Wonderful tool for type designers

Interpolated Nudge by Christian Robertson

A few months ago I discovered this utterly useful free python script that shifts control points proportionally with it’s anchor points. I can’t think of editing contours without it anymore. You can find the Interpolated Nudge script *here*.

(image courtesy of BetaType/Christian Robertson)

“The idea is pretty simple. Wouldn’t it be nice to move a node while keeping the tension in the curve? When tweeking, bolding and making fonts wider, I prefer to use the keyboard to ‘nudge’ the points around. It makes it easy to keep track of measurements, to make sure that the new stroke weight/character widths are consistent.” – Christian Robertson

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  1. That’s a good idea. It’s one of the problems that Spiro avoids by not having off-curve points–nudging does the right thing automatically–but having the program guess at the new positions of off-curve points also is good.