Calluna featured on iLT’s favourites of 2009

iLoveTypography’s favourite typefaces of 2009 has just been published. I am very happy to see Calluna on such a great list.


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2 responses to “Calluna featured on iLT’s favourites of 2009

  1. Congratulations. What I’ve seen of your work so far is definitely worthy of merits such as this, and to a (young) font fetishist like me, new fonts and foundries are heaven. Although I believe that the “old guard” fonts do have their place, and with decent setting and some care and polish can and do amount to greatness, more choice is always better if you’re looking for that perfect font that conveys *exactly* what you mean to say.

    Thank you for releasing some variants for free. I don’t like paypal one bit, but if I ever do use your fonts commercially, I’d still like to show my gratitude. Is there another way I could do that? Maybe you want to add a section with gifts you’d like?

    Keep up the good work, LJ.

    • Thank you! Glad you appreciate my efforts and also the free weights. I don’t take donate anymore, but if you want to show your gratitude, you could consider buying a single weight from MyFonts or Ascenderfonts.