New Anivers release

The new Anivers has been expanded into a small but very rigid, reliable family. Anivers comes in regular, bold, italic and small caps. The regular weight is absolutely free.

Get it at | Visit the Anivers page


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18 responses to “New Anivers release

  1. Mariusz

    Today I buy Anivers family – great job! Do you have in plans bold_italic caps? Now I wait on Calluna family 😉

  2. Hi Mariusz thanks very much! First up will be Museo Sans (and Fertigo Pro) then I’ll move on to Calluna. Hope it will be worth the wait 😉

  3. Oops … and to answer your question: maybe a bold italic will be added (free) later. If it’s a succes I even might think about extending all styles/weights with small caps.

  4. ^ oooh that would be wonderful, small caps are wonderful 🙂
    and now, off to buy some fonts! thanks for all your hard work!

  5. You’re welcome. Thanks Sarah!

  6. Mariusz

    Great, money wait on Museo Sans 🙂 (sans looks great)…
    I support your really great work.

  7. Looks like you’re going to build up quite a collection 😉

    Thanks for your generous support!

  8. Great, I just bought the whole family. I’ll use it widely!

  9. 🙂

    Thanks very much Stefan!

  10. Lailson Bandeira


    You really make an aewsome work! Congratulations!
    I’m a software developer, type enthusiast, and it’s very good to see how you promote free (in the sense of open and accessible) high quality type, just as software people made some time ago. This surely is your great merit. Please keep going on!


  11. Daniel Reeders

    Hey Jos,

    Just on my way to download the full Anivers family – it’s beautiful, congratulations on a lovely job.

    Something I wanted to pick you up on: there should be no apostrophe in the word ‘cheesecakes’, it’s a simple plural with no contraction or possession involved, and seeing it kills my eyes. 😛

    Anyway, wishing you many years of fruitful creativity to come,


  12. That’s great Daniel! Thanks! Someone already made me aware of the cheesecakes thing. I’ll change it this weekend I think. I *do* hate typo’s 😉

    @ Lailson: You’re very welcome. Thanks for the kind words!

  13. Anivers is currently my favourite font. Thanks for expanding it!

    I’ll be buying the full family in a few weeks when I get some cash together and using it on my website.

  14. Hi Julian, nice of you to let me know. I hope (the new) Anivers will stay your favorite for a long time. I’ll keep an eye on your site.

  15. FreeFontFan

    I’m sad to see that you appear to have given up on the idea of free fonts… Were you not getting enough donations or have you just decided to move on?

  16. I haven’t given up on the free font idea. What is free at the moment (and I think that is a lot) will still remain free. The regular weight of Anivers is still free and my recently released Museo even has 3(!) free weights. I understand people like to have more, but I have to make a living to. Each typeface cost (a couple of) hundreds of hours to complete. Because I want to improve quality on what I’m doing things take up more time and because I’m now working a day less a week I *do* have more time, but I think I can’t be blamed for trying to have some financial compensation for lost income.

  17. Ive visited the apparently “free” site area where you can download Anivers, and its anything but. It says $0.00 but then it follows up with,yeah you actualy need to give us “24.00”!!! Why?Please somebody correct me and maybe Ive gone about this anivers hunt all wrong.

  18. Ryan, the regular weight of Anivers can be downloaded for free at The complete family costs $24,95.