[released] Museo Slab

Museo Slab: a robust slab serif with Museo’s friendliness. Two styles (500 and 500 italic) are free!

PDF specimen | (See) Museo Slab at exljbris.com
(Get) Museo Slab at MyFonts | (Get) Museo Slab at Ascenderfonts


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11 responses to “[released] Museo Slab

  1. Veeeery nice! I love whole Museo Family and adopted the sans version as my “corporate” font for my portfolio (even tough it’s still in its beta) and personal visualizations. This is just nice move forward to a complex possibility of using decent Museo Typography across all the media. I am digging letter “u”, don’t know why 🙂 Jos, another great work again! Nice Christmas and Happy Typo Year 🙂

  2. Ik vind de Museo Slab weer geweldig! Ben ook helemaal weg van de Museo… 🙂
    Ik vind het alleen ontzettend onhandig dat ik alleen via die andere site kan bestellen en betalen (via visa).
    Kan dat ook gemakkelijker?
    Gewoon direct bij jou?

  3. Ties

    Hi Jos,

    Again, you have managed to create an extraordinary font. Thanks a lot for sharing the 500 for free.
    The more you look, the more you see your fonts in use for professional purposes. I’m using your fonts as well. In my school projects for example. Some teachers actually notice that, but others only seem to like Comic Sans MS and Times New Roman… *sigh*

    Now, let’s wait for Questa and Calluna Sans 😛

    Groetjes uit Wageningen 😉

  4. great looking font guys, the Museo sets are cropping up everywhere and with this new addition ooking very good, I’m sure this will be following the tradition. I must buy – well done.


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  6. paula

    I’m usually a lurker but this time i just had to comment.

    Museo Slab is simply beautiful!

    I’ve been following your releases since Delicious and you never cease to amaze me. Good luck with your future projects, Tenso Gothic is looking really good too.