[in progress] Questa

I always wanted to draw a fairly simple squarish didone like font. It’s called Questa and is still in progress. I will finish Calluna first btw 🙂


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  1. Ooh I love seeing a didone like font with ligatures

  2. Giovanni

    Moins Didot, più Bodoni!
    (Less Didot, more Bodoni!)

  3. Looks good! The ligatures are great!

  4. Hello,

    Recently, I was looking for a serif font with many ligatures (often one is missing). Your work may be what I want…


  5. This looks great so far. I love all of your fonts. =D

  6. Simply beautiful. Looking forward to be able to use it.

    Also, I see that you have 2 alternatives here, I wonder if you are doing both.

  7. Thanks all!

    ceci – Well spotted 🙂 Standard a, c and s will have half ball terminals. The full ball terminals will be available as (OT) stylistic alternatives.

  8. Love the “sp” and “st” ligatures! Beatiful.

  9. this is the a.k.a. squidot? 🙂

  10. Felipe – Thanks!

    MattiaC – Indeed 🙂 Questa was formerly known as Squidot (Square Didot).

    For those interested: here’s the Squidot link to Typophile -> http://typophile.com/node/49685

  11. Your ‘Q’ slays me.

  12. David Zulaica

    This looks fantastic!

  13. Christa

    you maded me drool! :)))

  14. Awesome guys! Thanks!

  15. This is lovely work, please let me know when this font is ready for release, I would love to use it.

  16. Thank you Simon.
    If you subscribe to this blog’s feed you won’t miss a thing.

    –> https://exljbris.wordpress.com/feed/

  17. Hey there! I just wanted to say, you are an amazing typographer. Your fonts are of astounding quality. I just purchased Museo 100 and Anivers Italic and I’m in love. I follow your fonts now with great anticipation!

  18. Hello Jos!
    I love your Fontin typeface after getting linked by a friend to your page and was wondering if I could get your permission to use it in my university newspaper which is currently looking at getting a redesigned logo (and possibly more, fingers crossed!). I know that you’ve stated that it is free for personal and commercial use but thought that it would be proper to ask you for permission first! Cheers, Mag x

    p.s. I just have to say this – the rest of your work is FANTASTIC. Looking forward to seeing more!

  19. Brendan Nice! Thank you!

    Magz Sure, no problem. Thanks for asking & please keep me posted.

  20. Thanks so much, will defo keep you posted, it’s a logo competition haha!

  21. Если будете продолжать писать на эту тему, мне будет интересно посещать вас чаще 🙂

  22. Magz – Good luck!

    Yulia1988 – Please do 🙂

  23. this is looking beautiful! those ligatures are so elegant 🙂

  24. Thanks Matthew. BTW You’ve got some very nice typographic designs on your Flickr page.

  25. Looks beautiful, Jos! But I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’m really, really looking forward to your finishing Calluna.

  26. Thanks Steve! Calluna will be the first thing I will finish. Working really hard.

  27. This looks great! Keep up the good work! I look forward the release.

  28. Your work is stunning!
    i can’t wait to use it on my next album art design

  29. Thanks, Joel… it will take a while befor it’s finished. I hope before the end of this year.

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  31. I like didone and i definitely (will) love this fresh-looking one!
    I definitely felt in love with ‘Q’, ‘c’ and ‘a’ glyphs. Awesome.

  32. now I’ll be tuned..

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  34. Whao!

    You and Martin Majoor together! I expect great things to come!

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  36. i’d love to use it someday