exljbris Font Foundry now on Typekit

exljbris Font Foundry now on Typekit with Museo, Museo Sans and Calluna. You can expect the rest of the typefaces next week.



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15 responses to “exljbris Font Foundry now on Typekit

  1. How about WOFF without Typekit and Javascript dependency; will that happen?

  2. I recently tried Typekit, because it offers Calluna and Museo that I wanted to use on my website (and on the websites of our clients). Unfortunately, there is no support for non-Latin characters (even though the fonts themselves have them). Is there another way to use these fonts on the web?

  3. Absolutely fantastic. I am using Calluna on my website via this service, and the rendering seems better than when I use the Calluna installed on my computer. Is this deliberate or my imagination? Could this improved version replace the one downloadable from MyFonts etc?

  4. Hi Jos,

    I just implemented Museo on my web site through the Typekit service and even posted a blog post on it. Keep up the great work, when I have a few more pennies I will be investing in the whole family.


  5. Any plans for Fontin Sans to appear on Typekit in the future?

  6. I just started using Museo Slab and Calluna on my blog. They’re lovely. I’ve been using Museo for small, internal print projects, and I feel lucky to be able to. Thank you for having such a benevolent policy.