Museo Sans Rounded released!

Museo Sans gently unsharpened … that’s Museo Sans Rounded. It doesn’t have italics, but it does have a very heavy 1000 weight. The spacing and kerning has been optimized for display use.

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18 responses to “Museo Sans Rounded released!

  1. Rob Hayes

    Looks great, thanks!

  2. ichik

    Awesome work as usual, any news on cyrillic glyphs for Museo?
    Museo Cyrillic

  3. Stefan

    Is there a classic serif (e. g. baroque style) planned as an additional style for Museo? We miss it so much 😦

  4. Never before have the words “San Francisco” looked so good. Keep up the good work, but it will take a lot to top ‘Delicious’ in my eyes!

  5. KD

    This looks great, but are you entirely quitting the free scene and going pay-only? If so, that…would honestly suck. :/

  6. I love your font work! They look great. I just downloaded your delicious font… however, I do not know how to use it or apply it? I downloaded it to my Mac. Do you have any helps for me? I looked around the website, but couldn’t find anything.

  7. I can’t help admiring your fabulous is really awesome keep it up.

  8. Does no italics mean none currently, or just none yet? Would love to see this family expanded to include them!