Letterpress business cards

Today my gorgeous letterpress business cards from Swayspace have arrived! I’ve designed them as small Calluna type specimens.




Here’s a little action video of my cards in the making. (©Swayspace)


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27 responses to “Letterpress business cards

  1. Christa

    Mooi hoor! Arbeidsintensief ook 🙂

  2. They look lovely Jos and so does Calluna!

    Letterpress is so cool!
    I just wish it was a bit less pricey 🙂

  3. Hi Jos,
    They look great, you really can’t beat the quality of a letterpressed card.

    Nice touch with “me@” as well i like that! 😉

  4. Amazing!
    Letterpress is so lovely! =)

    Congratz. Jos


  5. I’ve updated the post with an ‘uncut’ image I got from Swayspace.

  6. Bravo, Jos! Very im-pressive 🙂

  7. Lovely cards, Jos. I must visit you, to collect one.

  8. Just Fabulous, digging your Fonts!
    Sandra Evertson

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  11. Beautiful cards and lovely machine.
    We have just made a post about this on FILE Magazine’s blog.

  12. textwrapper

    “I just wish it was a bit less pricey.”

    But thank God it is expensive. I worked in a shop when letterpress was cheap, but now-a-days, the expense makes letterpress uncommon. Because a high level of craft is uncommon, people take heed. The attention gained will more than compensate an investment in letterpress. But you already knew that.

  13. Compelling tactility. I almost reached out to touch my screen.

  14. I was lucky enough to work as a printer deurante a large part of my life, and increasingly captivates me and I love this system, even though many years have passed and technology has advanced significantly, and the letterpress is still amazing .. . greetings from Chile
    I invite you to visit my blog http://jpmrecabarren.blogspot.com/2009/10/selknam-mi-tipografia-en-fonstruct.html

  15. textwrapper

    It’s great to hear from Chile, the most beautiful country I’ve ever seen. I’ll never forget the ferry through the straits from Puerto Natales to Puerto Montt. Unforgettable.

  16. This is great. The business card looks really nice. Do you own the letterpress machine? I’d like to share your business card on our site if you don’t mind? Will link back here and credit of course.

  17. Thank you. Swayspace printed them for me. Please share. Credits are not necessary but always welcome.

  18. Mnu

    So pretty. Can you send me one?
    12531 w hwy 71
    Apt 1201
    Austin tx. 78738