Calluna released!


After 1.5 years Calluna is finally ready! Hope you enjoy it. BTW the regular is free.

Be sure to have a look at the PDF specimen (272 KB).
You can download Calluna at MyFonts.


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43 responses to “Calluna released!

  1. Long anticipated & absolutely beautiful, Jos! I’ve purchased the basic set, and will come back for more at a later date. (The Black, especially. And, of course, the sans!) Thank you!

    I do hope that you will consider making the regular weight italic & bold (the basic set) available for @font-face embedding, so that we could build a complete site using your fonts. Having a book title in another font while displaying Calluna for everything else on a web page seems a little awkward…

  2. Thank *you*. I will certainly consider @f-f embedding for the other styles. Thinking of how to “solve” that right now.

  3. It’s just beautiful! I’ll buy it as soon my CC allow me 😉

    Thank you, Jos!

  4. Great! Thanks, Felipe!

  5. It’s so beautiful, would be my most liked birthday present – if I won’t buy Calluna before 😉
    My book’s going on … Calluna, I’m coming 🙂

  6. 🙂 You can always start your book with the free regular and then see how it flows and goes.

  7. _Sven

    In German there is a word: großartig. Very Great. I’m looking forward to use it for the next issue of à cooking magazine.

  8. Thanks, Sven. Please do keep me posted about the cooking magazine.

  9. Beautiful! This might become the new corporate font face for a client. BTW, I’d also be mighty delighted if you release @f-f licensing options 🙂

  10. Gorgeous fonts Jos, really. Love the ligatures as well, you manage to mix old and contemporary so well, great work! G

  11. mk2

    Thanks for letting us try the regular version. 😀

  12. Ridiculously talented Jos. Beautiful work.

    What is the official license on the ‘free’ edition of Calluna?

  13. Hi,
    I’ve been designing CV templates as a hobby in my free time lately (for free).
    Couldn’t lose a chance to use the new Calluna in the latest template I’m building, still need to work out some details, but here is a preview screenshot!
    I will wait for comments.

    Thanks for your work,

    Regards from Italy

    • Because of all the links your post got trapped in the spam queue … Thanks for posting the images. It’s always nice to see fonts in action.

  14. Bob

    Hi Jos,

    Fabulously original!

    I want to buy the basic set to typeset a book. Do you know if anyone has written a book with Calluna thus far? (It’s probably too early. Maybe I can be the first!)

    Of course, before I get too far I have to figure out how difficult it is to set up a special font with Latex. Seeing some of the work at CTAN to get new fonts to work “just” right I don’t think it’s trivial.

    Thanks again for releasing the regular face free and keeping the others “very” reasonably priced! I’m definitely getting the basic set.



    • Thanks, Bob! I hope things work out with the regular (and maybe later with the basic set). Please keep me posted. I would like to know if you can set it all up with Latex.

      • Bob

        Hi Jos,

        Well I’ve aided your financial cause, Jos, as I am now $55 poorer but the proud richer owner of the Calluna basic set!

        I was comparing it to some of the fonts I have. This looks “a bit” like Minion Pro? Or to the professional eye, not so? Minion Pro is a superb font so if this is close, it’s going to be a big winner.

        Which fonts pair up with Calluna? Your Museo? Something else?



  15. Markus Sorg

    Your fonts are really big, you should (and will!) be named together with Zapf, Frutiger, Spiekermann, Aicher, de Groot etc., outstanding talent, congratulations!!!

  16. @ Bob – Thanks to people like you I can devote all my time to type design. Thanks!

    I’m working now on Calluna Sans and I will also do a slab serif, so that might answer your question about pairing.

    BTW To me Calluna doesn’t look like Minion Pro at all… What characters/glyphs are you reffering to?

  17. Hi Jos,
    I bought the whole Calluna family for use in my projects. Looking forward to the Sans and slab serif types.

  18. Harald, thanks a lot for your support! I hope she will prove herself. Please keep me posted.

  19. I used Calluna for the seventh issue of my pdf magazine “DAIQ”.


  20. This is exactly what my friend was looking for the other day.

  21. Beyo

    Hmm for me Calluna regular zip package is broken.
    I dont see this font in Windows when I click on OTF file.

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  23. Alberto Lago


    Could you post something about Calluna Sans?
    I’m using Fontin Sans as a companion to Calluna —and it´s an excelent font!— but I’m longing for the real Sans to use with it.

    • Here are two images I posted on Flickr some time ago. I’m working on a couple of other things at the moment, but after that I’ll start working on the sans again.

      Calluna Sans

      Calluna Sans Italic first draft

  24. Tom

    I love that font. I’m thinking about getting the basic set in order to typeset my master thesis with it. I’m wondering though, my thesis contains quite a bit of source code. What would be a good typewriter font to pair with Calluna?

  25. Joseph

    I’m a huge fan of Calluna, and am seriously considering buying it (my first font) for personal and academic work. I’m a professor of Islamic art, I wonder if it would harmonize well with the subject?