[in progress] Fertigo Pro Script & Italic

Fertigo Pro Script

Fertigo Pro Italic


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20 responses to “[in progress] Fertigo Pro Script & Italic

  1. Pretty neat.

    By the way—what software do you use to create a font?

  2. I’m looking forward to this script face, Jos.

  3. I love that script, it’s coming together nicely.

  4. het font swingt, Jos 🙂

  5. Debra

    Looking forward to this one! I’m not totally concinced about the numeral 1 though…

    • The same #1 was also in Fertigo Pro regular, so doing another for the italic/script would be odd. I muself like it btw. It has a reference to small caps numerals.

  6. Bob

    First Annivers, then Calluna, as my two main fonts for writing. But my first love is Fertigo which profoundly desires this marvelous italic (wouldn’t you like to have a beer with that sporty little “z” or fence with the Q’s ego?). Looking very, very good…..

    • Bob, how could you not make my day with a comment like this! I would like to have a beer with *you* of course all characters of your liking may join too 🙂

  7. matthew w

    wow! can’t wait for this. fertigo has always been one of my favorite.

  8. I love the script, although I think there’s a risk of confusion between the lowercase a and o …

  9. Friendly greetings exljbris!

    You consistently bring beautiful typefaces into the world.

    Now, I await… due to your final-line example, a grimey rapper to use it in album art, liner notes, or music video!

  10. michelle

    wow! i am in love. it’s beautiful! amazing. cannot wait.

  11. It is *released*.

    You can find the italic here.