Calluna Sans released

Calluna Sans is a humanist sans based on Calluna. It has true italics, small caps, lots of ligatures, 4 numeral sets and much, much more. Calluna Sans comes in 10 fonts: 5 weights each with an italic. The regular weight is 100% free!

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16 responses to “Calluna Sans released

  1. Congratulations, Jos — Calluna Sans is beautiful. Calluna has performed beautifully for me everywhere I’ve used it, so I am looking forward to putting its new sibling to work as well.

  2. Jan Nanne

    Great font. Jos, you make top quality typefaces really affordable and i want to thank you for that. I hope there’s a lot more to come…

  3. I hope so too, Jan 🙂 Thanks a lot!

  4. I love it thanks ! Just in time for my thesis submission 😉

  5. Jos, I’m a great admirer of your work. Congratulations for this new font, and keep up the amazing job!

  6. jeroen

    Dear Jos,
    I am very pleased with the Calluna Sans, and with all other great fonts you have made. Outstanding work. Thank you.

  7. Martin

    Hi Jos,
    great work. I already like Calluna and looking forward buying it’s natural sister. I really like your work and also your philosophy of providing great free fonts or free faces of your commercial fonts. However, I think both Callunas would greatly benefit by having an additional ultralight cut ; )

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  9. callunna is my fav! lol 😉