Codex, the journal of typography

I can’t imagine that anyone that is visiting my blog isn’t waiting for something so exiting as the upcoming first edition of Codex. Codex is a new quarterly print magazine with feature articles, type reviews, interviews, tips, type history, new and notable faces, essays, type design, from top typography experts.

From what I heard preordering will start any day now.



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5 responses to “Codex, the journal of typography

  1. You need to post a review once the first issue reaches your doorstep. Sounds like a cool magazine though, thanks for sharing, I’ll do a pre-order now 🙂

  2. very cool! thanks for your information.

  3. Todd

    Hi Jos
    I’m a designer at Oxford University Press and we’re interested in using one of your fonts in an upcoming series. I’ve tried emailing you using the email address on the about page of your blog (jos [at] exljbris [dot] com), but I’m getting an “Undeliverable Mail” “No such user” error bouncing back at me.

    Please could you email me back at ?


    • The [at] and [dot] should be manually replaced for an at-sign and a dot to get a proper email address. I’ve chosen to do it like this to avoid getting picked up by spam bots. I know it’s not a perfect solution.

      E-mail sent.