Fertigo Pro free font released

Get it at MyFonts.com | Visit the Fertigo Pro page

Well what’s new?

Fertigo has undergone a major update and is now called Fertigo Pro.
Important changes are:

+ Extended language support (more than 150 glyphs added)*
+ Improved glyph shapes
+ Ten ornaments/dingbats added
+ improved metrics and kerning

*Languages now (fully) supported:
Latin / Central European / Croatian / Romanian / Icelandic / Turkish / Esperanto


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62 responses to “Fertigo Pro free font released

  1. R_K

    Love it a lot!

  2. elv

    Sweet! The PDF leaflet is awesome too.
    Makes me feel like drinking some Laphroaig. Or Bruichladdich.

  3. Tim Allen

    Yay for a new font, it’s looking good!

    The only downside is having to do the registration dance at MyFonts to download it, but I guess you need that for download-tracking or similar. 😦

  4. THANK YOU, Jos, for another BEAUTIFUL FONT, I also love it!

    By the way, I noticed that you included the — artificial and new — capital “ß” (Double-s ligature AKA “sz ligature) which, while there are people who try to establish this, makes me shudder cause I’m a purist when it comes to typography 😉

    And BTW 2: “Wasserschloss” (page 3 bottom in the PDF) is NOT written with an “ß” ligature because the vowel “o” which trails it is a short one, not a long one. IIRC, in German the new rule is: Use “ß” after long vowels and diphtongs.


    German: Masse (short a) = English: mass, multitude, majority, masses (etc.) http://www.dict.cc/?s=masse

    German: Maße (long a) — English: dimensions, measures, measurements (etc.) http://www.dict.cc/?s=ma%DFe

    Thanks again, Tom in Germany

  5. @ elv: Cheers! I just bought a bottle of Laphroaic to celebrate the release 🙂

    @ Tim: Thanks! Releasing it @ MyFonts saves me a lot of bandwidth and (indeed) I can track downloads easier.

    @ Tom: Thank you! About the Versal ß: I know that there are people who disapprove of it, but I do like to offer it in my fonts. Thanks also for the “Wasserschloss” explanation and helpfull links. Never too old to learn 🙂

  6. A lovely upgrade of Fertigo! Thank you.

  7. Thank you Jeff. Glad you like it.

  8. Fantastic stuff, Jos. Thanks so much for your hard work. 🙂

  9. Hey … thanks for stopping by Hamish. Thanks for the kind compliment. You know you’re more than welcome 😉

  10. Jane

    Awesome font!!! but i can’t find the “Download Button” on MyFonts.com

    somebody can help me? =(

  11. yon difull

    Jane: Hit the “purchase options” button. Then you need to register.

    Great news (thank you Admunsen)

  12. Hej Jos! As much as I’m still waiting around for that DeliciousX, :grin:, I still think Fertigo Pro is a ‘delicious’ improvement! Just discovered it today while browsing http://www.ilovetypography.com. (At which point I realized I had committed the cardinal sin of not having your blog in my feed reader! This has been corrected, however.)

    Also just saw your intro to Calluna, and I’m perhaps anticipating it _even more_ than DeliciousX! (Perhaps…) This says much, since, like you, I generally avoid serifs with all that I am. 🙂

    The best to you, my friend!

  13. Thank you yon.

    Hey Billy! Long time no see. Thanks for stopping by and subscribing to my feed 🙂
    Lot’s of people have high expectations of Calluna. It (indeed) says a lot that you can finally at least share a top position next to DeliciousX on your wish list for my releases 🙂 All the best to you too!

  14. extremepl

    Man, your font are just simply awesome! Unfortunately, I can’t use them! I tried redownloading, I was looking for other mirrors of your fonts and every seems to be broken on my PC! When I try to install any of your font I get an error, that the font is broken. I tried to view them using Windows Font Viewer – also broken. I tried to see/install them using 3rd party soft – also broken. 😦 Any ideas? I use Win XP Sp2.

  15. Thank you so much for this, i really really really love the shapes fertigo has, i just feel like its something special, so again, thank you 🙂 your type is a pleasure to work with!

  16. @ extremepl: Try unzipping the font with this: http://www.winrar.de/

    @ Sarah: Thanks for letting me know!

  17. exljbris – It doesn’t help. 😦

  18. I’m puzzled. Maybe someone else has a solution for you.

  19. Spica

    Beautiful font, but the link on myfonts.com doesn’t work. It keeps giving me an error and saying that the file is unavailable when I try to download it.

  20. Spica, unfortunately I don’t run the MyFonts site. If you have problems downloading, you’ld better contact MyFonts.

  21. Luis Santos

    Hi Jos! Thank you very much for your brilliant work. I´m you fan.

    But I´m facing a little problem here. I download Fertigo Pro and was using it OK on both my work computer (XP) and home (Vista). In both of them I´m using Open Office.

    I tried then use the font on my Linux (Kubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron). I sucessfully installed the font and can see it (and its sample) on KDE font manager.

    But I can´t use the font on Open Office because it does not appear on the drop list font box.

    After some research on Internet I found that Open Office seems have no support to OpenType font with “CFF outlines”…

    Is this the case for Fertigo Pro? Does it use CFF outlines?

    Best regards from Brazil,
    Luis Santos

  22. Natalia

    Hello Jos, i came in here becuase i have been a huge fan of Fontin and Fontin Sans for more than a few years now! I came lookin to where i had found the free type and give a humble contribution to you because everytime i come across it i think..”what a great type! i should check him out again give back to what he has given me”..I used it for the cover of a newspaper i designer for school and Fontin had great fame i must say!
    Greetings from Santiago, Chile!
    N.Ligeti (paypal: Margaret B.)

  23. Natalia

    Lollers i asumed your name was Jos. I hope i dont make a fool of myself, since i already noticed i typed a few things wrong.

  24. Thanks Natalia! And … no worries … I am Jos 😉
    Warm regards from Arnhem, the Netherlands.

  25. wmwmwm

    Now this is my favorite typeface! ^ ^

    I’ve been searching all around for your email address,
    because I want to ask if this font can be used in logo ?!

    * If you want to know more details, can you email me?
    Thanks a lot!

  26. No details necessary. Sure you can do logo’s with (all) my fonts. Have fun 🙂

  27. Thanks! Are you going to release Cyrillic versions of your fonts?

  28. Thanks for this font – it’s really great in presentations (I use it in titles, with Fontin Sans for the text body). It’s fresh and exotic – yet it has a very professional look.
    It’s only a pity it’s so hard to download from MyFonts!

  29. @ Peter: For Anivers maybe. When that turns out well, maybe also for the other fonts.

    @ Xavier: I really hope people don’t mind spending about 5 minutes or less at MyFonts to download my fonts. I spend hundreds of hours creating them. But I’m glad you found it worthwhile.

  30. @ Jos: That would be great!

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  32. I wandered into the T-Mobile store the other day and was shocked to see that they’re using Fertigo Pro on, like, everything! All of their holiday signs, brochures, etc. I wasn’t sure of another way to let you know (if you didn’t know already) because I couldn’t find an email address. So I hope you’re being compensated handsomely for the use of your gorgeous font!

    Let me know if you were aware or not!

    Your new font looks amazing.

  33. Palaniappan

    This is such a great font! But I do feel a little restricted without a light, italic and bold version of it. Are you planning any such thing? A paid option maybe?


  34. Thanks. I’ve no plans to extend Fertigo Pro at the moment, but maybe someday …

    • That is too bad, I would love to use the font on my site, but it is too heavy. A light version would have been wonderful. However, it is still a very nice offering. Thank you for making your fonts available for @font-face. It is a real treat.

  35. Maybe I’m way off here, but I swear Fertigo was used for the subtitles in Slumdog Millionaire (when they were speaking hindi). I don’t have an easy way to truly compare, so can you confirm this?

  36. Thank you for spotting! I wasn’t asked for the film 🙂 so I really can’t tell. I’ve looked at the trailer and some clips from the movie, but the quality was rather poor. If it is a font of mine it should be Fontin not Fertigo.

  37. I love this font !
    Thank a lot for your work !

  38. amelia

    Thank you so much for this beautiful font. It has become my absolute favourite font. Really very lovely. Thank you for all of your hard work, and thank you ever more for releasing it free of charge. What a find!


  39. Vladimír Šmida

    Hi Jos.
    I appreciate all your work, but can you please upload also the TTF Opentype format of this Fertigo Pro font? I think it’s really useful to use it comfortable in LaTeX.

    Thanks a lot!

  40. Hi Jos,

    congratulations for your excellent font (pity that requires registration).

    BTW, in http://www.josbuivenga.demon.nl/images/fertigo_pro_3.gif, the last word “WASSERSCHLOß” is wrong. Capital for ß is SS, not ß.

    I hope it helps,


  41. stone

    Your fonts are so wonderful – i love them!

    What typeface would you suggest as a sans-font to fertigo? Is the fontin-sans a good choice?

    Looking forward to read from you.


  42. Thanks! Fertigo has derived from Fontin, so it is likely that it will work. Have a go and let me know.

  43. Xavier

    I fully agree here: Fontin is nearly perfect with Fertigo!

  44. Jay

    Thanks, I’ll take the free one for now 😀

  45. Kennie

    Hi exljbris,

    I’m doing a project for a client, and my client requires this font in TrueType format. I saw one of the old post requesting for it too. How am i able to get the True Type format of Fertigo Pro font ?

  46. I’m sorry, it only comes in PostScript OTF. I’ll think about future releases and offering TrueType.

  47. Hai

    Hi exljbris,

    Firstly great work!

    I came across your font MUSEO which is used in a re-brand of VicRoads http://www.youtube.com/user/vicroads#p/a

  48. Can you suggest any of your other releases?

  49. Dipu Rajendran


  50. Nee…. mijn favoriete lettertype gewoon ontworpen door iemand die nog geen 50km bij me vandaan zit? Geweldig 🙂

    Ik herhaal de vraag die anderen boven mij al gesteld hebben: is of komt er een ttf-versie van Fertigo (betaald danwel gratis)? 🙂

    Would totally love the ttf-version, either paid or free… is there one available yet?

  51. I’ll put the ttf on my to-do list.

    @ Nienke: Ben inmiddels wel verhuisd naar de Achterhoek, maar da’s nog steeds in Gelderland 🙂

  52. Ellen

    Thanks for the update. Still would love a light version. It is beautiful.