Museo Sans released

Museo Sans is based on the well-known Museo. It is a sturdy, low contrast, geometric, highly legible sans serif typeface very well suited for any display and text use. Two fonts (500 & 500 italic) are absolutely free.

Get it at MyFonts.comVisit my Museo Sans page


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38 responses to “Museo Sans released

  1. mariusz

    Great font – yesterday I get family without 500/500italic…
    Today I will be download it.
    Thanks once again for good fonts.
    So I wait for Calluna and Anveris Italic Bold 😉

  2. Thanks very much Mariusz! Hope I won’t have to keep waiting for too long 🙂

  3. Frederico Leonardo

    Wonderful!! I hope you’ll make italics versions of the Museo slab one of these days 😉

  4. Maybe 😉 First it’s Calluna time.

  5. David

    Great! I’m off to buy this. Good work.

  6. Way to go Jos!!! Absolutely stunning, I can’t wait to absorb all the lovely details of it’s characters! Many thanks, friend.

    Jason R.

  7. Thanks David!

    You’re very welcome Jason 🙂 Glad you like it this much!

  8. demonteur04

    je maakt mooi werk Jos, Museo net opgehaald. Anivers al een keer gebruikt. zal je laten weten waarin, moet ik even opzoeken. eerste indrukken van Calluna beloven veel.

  9. Roel

    Woot! Gefeliciteerd met deze release. Deze word gelijk aangeschaft.

  10. Dankjewel demonteur04. Ben benieuwd naar het Anivers voorbeeld.

    He Roel! Mooi he? 🙂 Alvast dank!

  11. Neels de Coning

    Thanks, I bought the family. Great work! I am waiting for Calluna.
    Voorspoedige dag. Groete uit Amerika.

  12. Thank you very much Neels! Hope I won’t have to keep you waiting for very long. I expect Calluna to be ready early next year. And thanks for the kind Dutch wishes 🙂 Bedankt!

  13. Excellent work! For my current primary design focus (, I’ve used Museo exclusively for all our branding and printed literature. Since it’s gotten so much use, I was just heading to MyFonts to pay for the original when I spied this sans iteration. Many thanks! The original became a little laborious in copy, but this will hit the spot for all those long paragraphs.

  14. Luca

    man, this font really rocks!
    very very very good work!! 😉

  15. Eduardo Garza (EG)

    Jos! Lots of thanks! Can’t wait to use Museo Sans! Swear that in the future I’ll buy the entire family pack! (just when money arrives!) I really appreciate all your work 🙂

  16. freefontfan

    Amazing job. A second weight for us cheapskates would have been nice, but given the quality of the release, I can’t really fault you for charging.

  17. Max – That’s nice! I would like to recieve some pdf’s of it.

    Eduardo – Thanks (in advance)!

    freefontfan – I thought of offering two weights for free, but I wanted people to be able to try out the italic so I decided to offer a free weight with its italic. Thanks for the compliment!

  18. Your sans work always makes me happiest, Jos—even though I too await Calluna. (Not as much as Delicious X though!) As much as I have loved Museo, I love Museo Sans even more. I’m certain to purchase the full family, but I do wish that Museo Sans had included more extended Latin, mathematical, and typographical glyphs.

    However, when I average the cost of Museo Sans (plus my previous donation in the PD—pre-Diavlo—days) across all the goodness you’ve given freely, it’s still a fabulous price. Thanks again for a beautiful family, and I will work to remember that a typeface is more than the sum of its glyphs. 😉 [There’s also kerning, contextual alternates, and so forth!]

  19. I’m loving this and Museo and used it for note taking at a conference this weekend (500 sans for headings, 300 serif for body text.

    I happened to notice that the j and the ! had wonky dots (the j to the right, the ! to the left) only at small sizes, and was wondering if this was a) my software’s problem, b) a hinting problem or c) deliberate. That’s all on serifed Museo.

    Thanks for all the great fonts you release. The header of my website uses one of your others, I believe… (not typographically related, but you might be interested).

  20. Thanks for the time line on Calluna, Jos! Meanwhile, I’ll just sit here and gaze at this beautiful sans…

  21. Billifer – I’m very curious what exactly you had wished to be extra in Museo Sans. Please let me know.

    CircleReader – 🙂 Glad you like it!

  22. Jos, your eye for lettering is simply stunning. Museo is one of the most beautifully proportioned fonts I’ve ever seen, and I’ve already used it in several design projects. Museo Sans looks to be another winner which I’ll have to purchase. The italics are especially gorgeous. How about in the future creating a compressed/condensed version of Museo Sans for thigh headline spacing? I’d love an alternate to Adobe’s Myriad Pro, which I’ve been using for years, and if Museo Sans had a condensed version, it could certainly fill the bill for many of the projects I do for my clients. You are a rare talent. Too bad you don’t have a file upload feature here as I’d like to show you a logo I designed with Museo.

  23. Len, thank you for the generous compliments! A condensed version of Museo Sans is absolutely going to be a reality. Probably early 2009. I already bought some special software for it. About the logo… unfortunately I can’t offer no uploads, but it is possible to post a link to a picture. I would very much like to see it.

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  26. David Zulaica

    This is amazing! I think I just might have to get the entire family come pay day. I know you’ve got other things on your to-do list, but I would _love_ to see a Museo Sans SmallCaps… in addition to a Museo Italics. 😉

  27. I’ll keep it in mind, David 🙂

  28. Michiel

    Volgens mij is dit Museo Sans toch?

  29. idd 🙂 Well spotted. Dank voor de link!

  30. Sandra

    Great font. I noticed that special characters like à and ï don’t work…it that a function of this font or is there an add on I need to purchase for it to work?

  31. Sandra, these characters should work fine. They are in the font *and* properly encoded. No need for an add on.

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  33. Mark Bond

    Hi David,

    Just purchased the Museo and Museo Sans families along with the Calluna family for a magazine I’m designing. Do you happen to know of a complimentary face to Museo Sans that is condensed? (or better yet, would you consider a condensed Museo set?!!)

    Thanks for your creativity!

  34. Mark Bond

    My apologies… Jos (not David) I just read in an earlier post that you’re planning a release of Museo Sans Condensed. Are you close enough to that release for me to wait for it, or should I start with another font and change when it’s available?

    Thanks again for your amazing gift of type!

    • Hi Mark,

      Thanks a lot for your support! Museo Condensed will take a fair while, so (if you *really* need it) I guess it might be better to have a look at an alternative like Myriad Condensed or Avernir Condensed.

      Thank again,

  35. SHP

    I just wanted to leave a word of thanks, BIG thanks, for offering such a quality typeface with free options. I am working on a project for a non-profit, and just because the budget is small, did want to sacrifice quality work nor show bad practice by pirating fonts. I applaud you!

  36. Have you released Museo Sans Condensed yet? I would LOVE to purchase it.