Museo and Museo Sans in MyFonts Top 10 fonts of 2008


Great news! Both Museo and Museo Sans made it into the top 10 of MyFonts 2008 fonts! Here’s a link to the newsletter.


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24 responses to “Museo and Museo Sans in MyFonts Top 10 fonts of 2008

  1. Hello,

    Fonts produced with this quality and available at reasonable price are rare: it is a logical reward I think.


  2. No surprise, really!

    Congrats, Jos.

  3. Mariusz

    It’s not sensation!!! Great font, good price – TOP TEN… Brawo!

    I hope this year will be belong to exljbris font foundary 😉

  4. Nathan A

    It’s popular precisely because they’re top-quality typefaces that the rest of us can afford.

    Keep it up, I love your work!

  5. Thanks very, very much, guys! Means a lot!

  6. Christa

    Very well deserved 🙂 Your fonts are great and well thought out, a joy to work with.

  7. Michiel

    Gefeliciteerd! Ik had ook niet anders verwacht 😛

  8. That’s really a great compliment, Christa! Thanks!!!

    Thanks Michiel!

  9. Michiek

    Ik had ergens gelezen dat Museo als een klassieker werd beschouwd? Denk je dat je in de toekomst ook italics gaat maken van Museo zelf?

  10. Congratulations, Jos. You certainly deserve it. Betcha Calluna makes such lists when the family’s completed.

  11. Sure hope so. Thanks, Steve!

  12. bob

    I really love your fonts, they have great personality!
    You´re great and for freelancers (with very little money) designers and students, you´re simply the best.
    Thank you!

  13. Love Museo! Used it for an invitation to my photography exhibition ( ). Hope it does the Museo justice 🙂

    Thanks a lot for this beauty!

  14. Luis Santos

    Hi Jos,

    I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Here on the top newspapers is “O Globo” (The Globe, in english).

    In yesterday issue I saw and advertisement using Museo typeface!! It looks like the 300 version. I´ll try to find this advertisement on Web to send the link to you.

    As far I know it´s the first use of Museo on brazilian media…

    If this is not true, please someone correct me!

    Best regards,
    Luis Santos
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  15. Bob
    That’s great. Glad that my fonts can make a difference.

    Justice certainly 🙂 Looks nice!

    Thanks for spotting, Luis! I think it must have been used before in the media…

  16. Nana

    I love your Museo font, but I live in Spain right now and there are some characters we need it doesn´t have like “ñ”, next time it would be great if you include it!

  17. N-tilde (Ñ) and n-tilde (ñ) are part of the ISO Latin 1 character set, which is absolutely included in Museo. Did you have a proper look?

  18. Nana

    Hi again, I´m the spanish girl.
    I just checked too fast… I realized that the problem is that the font is not working properly on my version of Freehand 11, its impossible to make appear the (ñ) with any key, and there´s also another problem: I can´t previsualize the kerning if I make it bigger.
    You know wich cam be the problem?
    Thanks a lot for your help!

  19. I’m curious if other people have the same problem…

    • Nana

      I have checked it in 3 different computers and I had the same problem. Anyway! I think its time to stop using freehand…

  20. Hello,
    I really like museo sans too. looking into making it my personal identity font…
    So now I am wondering, if there is a way of placing it into latex (like a museo package)?

    • I’m not familiar with latex and placing font packages into it. Can you explain how this works or refer me to online documentation?

      • Latex is an initially linux-based wordprocessing environment (markup language?). It is used for setting large text documents like . With strength for setting scientific formulas and therefore very common in scientific publications (I guess the font set would need to cover the wohle range of scientific formulas – like greek letters). I am only starting to work with latex and it seems to be a massive and stable (as oppose to ms word) set of tools.
        Behind the frontends there is a set of packages, which eneble the environment to do certain things, like using a certain font.
        So this would be the point, where a font needs to be incorporated. Since it is an open source project it seems, that the free parts of museo sans could fit in well an would introduce it into that community.