exljbris fonts in use

You are invited to inspire others and showcase your work using exljbris Fonts. Thanks Anthony Bellemare for initiating this!

–> Exljbris Fonts (Flickr Pool)

Photo: Hugo Roussel (Studio Punkat)


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33 responses to “exljbris fonts in use

  1. Christa

    I’ve used your Anivers for my company (big word for me freelancing 😉 I specially love the way the numbers hang and the f and l become one letter.
    Your fonts are delicious! Thanks

  2. Thanks Christa, it would be great if you could post some pics on the Flickr Pool.

  3. Each of my projects has its own typeface associated with it — my ∞labs “brand” is set in Delicious Small Caps, and my “head” project Afloat in Delicious Italic. (The ∞ in ∞labs is Arial MT Rounded, though.)

    Additionally, I plan to use Diavlo on an unreleased project’s logo.

  4. How does it make you feel that John McCain is using your font, Museo Sans on his website?

  5. millenomi – Nice. Keep me posted!

    John Russel – It felt kinda stange. It’s nice to see your font used, but I (as 80% of the Dutch people) didn’t want McCain to win. At least I didn’t sponsor his campain. They purchased it 😉

  6. Check my intro page and my latest gallery watermark…i LOVE ur fonts 😉

  7. Chris Dixon

    Hello there,

    I just wanted to alert you to a website where one of your fine creations is being re-distributed in violation of your terms and conditions.


    Here is a screenshot. I don’t think this site will be up for long.


    Chris Dixon

  8. Thanks for the alert, Chris! Meanwhile they have removed the direct download link and now mention my name.

  9. Christa

    Hi Jos, while I feel a bit reluctant to show my letterhead/callingcard online (it has all my personal info on it you see), I do want to share this with you:


    I know, it’s about cats and not fonts, but take a look anyway. I just ran into it while stumbling away my sundaymorning :))

    I run into your fonts more and more, and in the most unexpected places! *thumbs up*

  10. Hi Jos,

    I’d really like to license Museo for project I’m working on (it’s for something that I think we’ll have to mass volume license for). Please get in contact with me via the email address I’ve entered with this comment!

    Sorry for posting this message on your blog, but I can’t find any other way to get in contact.

    Cheers, Marc.

  11. Matthew Robertson


    I too would like to contact you in regards to use of your exceptional font in an iPhone application I’m designing.

    Hope to hear from you soon,

  12. Christa – I understand that you don’t like to have all your personal info on the web. Nice site btw 🙂 Thanks!

    Marc – ygm

    Matthew – ygm also.

  13. Howdy!

    (Ik zet het maar even in het Engels neer, da’s wel zo vriendelijk voor de andere lezers.)

    Thanks for designing such awesome fonts!

    I wanted to let you know I’ve used your Diavlo font on the CD-booklet and inlay for my band’s demo. I also made a fitting donation and if you want, I can also send you a copy of the demo.

    You can check out the cover art (with your font of course) over here: http://totalkaeos.com

  14. Mark, your comment unfortunately got caught by Askimet. I’ve marked it not spam. Nice cover … I would love to recieve a copy of the demo. I’ll send you an e-mail. Thank you for the generous donation!

  15. Santiago

    i love your fonts, I used it on a website I made for a friend.


  16. leovst

    Well, today I was walking in the Fnac, and I saw Diavlo in use.
    There was a rack of Vivaboxes and the logo of Vivaboxes uses the font, it’s shown on all their boxes and in big on the rack aswell.

    I found the website:

  17. I wandered into the T-Mobile store the other day and was shocked to see that they’re using Fertigo Pro on, like, everything! All of their holiday signs, brochures, etc. I wasn’t sure of another way to let you know (if you didn’t know already) because I couldn’t find an email address. So I hope you’re being compensated handsomely for the use of your gorgeous font!

    Let me know if you were aware or not!

    Your new font looks amazing.

  18. Great that you’ve spotted Fertigo Pro. I’m curious in which country it is. Please let me know … and if you are willing to take a few snapshots of it … You can send them to exljbris[{at}]gmail[{dot}]com

    BTW I haven’t been compensated for this. It is a free font afterall 😉 But it would have been nice if they would have let me know.

  19. Sorry, it’s here in the US. That’s what I was thinking, that they should have let you know! Since it’s such a huge company and all. I’ll take some pictures and send them to you! 🙂

  20. Thanks in advance, Bergendi. That’s very kind!

  21. Thank you, it’s great!
    Happy new year!

  22. You’re welcome. Happy new year to you too!

  23. Marcin

    Jos, thank you very much. 🙂

  24. You’re welcome, Marcin.

  25. Joel Salomon

    I’ve uploaded my résumé, made with Fontin. It’s beautifully readable set at 10/12 pt. Only niggle is the lack of superscript numbers—I needed a ².

    Eagerly awaiting the chance to buy Fontin Serif!

  26. Thank you Joel. I will update Fontin with superscript numbers probably this year … the same year that I also hope to finish Fontin Serif.

  27. Paul

    Hi Jos.

    I really love this font. I hope you don’t mind, I’ve been using this font as part of an identity for a charity I’m connected with – Drop Inn Ministries. I’ve posted logos on logopond:

    It’s an international charity. Have you any plans to do any additional alphabets, eg. Cyrillic, Greek etc?


  28. It has a fair amount of seventies feeling. Not sure if I digg that with Museo…

    I’ve no plans for additional character sets at the moment. Maybe someday 😉

  29. I found your fonts and I love them. I already used Delicious into my blog but I’m also checking others to use them in any other project. Thank you.

  30. Ties

    Hi Jos!

    I just spotted Diavlo used in the new Dutch stamp catalogue.


    I use your fonts myself as well. Thank you very, very much for all of them. Keep up the good work!