, and currently, I do not have many “text faces” like this which cover the entire thing.

  18. Thanks! You’re not late in commenting. The font isn’t released and every input is more than welcome. To answer your question: Latin Extended-A will be included. It will have the same character set as Anivers plus probably nominators, denominators, superiors, inferiors, oldstyle figures (proportional & tabular), lining figures (proportional & tabular) and (OpenType scripted) fractions.

  19. Wow! What a lovely and distinctive text serif font. The slanted crossbars and “incomplete” serifs seem to be its distinctive common feature. The w, p, 8 and ? seem to be signature characters at this point. It would be interesting to print it at 7, 8, and 9 point to to give it a “shakedown cruise.” I think rather than a readability problem it may be a “quirkiness” problem for some readers who might be distracted by the oddly calligraphic serifs. Still, I always admire text fonts that maintain a distinctive personality and still manage to recede into “pure” text for the average reader. I look forward to seeing Calluna and Calluna Sans completed.

  20. Thanks Todd. I’ve given it a meltdown test already but on 10 pts and it behaved very well. I care very much about readabiliy and will do everything to let the text “flow”. However I don’t care if people find my fonts too quirky. This is simply the way I want to do this ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Thor

    Your fonts are great…all fits together…just great

  22. Luis Santos

    Along with Dino dos Santosยด Glosa, Calluna serif is a love at first sight for me. Cheers from Brazil!

  23. Nice comment Thor. Thanks!

    That’s a generous compliment Luis Santos …
    to be mentioned together with Dino ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’m very pleased you like Calluna that much!

  24. FreeFontFan

    This is really seeming like it will be a great font once finished.. Have you decided anything about how you’re going to release it? A good free text family would be really nice, hint hint…

  25. Just discovered your blog. Glad I did. Iโ€™m looking around for some interesting, new typefaces for body text in books. The fact that thereโ€™s a Calluna and a Calluna Sans in the works is best of all, as Iโ€™m looking for more font families that include both a serif for body text and a sans for display elements. By the way, what is it about Calluna that seems like an old friend. I don’t mean it’s like anything else, but that it “feels” like I know it. Are there influences there that I’m perhaps picking up on.

    Oh, and I’ll be adding your blog to my blogroll, as it’s a good read for people generally interested in typography.

  26. Calluna is one of the most elegant serif fonts I have ever seen. It draws enoght attention when used as a header and when used as text font it just does what is has to do: delever the message and nothing else. The sans looks like a perfect addition to the serif.
    Jos I will be one of the first to buy it when it comes out. Looking forward to using it!

  27. @ FreeFontFan:
    The regular weight(s) will (probably) be free, but the whole family has to be purchased (but it will not be expensive).

    @ Stephen:
    Calluna is not influenced by another font. It may sound very weird but the shapes of the serifs were “born” when I did some experiments to see if Museo could be a real slab serif (I’ll post some exaples later). They were very important for how the glyp(s) should look like. Thanks for adding me to your blogroll!

    @ Bjorn:
    Hi Bjorn, nice of you to stop by and thanks very much for your comment! The way you describe how Calluna should work as a display and text font is exactly what I had in mind with it ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks in advance for wanting to purchase it already. I hope to finish it early 2009.

  28. armorath

    hi jos, calluna looks great, and i will also be one fo the first to purchase it!

    i really like where the sans is going!

    great work, keep it up!

    thanks for all the work you put intoy our fonts and then giving lots of them away!

    cheers – sye ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Thanks in advance, Sye!

  30. no worries jos! hey i also design various printed material for my work, everything from books to training manuals to conference materials to big banners, so if you need someone to test fonts just email me. Cheers – sye ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. I’ll keep that in mind. Very generous.

  32. alfred

    Please send me a sample (.pdf or .ttf/.otf file) of your Calluna Serif ?

  33. Still not ready enough for a pdf sample, alfred.
    You’ll have to wait a few months.

  34. Excelent well balanced font! Text and Display at the same time. Neat pen strockes remind of old carved fonts. Send me a sample in PDF if possible.

  35. I will post a pdf or a link to it here when possible.

  36. Wow Jos, what a nice looking serif that will be… generally speaking I’m more of a sans fan, but this is surely an exception!

    I discovered your site through the MyFonts newsletter and I must say that I like your fonts very much. I’ve just downloaded the free versions to give them a spin, one day I’ll buy them all ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. That’s a great compliment comin’ from a sans fan ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you’ll enjoy the freebies.

  38. devissimus

    Hey Jos, I’ve just seen your Fertigo Pro and it is really a gem. Really great!

  39. Jackie Bicknell

    Hi Jos
    The estate agency company I work for use Delicious, we have been asked by the property advertiser we use to obtain the font ‘post script’ so that it is compatible with their new servers. Sorry I don’t know what that entails, can you help?? thanks J

  40. Jackie, there is a download link to a type1 version of Delicious on my site.

    PS This post is about Calluna. I would appreciate it very much if you post questions like this in the appropriate post.

  41. Long time since i last saw an work in progress picture of calluna.
    Great work as always, i particularly like the sans.
    (And I’m usually more into serif versions)

    • I already did some tests and I still need to change a lot of things. I hope to have some comprehensive samples ready within a month or so.

      Nice ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks, Pedro! I look forward to work on the sans.

  42. k

    Any examples of extended text (e.g., paragraphs)? I think one of the biggest issues with text typefaces in general isn’t the characters/glyphs per se but spacing, etc. I liked the spacing with Delicious (to return to that in a relevant way)–something tight and efficient in the use of space.

  43. Alison

    This is beautiful! thanks for sharing

  44. Gilberto

    Beautiful indeed. Can barely wait for it.

  45. Thank you. Latest progress can be seen here.

  46. Arild

    Sign me up on the waiting list… Calluna shapes up great. Familiar, yet unique; a classic in the making. I will definitely want to pay to get the whole family. I just downloaded some images from Flickr, will proceed to print and enjoy.

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  48. rusk

    This is gorgeous. There is so much life and energy in the serif font, can’t wait to see it finished! The sans serif look mighty promising too

  49. Trev


    Been looking for new high quality fonts for a while and your site was mentioned in the new Scribus manual. I am very impressed with your work!


  50. Your comments really inspire and motivate. Thank you all!

  51. Arild

    I see from the latest Flickr-sample that you have altered the italic lower-case “g”. The new one is nice, but I like the old better. The new lc “g” is more bottom-heavy, which to me contradicts or at the least cancels out your desired upper-right-lead-of-sight effect. The former lc “g” was one of the standout glyphs of the font and more in keeping with the edginess of the design.

  52. snifty

    Seeking Calluna…and it does not have to be gratis.

    All your art in fonts just my exeed Adobe; I mean, you are not yet under contract???

    thanks for this blog


  53. Alrid
    Thanks for your opinion. More people told me the same ๐Ÿ™‚ I had another look at g and changed it back. I’ll post some new samples on flickr soon. (I’ll announce that via twitter).

    John, the regular weight will be free. The rest will be paid. And no… I’m not under contract. I really like it the way it is now ๐Ÿ™‚

  54. Jeremy Smit

    How many weights will there be?

  55. rm2kpro

    Iโ€™m looking forward to this font. ๐Ÿ™‚ When will you publish it?
    At the moment Iโ€™m designing a casual handwriting font with many ligatures and alternate glyphes.

  56. Sammy

    Hey exljbris, I’m a long-time fan. I was pretty blown away by Museo (like everyone else), but remain consistently impressed with the Fontin series, and can’t wait to see what Calluna has in store.

    -Long time fan, infantile typographer

  57. Jeremy
    Regular, semi-bold and bold all with italics. Maybe a heavy condensed.

    Thanks. Working full force on it. I hope within a month. Can we see your font somewhere?

    Thanks! It feels really great to have fans! I do occasionally post some progress on Flickr. Be sure to follow me on twitter. That’s the place to be for keepin’ track that.

  58. k

    The italic is so beautiful and graceful. I love it!

  59. Jeremy

    Is there any chance we can see some previews?

  60. Thank you for sharing.
    Regards, dinda’kk

  61. My first font-love was Zapf Calligraphic. I’m really looking forward to using Calluna when it is available. Thank you for your efforts.

  62. allan

    Thanks for the free serif font, i use it at my main printing font. -Great balance and classicism. -I use Teen and Candara for small print, but now I’ll have look at Calluna Sans.

  63. Mr. Buivenga, I have downloaded the regular type and I like the not-so-traditional feel your sans-serif has, but most other serifs have.

    What made you sell the italic and make the regular free?

    I just wish you make your typefaces open to “Unicode Support” or at least support IPA, Greek, Cyrillic and extended versions of those alphabets.

    Why did you make oldstyle figures and a lot of ligatures? They give the typeface a too traditional feel.

    • What I meant is that your serifs have a new interpretation from the other serifs, but the oldstyle figures and those ligatures I see in your sample make it look not that different from traditional typefaces.

      • I chose to sell Calluna italic because I want to make a living from type design.

        Calluna supports a very wide range of languages. I might consider Greek or Cyrillic in the future. I’m not interested in offering IPA support.

        I included oldstyle numerals because Calluna is a text face. It would be ludicrous not to include them. The ligatures are there because I really liked to make them. However both can be “avoided” with the help of Calluna’s OpenType features.

  64. Jonathan

    Firstly, congratulations on such a beautiful font. I’m anxious to get started using it on my personal projects for both print and the web. I do have one minor issue though…

    I read through the Calluna license at MyFonts and am curious as to why all the weights are available to TypeKit if it is stated in the license that only the free weight (regular) may be embedded via the @font-face rule.

  65. Thanks, Jonathan. The license from MyFonts applies only to fonts bought at MyFonts.

  66. Nhut Le

    Hi Jos,
    Thanks for making Calluna. I’m very into this typeface. I’m just a very beginning type-learner, and my lecturer asked us to do an assignment on a font. Just like a font ad, or analysis. Scanning through iLT site, and I stopped at this typeface. It was just so attractive to me (especially the pointed curve on the right (opposite to the bracket) of the serif).
    Thus, I chose this typeface for my ad. Actually, this is just an assignment, and no commercial purposes here. Hope you can allow it, :).
    Finally, I love this typeface. Thank you very much.
    I appreciate this invention.

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