Working on Questa


Martin Majoor and I had a great day today working on Questa. We’re still in the middle of determining and testing lowercase italic shapes for the text version. Questa will come in three variations: text, display and sans (each in regular, italic, bold and bold italic).

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10 responses to “Working on Questa

  1. What an exciting team. Careful though: Martin Majoor will have you working on this (super-family) for seven years.

    Really looking forward to seeing more.

  2. Thanks, John. This should be finished within three and a half years* because there’s two of us. If it takes longer we should perhaps rename the typeface to Quest 🙂

    *Seriously: we don’t have a time table yet, but I do expect to have this ready in about a year.

  3. you don’tneed a “beta”tester :d ?…………….have happy weekend

  4. Awesome. But, the preview image is so small! The lowercase y in the (presumably text) regular looks happy though.

    Hope to see more soon.

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