Kinetic type (Museo)


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  1. Awesome! Two things I love, design and Weird Al. Museo is a great font.

  2. Ha that’s fantastic, very well done, and the museo font fits it perfectly. Might you agree so yourself, exljbris?

  3. Thanks guys! It is awesome… very fluently done and very well thought out. It’s stunning (for me) to see how well Museo performs 🙂

  4. Just cruising through this site and wanted to say GREAT WORK!! An instant fan just reading the most recent set of latest posts.

  5. jamieatlas

    That is mega cool! What program are they using to make the words move in and out like that? Man, just brings the music to life!

  6. fca

    I’m a design student from Chile, and I couldn’t resist to use your fonts in some material I’ve made lately. It’s that ok? Do I have to put your name on credits or something? There’s no commercial use in this material, in fact it’s only for information spreading inside my and other Faculties.
    Well, let me know about this.

    Here: my first time with your fonts.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. jandalf

    Wow! I’m a bit late in spotting the post, but thanks so much for giving my video a mention! I had no idea it’d ever travel any farther than my little corner of the internet. 😀

  8. Ricardo

    Hi Jos, I was reading the license for Museo over at and I noticed this: “You may use this font for Font-Face embedding, but only if you put a link to on your page and/or put this notice”.

    That got me wondering, why? If it’s free for download, anyone can install it and have it displayed on a website by using the font-family attribute. I don’t see the point in restricting a specific way of downloading, specially when it’s. That means if I use 3 fonts of yours I’ll have 3 lines of copyright notices sitting somewhere in my page, in case I don’t want to insert a link for some reason. I noticed the paid weights don’t have this restriction, but there is no alternative paid license for Museo 500.

    Also, you limit use to “surfaces where the image is a fixed size”. Wouldn’t that prohibit use in video like the one you posted on April 15?

    Anyway, thanks for a great typeface!

    • Ricardo, all you *need* to do at most is put a copyright line in your *CSS* for each font you use. Nothing more.

      • Ricardo

        Oops. Didn’t see the ‘in your CSS’ part, total oversight. I didn’t mean to complain or criticize your license, was just asking.

        As for the fixed size thing, I was thinking of projections/interactive surfaces – that part of the license is the same for the paid fonts.

        Thanks for replying, feel free to delete these comments as you please.

  9. Ricardo

    *specially when it’s completely free for print media.

  10. @ Ricardo — OK, no problem… The fixed size thing has to do with (scalable) vectors and nothing with movies or projections.

  11. really nice but watch out you use a 1 instead of !