Jos Buivenga can be passionate about a lot of things. He loves to paint, listen to music, brew an almost perfect espresso… but nothing challenges and rewards him more than designing type. If ever he was stranded on a desert island he would still draw alphabets in the sand, even if there was no one else to see them.

He is the founder of exljbris, the one-man Dutch font foundry through which he releases and offers his typefaces. For 15 years, his online friends and fans could follow the development of his typefaces and download the results at no cost. In 2008, while still working as an art director at an advertising agency, he released his first commercial typeface Museo with several weights offered for free. That strategy paid off and Museo became a huge bestseller. Partly thanks to that success he now calls himself a full time type designer. Recent projects include a custom version of Museo & Museo Sans for Dell and the Questa project, a collaboration with the well-known type designer Martin Majoor.

You can contact me at: jos [at] exljbris [dot] com
I do get lots of e-mails and I do try to answer them all, but sometimes it can take a little time…

Follow me on twitter —> http://twitter.com/exljbris


FontLab Studio 5 – The most used font editing program
Superpolator – Powerful interpolation software from Erik van Blokland
Prepolator – Recommended if you use Superpolator
RMX Tools – Tim Ahrens developed some great “plug-ins” for FontLab
Area 51 – Free tool to look inside a UFO
roundingUFO – For rounding corners
AFDKO – Adobe Font Development Kit for OpenType

Designing Type – Karen Cheng
Elements of Typographic Style – Robert Bringhurst
How to Learn FontLab Fast – Leslie Cabarga



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  1. Hi! I just have a comment and an answer about your website:

    First the comment: The error-Devil has creeped into your links section on your homepage: the link to http://www.smashingmagazine.com ist actually linked to a shttp://www.smahingmagazine.com

    And now the question: do you have any promotion material (images, banners etc) we can use on blogs and into websites, to give your great project some promotion.

    anyway: The fonts are exelent!

    See you,


  2. exljbris

    Hi Michael, Thanks for mentioning the faulty link.
    For promotion material you can use the images on my site.
    If that isn’t what your looking for, please let me know (per mail).

    Cheers, Jos.

  3. It’s exceptionally rare to see fonts of this quality given away for free. Thank you so, so much! I’d love it if these became widespread and we could start using them for web text.

  4. Grant

    Lovely work, but I have to ask … why are you giving these designs away? All of these typefaces have enormous commercial potential, and I don’t mean at $15 or $19 per weight, like MyFonts.com. Some of these families could be sold for hundreds of dollars via a reputable foundry or distributor.

    Do you have commercial typefaces available as well? Or do you plan on leaving all this money on the table?

    Pleased, but confused.

  5. exljbris

    I started making fonts just out of curiosity and admiration for type(design) and I was thrilled that so many people liked my stuff. I did never thought of making money with it. It was just a hobby 🙂

    Well… I guess now the time has come to eventually make some money with it… but I will always be offering free fonts 🙂

  6. I agree with the others. These are some exceptionally nice looking fonts, and very helpful that they come with multiple faces. I’ll be sure to make a donation when I start using them.

    Great work!

  7. exljbris, you create some beautiful fonts!! What program do you use to put them together?

  8. The best programm to use is FontLab. However it is quite expensive ($649,-). I can aslo recommend TypeTool (3) which is also a very good programm. It lacks only a few ‘high-end’ features of FontLab ($99,-). There’s also FontForge, wich is free, but is less easy to use.

  9. Juliane

    Hello, what a wonderful site. I like your fonts, especially the Delicious, which I would like to use. I wanted to donate something but the link is broken. It doesn’t work. Is their any other possibility than paypal?

  10. Juliane, thanks! I’ve checked the links (on Mac and PC), but they seem to work fine…

  11. Would like to see more information in this section without the need for going to some other site, thanks!

  12. You’re absolutely right. I started this blog so people could comment on my fonts, but I never filled in this blank 🙂 I’ll update this ‘about’ with some info on myself soon.

  13. Ok… updated with some info on me and some of the tools I use.

  14. Bri

    Your fonts are fabulous! I downloaded some of your free ones and left a small donation at paypal. (sorry it can’t be more-I’m a starving artist myself) But just know that your work is beautiful. thank you!

  15. Thanks Bri! Really appreciate it!

  16. You probably are used to hearing this already, but I just want to take the time out to thank you sincerely for your efforts in providing such quality typography for free.

    It’s rare to find artists’ like yourself nowadays, giving away their a portion of their lifestyle in such a way. I will be donating real soon.

  17. I wonder if all amateur font designers get station wagons, though mine is a Fuji Heavy Industries (that is, a Subaru).

  18. Hi Barry!

    Yes I know it’s not an Audi 🙂 There was instant love when I saw this car (nobody shares this at home though) so it deserved a place in the ‘A to B’ section, especially considering that I don’t like cars at all.

    btw did you get my reply on your (new Diavlo) mail?

  19. I just looked through my mailbox and found it. It arrived on the 18th and I probably didn’t see it because I have my mail sorted by sending time. Maybe I should change that.

    Apparently I have been having e-mail problems lately without my knowledge, because I just discovered yesterday that my subscription to the XeTeX mailing list got suspended on the 17th due to bounces. I haven’t studied the problem to know where or why the problems have been occurring. Maybe Domainmonger’s mail forwarding (where anything @chemoelectric.org goes) has been broken.

  20. Ian Kirkland

    I am having trouble with PayPal. Do you have a mailing address or a PO Box by which I can send a donation? I am a creative director at a packaging company in the US. I am very impressed with your fonts! Very high quality! I’m not rich or anything…but you deserve a donation! By the way, I studied for 6 months in Netherlands…in Maastricht. I miss that town!

    Great work!

    Ian Kirkland

  21. Henkie

    Hi Jos,

    I had a good time last night, thanks to the old men, the alzheimer cafe and – allright – your company too. And yes, as you can see, I visited your site and the wonder world of Fonts. My favourite one after a quick glance: Diavlo. Romantic and yet stylish. Or so I think … Keep it up!

    See ya, Henk

  22. Ian, I’ll send you a mail shortly.

    Hi Henk(ie)! Thanks for stopping by! I had a great time too @ the alzheimer café 🙂

  23. Nosferatu

    This is a beautifully designed site with amazing logo and sublime fonts! 🙂 I have to say, you are probably my favourite font designer. I just look at your fonts for hours! They’re so beautiful…

  24. Great to hear Noferatu. Thank you!

  25. hal9000

    Hi there exljbris
    You have re kindled my interest in designing my own fonts (after a few years gap).
    I was wondering how you started to design your fonts?
    Do you load an existing font of a similar type as a starting point and continue from there or start each one from scratch?

    thanks for your hints and superb fonts

  26. That’s really great!! To answer your question … I do everything from scratch, because I only want to do my own thing. However I always look at fonts wherever I go and wherever I am and sometimes when I’m designing type, to see how other designers solved things that puzzle me at the moment.

  27. vjk

    Hi Jos,

    You are a pro at typography! Museo is totally awesome! Just one question; how do I contact you? I have looked all over the site to find a mail address but couldn’t. I tried google search as well to no avail.

    Please let me know how I can reach you via email. I’m designing a small interactive periodic table app (using Flash) for use in schools and I would very much love to use Museo in the app. Please let me know if this is ok with you.

    Thank you once again for the wonderful fonts.
    – vjk
    vjk [DOT] 2005 [AT] gmail [DOT] com

  28. Hi Jos,

    yes, your work is consistent and really beautiful.
    I particularly like Museo as well.
    Please drop me a line as I probably have an assignment for you.


    enrico (dot) pasti [at] gmail (dot) com

  29. cat

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

    I’m coming over from a twitter mention:

    “Downloading the new ‘Museo’ font – another slice of genius from the rather talented Jos Buivenga”

    And I just HAD to come over and see. And it is so.

    Could you please contact me via email? I’d love to do a feature at Designers who Blog.

  30. cat … YGM.

    @ Enrico: I’ve contacted you also. Maybe my e-mail got trapped in you spambox?

  31. Hi Jos,

    Your fonts …Exellent work. Expecially Museo…
    Im a graphic designer working in the townhall in Óbidos – Portugal and we gonna have a cultural event of contemporary art here in June. I’d like to use this font for all the graphic design work and we want to buy the Museo 100 and Museo 900 to complete the family. But we need to now if you can give us invoice with the name of our company??

    We have some urgent on the answer…


  32. Hi Susana,

    That sounds great and I’m very pleased that you like to use Museo for this event. For this question you should contact MyFonts, because they are selling Museo for me. If they can’t help you let me know and we’ll work out something.


  33. Thanks for all your work, your typefaces, everything!

    Just bought the Museo family, even though I’ve no idea where I’ll use it yet.
    I’d recommend that same download/purchase option for future fonts. It’s easy to view as a business expense, unlike the donation approach.

    Also, I’m excited to try out the @font-face technique — will send you a link whenever I use it.

  34. Really enjoying your fonts.. can’t get the download links to work on your homepage though.. anyone else having problems?

  35. I’ve checked, but everything seems to work fine.


    @ Michael – Thank you for purchasing Museo! The new Anivers will be released at MyFonts –with the regular for free– for probably €24,95 (the whole family). Please keep me posted!

  36. Gustavo Gontijo


    I can’t wait to see Fontin Serif =D
    Your job is great!

    I’m graphic designer, and I’m working on my site, and I’ll probably make it with Fontin.
    As soon as I have some layouts I’ll send you, ok?
    Sorry about my English… =P

  37. Ana Rita Miranda

    so glad I found this website! Really nice free fonts, and believe me, they’re really usefull, cuz im a student and i dont really have the money to buy any fonts, at least while im studing.
    Well, i have this project to do for uni, where I have to pick a type designer and make a poster about it, and im thinking of doing it about you. Could you give me more information about your work? like where have your fonts been used so far? (so that I can put some exemples on my poster) when did u complete each font? what other projects have you done?

    Graphic design student

  38. Hello,
    I’m a graphic designer from Poland, and I’d love to use your fonts… But they don’t have any Polish glyphs. Since there’s not much to add (8 letters, usually just standard letters plus an accent or tail), would you please consider enlarging your font families (at least a few of them)? I’d be thrilled!
    Thanks for your work anyway,
    Best regards,
    emilka bojanczyk

  39. Hi emilka, all of my newer fonts contain Polish characters. Have a look at Diavlo, Anivers and Museo.


    @ Ana Rita Miranda:

    For more info on my work and me you can read this interview:

    My fonts have been used many times and on many occasions. Just google or take a look at one of the latest examples here:

    Hope this helpes. Good luck!

  40. hi there, jos

    i’ve just finished a pocket book i made for college. i used fontin sans and diavlo on it and thought you could be interested in seeing it. it’s all in portuguese and it talks about the vox-atypi type classification and type history.

    you can access it through this link.

    best regards and thanks for the great fonts!

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  42. Amanda

    Beste Jos,
    Voor mijn eindexamen heb ik een boek gemaakt over het Noorderlicht en hiervoor heb ik o.a. jou font “Diavlo” gebruikt. Allereerst mijn complimenten en complimenten van vele anderen die mijn boekje bekeken; het is een erg mooie letter! Graag zou ik een kleine donatie willen geven maar ik heb geen paypal, er is vast een andere mogelijkheid, toch?

    Met vriendelijke groet,
    Amanda Butterworth

  43. @ macki: The book looks great. Too bad I can’t read Portuguese.

  44. Hi exljbris,

    Just purchased the Anivers family from myfonts for use on a clients Identity and Branding – couldn’t resist it, excellent face.

    I was wondering if you were going to create a lighter weighted version of this font, that would suit book publishing?



  45. Hi Nua,

    Thanks for purchasing Anivers. Hope it will suit your project well.

    A lighter weight hasn’t crossed my mind. The regular isn’t that heavy and when used small (10 pts) the weight might work out. Maybe I’ll do a bold italic, but I’m not sure.

    Kind regards,

  46. hi, i just want you to know that you’re doing a great job giving away all these beautiful quality fonts. bravo!

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  48. Hello Jos,

    Just downloaded your Fertigo. Don’t think that a lot of people will realise what you did with the Turkish (f)f-i, but it’s very original and someone has to see it and give you credit. If you got that idea from someone else, please send the credits to them en tell me who “them” is.

    p.s. FL5 isn’t showning the OpenType names

  49. Hi Micha, I found the info on how to deal with the Turkish i on Typophile.com … I didn’t invent it myself. The only thing is that I can’t remember who posted the “trick” and what topic that was.

    About the OpenType names: all the info is there. I guess it depends on how your FontLab preferences are set.

  50. Jos: I have been impressed with Dutch typography ever since my classmates at Cranbrook collaborated with Dutch designers for an issue of Emigre in about 1989. I just downloaded Museo from MyFonts and look forward to introducing it’s softer style of slab serif to my Typography students. I’m also proposing a semester abroad program in the Netherlands for my students. Could you offer any tips for such a program in summer 2010? I’m thinking of visiting the Graphic Design Museum in Breda among other things. Cheers!

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  52. Hi there!

    First of all I want to say thank you very much for sharing your work. Your free fonts are just absolutely professional and nice looking, much more than some other non-free fonts I have to say. (at least that´s my opinion). I´m a huge fan of sans serif fonts and yours are among my all time faves.

    I´m a graphic designer (that´s what I want to believe…) and recently I get a copy of FontLab5 and at the same time my interest for typography is growing up strongly. I have a few sketches of some fonts I´ve been working on with illustrator, and if I don´t go wrong saving my files as .eps will give me the possibility to work with them on FontLab. Here is where my “troubles” start. FontLab has a very simple interface but after experimenting with the software for about two weeks I feel myself a bit lost yet.

    Please, can you recommend me any good tutorial for FontLab? I´m obviously a beginner but any help is appreciate it. Thanks in advance!


  53. Hello Jos! I’m a Design Student from Unesp, in Brazil. I recently started using Linux Ubuntu, and then I started researching free / open source softwares, fonts and resources. And then, I found You! You doa really great job! I really love your fonts!

    Actually, I’m opening my studio now, and as you allow the use of Delicious and Fontin for commercial use, I’m here to invite you to visit my blog, where i’m dayly publishing the progress of the development of my brend.

    I’m using the fonts just for text documents, and not for the logo, so I didn’t modify them, ok? but I’m showing them for everybody, and i put a link to your site inthe brend aplication manual.

    Well, as soon as you can, visit me! http://minhaempresadedesign.blogspot.com/
    (and sorry for the bad english!)

  54. Sophia Ts

    Hi, I learnt your fonts through fontleech and hey great job…they are absolutely amazing. I have a question (i dont really understand enlighs so well, especially when it comes to copyrighting tough words :P) …can I use the font museo in a logotype?

    PS. Im now in the proccess of making my portfolio-site and of course ill credit the font to you in my portfolio.

  55. @ Roberto:
    If you ordered you copy of FontLab, you must have recieved a link to the (digital) documentation.

    @ Henrique Manetta Perticarati:
    Thanks! Good luck with your blog and brand!

    @ Sophia:
    Sure. Museo can be used in whatever logotype. Thanks in advance for crediting.

  56. I have just established Anivers as the “corporate” typeface for our music label, Lotuspike. We love it very much.


    Thanks so much for the quality work you do!


  57. julian


    I’m a student, young graphic designer from Poland and I want to thank You for giving so good fonts for free. I saw your fonts at http://www.smashingmagazine.com and I think they are DELICIOUS.

    bye – julian

  58. Thank you. Your fonts are inspirational. Here are my immediate unconventional first impressions of each font————

    Delicious oh yes that’s the font’s name. Tasty, I’m going to use you often and won’t grow tired of your zesty flavor.

    Aniverse speak to me baby! Wow, you are a sassy font.

    Fontin you sleek font. Such conceit wrapped into a font.

    Fontin sans classy deco! All caps 24 hours a day.

    Museo 300, oh so exquisite. Use this morsel sparingly.

    Tallys, ooh your name and your font remind me of a hotel bar with mediocre Friday night cover bands for the international business traveler. Never been there just a sensation you give me.

    Fertigo Pro. You’re more romantic than the “Pro” in your name implies. PS. Congratulations your star is rising.

  59. Thanks for your kind comment julian.

    Alex (littlefield): That was really fun reading. Thanks!

  60. Jos,

    I don’t want to hijack your comments here, but do you have some recommendations for a good accompanying font to your lovely Museo?


  61. Hi Peter, I saw your post on typophile. Hope that helped. Fontin maybe?

  62. Tom Vild

    i have only a question. Which program do you use for the creating fonts? Exist some good freeware for this work? I can try it.

  63. great fonts, i love it…… keep on doing this stuff.. ; ))))

  64. Tom, the best freeware programm to create fonts is FontForge I think.

    I will, a 2 da K. That’s a promise.

  65. Hi exljbris,

    I, as many others do, love the Museo font! I am a graphic designer and would like to use your font (Museo 300) in my website. I’m not sure if I need your permission or not to use the font, but am just checking before I do use it.

    My email addres is:
    hello [at] baneydesign (dot) com


  66. Hi Adam, using Museo for your site is allowed, but *not* with the css @font-face property.

  67. Thank you, exljbris! What about if I use FLIR? Basically, FLIR is:

    ” Facelift Image Replacement (or FLIR, pronounced fleer) is an image replacement script that dynamically generates image representations of text on your web page in fonts that otherwise might not be visible to your visitors. The generated image will be automatically inserted into your web page via Javascript and visible to all modern browsers. Any element with text can be replaced: from headers (, , etc.) to elements and everything in between! ” – from: http://facelift.mawhorter.net/

    Thank you for your help!

  68. Adam, no problem 🙂 Yes FLIR (as sIFR) is absolutely allowed.

  69. Hello, exljbris!

    I was wondering if any of your fonts (free or otherwise) are allowed to be used with the “@font-face” property? Or if would you allow for the fonts to be converted to the DRM’d .eot format for usage with the “@font-face” property at least only for Internet Explorer?

    Thanks you very much!

  70. Christian Vogel

    Hi exljbis,

    I really like Fontin a lot, but I think I found an issue with it. I render it under Linux using FreeType and in the bold variant, the “ffi” ligature seems to be broken… Can you reproduce this?


    • Mohamed


      I have experienced the same issue as well. I’m using the TTF version of Fontin (http://www.exljbris.com/dl/fontin2_pc.zip) in Linux (more precisely to write documents in XeLaTeX )

      When I use the font in bold or italic to write words such as “Efficient”,
      “ffi” doesn’t get displayed. I get “E cient” instead.

      Is there a newer version of the font where this ligature problem is fixed?


  71. hello, I like very much your work, and i’ve come here just to say that your typeface called museum has been use on the corporate image of an art festival in my country (portugal). here is a link:

    Click to access Mapa_JA08.pdf


  72. Marcel M. — My free fonts can be use for the @font-face tag. The following must be applied: You may use this font for Font-Face embedding, but only if you put a link to http://www.exljbris.nl on your page and/or put this notice /* A font by Jos Buivenga (exljbris) -> http://www.exljbris.nl */ in your CSS file as near as possible to the piece of code that declares the Font-Face embedding of this font.

    Christian Vogel — That’s indeed a fault and will be corrected in a future release.

    natentine — Nice! Thanks for letting me know.

  73. Jos, please contact me as I would like to feature your fonts on Identifont.

    Thanks, David Johnson-Davies

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  75. thanks for the fonts… check out the shout out on my blog in the previous comment!

  76. Chuck

    Just curious. Do people from the Netherlands prefer to be called “Dutch” or something else?

  77. Hi,

    I was wondering under which license your fonts are released.


    I think it is very important to protect your creation, especially if you want to share them for free! By licensing your fonts, you avoid companies to copyright them for example.


  78. gsik – Thank *you* for the wonderful shout out.

    Chuck – That depends on what choices you offer the Dutch people 🙂

  79. Tony Barnhill


    I have a brand new logo that needs a nice font for the name of the company in the “hole” that has been left for the name. If I sent you my logo off-list, could you recommend which font I should use? I would tell you more about it too off-list. I would be happy to pay for whatever font you think would be best for my use.



  80. Can’t guarrantee that I can advise you in this, but I’ll give it a try if you mail the logo to comment [monkeytail] josbuivenga [dot] demon [dot] nl

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  82. Keith Kent

    Firstly, congratulations on all the fonts you design. They are extremely eye-catching.

    I have a question for you – we are currently pitching to create a new world-wide brand for a new company. Having found your font Mueso I used it for the main wordmark and myself and the other designers fell in love with it.

    Now – we are only at the pitching stage but in the event we are chosen how would you feel about taking it off the market and licensing it solely to us. You would be credited throughout and of course we can agree on a fair price.

    Can you let me know your thoughts on this. The pitch is 2 weeks tomorrow.


    – Keith

  83. Keith
    Thanks for the compliment. Museo is kind of a signature font for me so I don’t want to take it of the market. I hope this doesn’t rule Museo out. Good luck with your pitch!

  84. esther

    I love the typeface museum wanted to buy it but am not ñ is, could not be solved? my mail [email address removed]


  85. I would think esther means that the letter ñ, is not included on the type, but I don’t know.

  86. mmm … the ñ *is* in Museo so I guess we have to wait till esther tunes back in again 🙂

  87. amy

    I don’t think I’ve ever used a free “font” as they are almost all poor quality.
    Your typefaces are truly set apart.

    Thank you so much for your delectable typefaces.

    The art and design community greatly appreciates your efforts.
    You are an inspiration in excellent design, collaboration and charity.

  88. led

    Hi Jos, I would like to discuss with you about licensing a font for corporate ID? How can I get in touch with you? Great types!

  89. amy – That’s a very kind comment. Thank *you*.

    led – YGM

  90. Yasha

    Thank you!

    I have just designed a business card for myself using FontinSans and bookmarks for my church using Fontin. Using your typefaces has been a great pleasure.

    I appreciate that many of your fonts support the letters with diacritical marks that are used in Esperanto. I hope you continue this!

    I hope to earn money some day soon… Then I will be able to send a little your way as thanks for your beautiful work.

  91. linda

    first of: great to discover you and your letters. As an ‘arnhems meisje’ and letter lover I am trying to set up a project to ‘save’ the letters of Arnhem train station. I would love to get in contact with you about this (in dutch). could you send me an email?

  92. hi,

    your fonts are great and Museo is absolutely perfect 🙂
    i’d like to speak to you via email on using Museo in an online publication.

    could you please email me?

    thanks and br,

  93. Hi Jos,

    What does “Exljbris” mean?

    I found a bookplate woodcut by B.G. Escher from 1922 that uses either “exlibris” or “exljbris” (hard to tell). Just curious if there is any connection?

    Either way, would be interested to know the origins. =)

    Take care,

    Jason Robb
    Boston, MA, USA

  94. Piotr – ygm

    Jason – Thanks for stopping by! … No connection at all 😉 My initials are ljb, so that’s why I replaced the first “i” for a “j” to have a personal “tag” that more or less means “this is mine” 😉

  95. Kevin Mellen

    Is it possible to get Anivers in “bold italic” ??? Seems incomplete without it. Would this be something you would be willing to make/sell?

    Iowa, USA

  96. Tomislav A

    I appreciate and admire your work 🙂

    I came across the one thing – but i’m not sure if it is a mistake or deliberately put into a font (or at keyboard mapping, if something like that exists inside a font file”):
    It is about “Anivers Regular” font of yours.
    When typed (windows) with croatian keyboard layout, the “0110 – latin capital letter D with stroke” glyph is shown.
    Usually should be “00D0 – latin capital letter eth” glyph.
    (Hm, i am referring to “images” of glyph, as they are displayed on screen.)
    (For example, Museo Sans displays glyphs correctly.)
    Well, at least is usual in croatian.

    So, if you found this is not a mistake, well, just ignore this post (you can take seriously my appreciation and admiration though).

    Have a nice day!

    *ps. sorry for bad english 🙂

  97. Hi Tomislav, I’m not if I understand what you mean. Both Anivers and Museo have Eth (00D0) and Dcroat (0110) glyphs mapped to the correct unicode, so they shouldn’t behave any different.

    Kevin – Yes, that is possible, but you will have to wait till somewhere next year.

  98. alex

    heres two sites where i found the use of diavlo
    just thought you’d like to know



  99. Parsifal

    Hi, I’m from Croatia too, and would like to update Myndraine if possible.
    You see, it’s great font, as others are, but some Croatian letters are missing.
    (č, ć, đ, š, ž). When writing something, it doesn’t look as good as Aniversary, for example, and since you made Aniversary with all those extra CRO letters, why not to update other fonts. I find most of font creators very narrow minded, they don’t mind about existence of other letters than those which exist in English language, and would like to thank you for supporting Croatian in some of your fonts & I hope you’ll do some extra work and support it in others too. Regards, N. Parsifal

  100. Tomislav A

    Well, first sorry for confusing post. Here is picture depicting what i tried to say:

    So, on the left are glyphs in Anivers and Museo Sans, showing when appropriate key is pressed. Usually glyph shown should be as in Museo Sans, not as in Anivers.

    Thanks for your time 🙂

    Have a nice day.

  101. Tomislav – I think I understand now. The old version of Anivers indeed has a wrong glyph in that place. Try the new regular at MyFonts. That should be OK –> http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/exljbris/anivers/

    Parifal – Myndraine is *not* a font of mine. All my (newer) fonts support the croatian language.

  102. Parsifal

    I really could swore it was yours, but I see now I mixed up something, and I was so sure. Sorry for mistake. I’ll contact Chris Miller, then, I guess.

  103. i have used two of your free fonts for a 2009 calendar I made. If you are interested give me an addres and I can send you a copy.

  104. Melanie

    Your typefaces are absolutely beautiful! I’m a tiny bit obsessed 🙂 I was wondering about the license on these fonts–are they strictly non-Commercial, or is commercial use acceptable? Thanks for clearing it up for me!

  105. Cuboctaedro – ygm

    Melanie – Thank you. For the fonts you can downoad from my site: all the license info is at the bottom of each page. For the font you can download via MyFonts: the license is enclosed (or can be viewed before downloading on the MyFonts site).

  106. Hi Jos,
    thanks for offering some of your great work for free. I recently relaunched my private photo website (http://www.mm-foto.de) and used ‘Fontin’ for the titles and texts in the flash files. Additionally I used the service of ‘fontburner.com’ to provide “Fontin” for some html-headings. I placed a link to you blog on the ‘about’ page.

    Seasonal greetings from the neighborhood,

  107. Nice! Thanks for linking, Michael. All the best for 2009.

  108. Hi I’ve just seen your website and I would like to ask a few questions regarding the typeface family Museo.

    I’m currently doing Visual Guidelines for a company in Portugal and I would like to include 3 weights of Museo in the Stationary of this company. So these weight will be used only in daily institutional correspondence.
    Now this company has a lot of tiny offices spread around Portugal but the main office is in Lisbon. They don’t want to buy another font because they already using one purchased typeface for the branding (which is not suitable for reading long text). So is it according to your copyright if I tell them that they can use the 2 free weights of Museo Sans 500 and Museo Sans 500 Italic plus the Museum Sans 900 for 200 users (I’m not sure of the number of computers yet) which is 297 dollars on MYFONTS.com ?

    Anyway congratulations for your work, all of the typefaces are great specimens.


    Pedro Novo


  109. Thanks, Pedro, I’ll send you an email soon so we van sort things out.

  110. Couldn’t find a contact form so I’m leaving a comment instead.
    Just wanted to say I used Fontin as the font for the article titles at http://www.rorotoko.com
    It really is a beautiful font, cheers!

  111. Jos – I really enjoy your type work. I have a February redesign launch of one of my magazines (an inflight for AirTran Airways) using MUSEO as one of the brand faces – which I will be glad to share with you. I am interested (as I have a new publication I am developing now) in seeing about creating a unique headline face for an upcoming Mexican airline magazine launch. The only issue is a tight timeline I am working with. Contact me to discuss further if you are interested.

  112. Dear Jos,

    I was not able to find an email adress, so I try to contact you via blog:

    I would like to invite you as a speaker to a typography symposium.

    I am teaching design at the University of Applied Sciences in Dortmund (Germany) and am organizing with a group of students a typpgraphy symposium on the 3rd and 4th of april 2009. It will be called 33pt and is the second of it’s kind. For the first one, have a look at ( http://www.33pt.de/archiv ).
    The theme of the upcoming event is ESKAPADE. We came to think of you, because we love your fonts on the one hand, and think that giving away quality fonts for free is definitely extravagant. Plus the coexistence of being an artdirector in an advertising agency and a typedesigner at the same time is far from being usual.

    If that sounds interesting to you, I would like to give you more information by mail or telephone. Please contact me via email. claudius [at] phantompower [dot] de

    Yours, sincerely. Stefan Claudius

  113. Hello & Thank You for some lovely & free fonts. Very generous.

    In return I’d love to have you answer the Seven Deadly Questions and post your answers on OK/ON along with an image of your work and a link to your site.

    Hope to hear from you, Y

  114. Katinka


    I love your fonts and just saw your font used for an advertising for Neckermann.de

    if you like i could send you the screenshoot or have a look at gmx.de (not .com) maybe you see it there on the right site.

    best wishes, Katinka

  115. Parsifal

    hi again Jos. I wonder if you could do me a favour.
    It’s about Myndraine font.
    You see, I’m having trouble reaching Chris Miller, but his copyright – when I download font – says “As creator of this font, Christopher Miller permits its use however its owner sees fit, other than naming it something else and trying to sell it”. I really believe that if anyone can help me it’s you. I’d really like to see that font updated for Croatian. It would be just couple of characters, as stated previously. I really hope you could edit it for me, and other CRO people. I’d appreciate it very much. Sorry for posting this here but there’s no mail I could reach you on, anywhere.



  116. Katinka Thank you for spotting! I saw that you posted it on the exljbris flickr pool. Great!!!

    Parsifal I’m very sorry, but I don’t like to work on someone else’s fonts.


    BTW FWIW will be speaking in Dortmund. (See the post of Stephan Claudius).

  117. Oops forgot…

    I’ve put my e-mail address in the top of this post.

  118. mackerman

    All your fonts are awesome!
    BTW, I made some icons for rEFIt (http://refit.sourceforge.net/) with Museo. Is it OK if I release them for free?

  119. Thanks. Sure that’s ok.

  120. Henrique Perticarati

    Hello! I recently used Diavlo in a project of mine. It’s a student technology competition, the Imagine Cup. We are competing in the interface design category. you can see some screenshots here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/hperticarati/

    Thanks for the wonderful fonts! Everybody here in Unesp (the University where I study design in Brazil) love them!!!

  121. That’s great. I hope you will win the competiton!

  122. _Sven

    Hello Jos, a wonderful site with amazing fonts. I like all of them. The Museo i’ll use in my next project. I will report.

  123. Ah, der Sven 😉 Thanks for stopping by. Please do keep me posted!

  124. eva

    Thank you very much for anivers –actually I noticed the beauty by using – it is fine to have one font for free to test it.
    Now I’m using it in a project and: Today I wanted to buy Anivers Bold Italic … there isn’t any? Are you’re working on it?
    I’ve have to finish one flyer soon, but it would be nice to know if there will be Anivers Bold Italic sometime? If you know it 😉

    • I really want to make a Bold Italic, but I still have some things I want to finish first.

      It is really a great compliment for me that you noticed Anivers’ beauty by using it! Thanks!

  125. Camille

    Hello Jos,
    Just a quick note to say, thank you, thank you! Great quality fonts, some for free, what more can you ask for? Keep up the excelent work!! Very talented.

  126. hperticarati

    Hello Jos! I’m a big fan of yours and I’ve done a multitouch interface concept for Microsoft’s Imagine Cup at the Design Competition.
    It’s called Cheops. As it is an application for helping literacy, we chose a typography called Sarakanda, created by Alejandro Valdez to the children to interact with the table. But we used Diavlo for the video presentation and for the teacher’s interface. I think you’d like to see it!

    Again, thanks for the amazing fonts!!

  127. Jor

    I love Tallys! It is one of the best fonts I’ve ever seen. But I need bold and italics. Is there a way to autogenerate bold and italic variants?

  128. Carl

    Hi Jos,

    I come to your website almost daily to see if you’ve posted any progress on calluna etc. You’re a real inspiration.

    I just read that you’re now a full time type designer. I’m very excited to read about this. How soon can we expect an update? 😀

  129. That’s nice to read, Carl! Follow me on Twitter ( http://twitter.com/exljbris ) the latest Calluna progress. Also have a look here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/exljbris/tags/calluna/

  130. I’m glad to know you.

  131. albert

    what’s the typeface used in the image at the top of the page? (with a big “exlijbris” inside)

  132. Nothing you haven’t heard before but it bears repeating again: Your fonts are heads and shoulders above the other free fonts out there. They even go beyond the standard professional quality fonts. They have flair. You are exceptionally talented!

  133. jko

    Thanks for your work. You give posibilities to my students, to work with excelent fonts in their projects.

    Saludos desde Chile.

  134. hi,
    I am a graphic designer from Bogotá/Colombia. I’m using your fonts in differents proyects and I really love them. I only want to congratulate you for your great work.

  135. Hello Jos,

    first: excuse my “Bad english”, i am a german guy, and the best one we can do is making “Beer and Sauerkraut”. No, okay, really first: I am very happy that i found your site and your fonts. I wrote a new WordPress-Plugin (Dynamic Font Replacement DFR4WP). This plugin help designer to use their own fonts on a website. (Plugin based on cufon). The plugin runs stable. But i have a problem: the plugin needs fonts. At the moment the plugin have 2 fonts inside the package. But i need fonts they are licence-free and look good. I wont use your fonts without your permission (my moneybag is very small and lawyers are not my best friends:-) Hereis my question: Can i insert 2 or 3 of your fonts in the plugin (the fonts must convert in javascript-code) and provide under wordpress.org? Your details like links, homepage or what evver you need would i insert in the plugin? Best wishes and congratulations for your superb work from Leipzig in Germany PS: you can see the plugin in work on my website.

  136. second message: please excuse my type-errors, my head feels like an explode, i have influenza at the moment…

  137. Hello Jos!

    I love your types! Please check my portfolio site, because your FONTIN type really works. I love it! I want to work like you and show the for world: Make it simple will the best!!!

    Here’s the link: http://www.joxadesign.com

    Best wishes! Good work!

    Big respect for all your fonts, and work!

    Janos Koos

  138. Tomás

    I was wondering if using @font-face CSS property is allowed for Fertigo Pro.

  139. Steve

    Hi Jos,

    Great fonts! I downloaded the free fronts to try out before purchasing the other weights. I like Museo and Diavlo very much. Now, I was wondering if I can use these fonts along with cufon for my website. I thought I should check with you first regarding the legalities.

    Keep up the good work!



  140. Would like it if you are to answer the questions. Would also give you some additional exposure with a link to your site or blog.

    Anyone is welcome to answer them …

  141. hi jos,

    we are using your museo-font on our digital christmas calendar. it is a free project by KIOSCO with illustrations from friends for friends.
    pls check: http://www.kiosco.de
    hope you like it! i posted your link on the wer/who-page!

    greets from germany

  142. Pingback: Conosciamo Exljbris fonderia Olandese che offre oltre dieci font gratuiti d’autore.

  143. Pingback: Calluna Sans – Jos Buivenga » Multimedia Magazine van Differentieel en JeeeM

  144. Hi,
    I just want to ask you if you were planning to create a Cyrillic font soon? I’m a big fan of your Museo font and all of its variations, but I can’t use them in my designs, because they don’t support the characters. Actually, this is a problem with most of the modern fonts (with allowed @font-face embedding) – I’ve searched a lot and I’ve stumbled on only 2-3 fonts which support Cyrillic characters.

    Keep up the good work! 🙂

  145. Terence

    I’ve been a fan of your work for some time now, and was wondering if you would ever do a monospace font? A code font? I know that most of your work focuses on the little flairs and curves that can’t be reproduced in the small scales in which most code fonts are used (8px – 12px), but it would still be an interesting exercise for you, and a wonderful addition to your bouquet. Museo, I think, is especially well suited for such an endeavor.

  146. Hi Jos!
    Nice to meet you, my name is Silky Szeto and I see that you are a contributor at welovetypography.com. Please take a look at my work at http://www.silkyszeto.com, I would be honored to have my work featured on welovetypography.com!

    Thank you!

  147. I’d like to send this letter by Fat Bikini Model

  148. Pingback: Jos Buivenga | Postdesk Christmas 2011

  149. Pingback: Free-Font-Freitag #1: Diavlo – teuflischer Display-Font | TobiasDylka:Blog

  150. As soon as I originally commented I clicked the Notify me whenever new comments are added checkbox and currently each time a comment is added I receive four messages with the identical comment.

  151. Martin Malmer

    I read in an old post that you’re not taking donations anymore, and one should consider buying a font weight instead. Having the leisure of PayPal button around really makes it convenient for the consumer to easily show gratitude. Just my two cents.

  152. Software
    FontLab Studio 5 – The most used font editing program
    Superpolator – Powerful interpolation software from Erik van Blokland
    Prepolator – Recommended if you use Superpolator
    RMX Tools – Tim Ahrens developed some great “plug-ins” for FontLab
    Area 51 – Free tool to look inside a UFO
    roundingUFO – For rounding corners
    AFDKO – Adobe Font Development Kit for OpenType

    useful info…, thanks

  153. I really like Calluna, however it does not display well using Google Chrome. Is there some code one can add to the custom CSS to make the font more Google-friendly? Thanx!

  154. I loved as much as you’ll receive carried out right
    here. The sketch is attractive, your authored subject matter stylish.
    nonetheless, you command get got an impatience over that you
    wish be delivering the following. unwell unquestionably come further formerly again as exactly the same nearly very often inside
    case you shield this increase.

  155. Sarah

    Any ideas on what this font is?

  156. Hi, where you have taken this T-shirt? I like it so much!

    Thank you.

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