MyFonts Creative Characters interview


Being interviewed by Jan Middendorp was a great and Nick Sherman designed it beautifully. I Hope you like it.

MyFonts Creative Characters Sept. 2009


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16 responses to “MyFonts Creative Characters interview

  1. Museo is just my favourite font face. You just built the perfect font. I even used it on all our greeting cards, thanks cards and table seating & menus at my marriage.

  2. Congratulations! You works is truly outstanding.

  3. signore,
    sei genio!,
    ma vieni qui, in Italia,
    bisogni la sole, buono vino, buona mangia…

    vieni, vieni.

  4. hey Jos, nice to hear about you anew via the newsletter and to see you 1st time face2face. i like the exljbris spirit and love the Museo project and amazed by some extraordinary Glyphs you bring into fonts, in comprehensive supervision. – If Museo Sans 500 Italic has a ID-Sound (impulse), in synesthesia – what do you think could it be -? I ask, becouse i combined this one (for claim and body text) whit Yess for a CD/ CI and work on a an adittional Sound Brand to supercharge it, right now.

    Also i like to know – and to abet you to think about a newaspeech-font whih clear, abstracted and reconstructed Glypgs, like ‘kw’ instead of ‘q’, for one – for novel ideal forms (like ‘Sin’) with a Fibonacci-String in the postscript-code maybe. May we can talk about this and all retroperspective in detail for and on a eMotionalPodcast Mag-Line, in the focus of… to bring design(ed) culture to the public – i intend.

    i see you as pioneer of modern typographs in the cord of pro bono and (part-)commerical, thanks for your engagement, until now. great library, fantastic work.

    warm regards_

  5. Amy

    Fantastic interview! I got Museo a few months ago and am happy to now discover your blog and website. Thank you for sharing your immense talent with the world!

  6. Laat ik nou net de Museo ontdekt hebben en er absoluut verliefd op zijn geworden.
    Zie ik je toevallig in het MyFonts interview… Kan ik meteen even zeggen: prach-tig font!

  7. Congrats! Truly amazing work and I enjoyed the article a lot.


  8. gw

    Truely outstanding Fonts. Thank you for that. I also like your clean style in presenting them 🙂