Fertigo Pro

In between Anivers and Museo Sans I decided to update “the font nobody’s waiting for”. Just for fun, because it is fun. It will be completely redrawn and have full language support (like Museo).


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14 responses to “Fertigo Pro

  1. It looks might nice. Full language support will be great!

  2. Dan

    Wonderful, Jos! I second Kalle in commending the full language support.

  3. Sebastian

    Looks very nice. Well done.

  4. Thanks guys! This is also a little workflow test for me to see how I can update my other fonts later (hopefully this year).

    The old Fertigo will not change and will remain free. Fertigo Pro will be available through MyFonts. I have yet to determin the price, but I think it will be $9,- or $12,-.

  5. Tom

    Want! To! Have!


    Cheers, Tom

  6. Christa

    Looks great Jos, always a pleasure to work with your fonts 🙂

  7. Thank you. I’ll hope to have it finished soon after the release of Anivers, which will probably be this week.

  8. I LOVE fertigo, it’s so elegant. So i do wait for it, and i am looking forward to seeing the results.

  9. Bob

    My favorite of all fonts, and the only one I write in (I’m a writer, not a designer) because of how much pleasure is involved in seeing such elegant f’s g’s e’s and ampersands, to name a few highlights for me. I just picked up the complete Annivers family as my thank you for fertigo, so I’m very looking forward to FPro emerging. A thousand thanks for your lovely work and for inspiring words to come out of my fingertips.

  10. Bob, I’m always so glad that my fonts really make a difference. That’s the best compliment I can get. I want to thank you for your generous support. I hope that Anivers will be useful in some manner and that Fertigo Pro will let you produce the same inpsiring words. They sure did inspire me … and yes … to honor your words I read them in Fertigo 😉

  11. Ted

    Jos, I’m delighted with your fonts! I plan to download them all, even the commercial ones.
    I’m a programmer and know how much time it takes to do something creative, something that has your heart and soul in it.
    Just a bit of constructive criticism: “more then” should be “more than”


  12. Bruno Delsupexhe

    I love it ! I love it and i just love it !
    If i had only one font to have, it would be this one.
    I allready said it, but i repeat, it’s my favorite and every time i can write a good word about font, i cannot help myself refering to this one.
    Keep on going and Thanks again and again…


  13. Jay

    Heyy, I like the “Fertigo Pro” forn, I mean the font in which its written in this image.. where can I get it? myfont.com?

    and for how much? I think your post stated it will be somewhere in the range of $9-$12.. finalized yet?

    Thanks, Jay